10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views (Real & Safe)

Last Updated: July 6, 2021

How popular are your Instagram videos? It seems easy when you take a look at all the viral videos, but actually getting there takes much more than quality content. From massive competition to biased


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10 Best Sites to Buy (Real) Instagram Views
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How popular are your Instagram videos? It seems easy when you take a look at all the viral videos, but actually getting there takes much more than quality content.

From massive competition to biased promotional algorithms, you have to be either extremely lucky or find yourself a reliable source to buy Instagram views from to cause a snowball of growth. Well, we can’t make you lucky, but we can help you with the latter.

Instagram is the visual social media. It’s all about what catches the attention of users’ eyes.

In theory, this means that the best videos win the popularity contest. In practice, however, it’s about what the Explore page shows the passive consumers or how popular you already are.

The mediocre can find itself way ahead of the top-quality with enough promotional campaigning and some sound marketing maneuvering. As a matter of fact, you’re bound to stick in the lower brackets if you don’t invest in the race.

There are two major reasons for this.

The first is that you simply can’t convince people that something should be popular other than showing them that something is popular.

We flock to the masses and tend to stick with the group since the hunter-gatherer phase of our species and some things haven’t changed in the era of Instagram.

Have enough people pointing at a random spot in the sky and everyone around will be looking at it trying to see what’s going on. Put the most interesting thing ever in the middle of the street with no one around and people will pass it without a second glance.

The second is the fact that the promotional mechanisms of Instagram are rigged from the start. If your videos don’t follow a strictly predefined route in their popularity progression–tough luck. They’ll be seen by your friends and family and that’s about it.

Buying Instagram views, however, solves both these issues with ease.

First, you’ll get enough traction for people to start looking the way you’re pointing them, and bought views will be multiplied exponentially.

Second, enough exponential growth will pull the sleeve of the Instagram Explore service and your clips will start landing on more screens than ever before!

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views

You just have to find the right service. Here’s where this list comes in handy. These are the best sites to buy Instagram views from, tested, and verified by yours truly.

Read the pitch and pick one for your size: your growth will no longer have an excuse.


UseViral - Buy Instagram Views

An elegant way of solving most of your social media promotion issues, UseViral stands as the top result in many lists of best sites to buy Instagram views from.

As a company with years of speckless reputation, UseViral is more than capable of helping you place your Instagram videos in the place that they deserve.

Besides Instagram views, UseViral offers bundles of Instagram likes and Instagram followers as well. Think of UseViral as a service that can boost your overall Instagram performance with ease.

These guys are no strangers to cross-section and cross-platform promotion, as they have established branches in 11 big social media, from the classic Facebook to the newest addition to the Internet pantheon, Clubhouse. 

This is an impressive feat, even if you don’t really need anything except Instagram promotion. After all, having the logistics to accomplish all of that efficiently kind of proves their point on itself, right?

The UseViral services rely on real metrics and real followers, from active users and authentic profiles. Dealing with bots, scams, or farmed accounts is a big no-no in their policy, which can only be a good thing as it preserves the safety and legitimacy of your Instagram presence.

There’s really not much to add to UseViral. After all, if you’ve been around social media promotion, you know how good they are. If not, well, what are you waiting for? Visit their site now!


SidesMedia - Buy Instagram Views

As another veteran company in the social promotion industry, SidesMedia also has an impressive portfolio of 11 major social media campaigns, from Facebook and Instagram to Soundcloud and LinkedIn and other giants in-between. 

Spending the early days of your business establishing a network of partners and affiliates instead of chasing profits sure does have long-term benefits, as SidesMedia survived the ebbs and flows of the industry to come out strong on the top.

Their Instagram offer has never declined in quality and still numbers top-quality and authentic Instagram views, likes, and followers.

Instagram views you buy from SidesMedia are affordable, effective, and reliable, and this is the greatest contribution that makes them one of the best sites to buy Instagram views from.

SidesMedia is 100% safe to use. Since their source of engagement and followers lies in actual users and not artificial supplements that simulate or fake human presence, your account will never be in breach of Instagram’s terms of agreement.

On top of that, these people never ask you for passwords, personal data, or other sensitive information.

SidesMedia’s professional service can launch your Instagram videos from scratch with zero issues, within 72 hours of your order. You’ll go above your competition and, most importantly, above your own expectations. What more could we ask from a promotional service? Well done, SidesMedia!

More Likes

More Likes

Binding manual purchase of promotional packages together with streamlined automation software, More Likes is a service that provides the best of both worlds.

In its essence, More Likes is an Instagram exclusive that offers various packages to help you overcome all obstacles to the amount of reach that you really deserve.

With powerful and effective likes, views, saves, and followers that come from More Likes, you’ll quickly rise to dominance in your given niche. Effortlessly!

However, to make matters even better and more efficient, More Likes has fused it with automation technology to automatically deliver likes and views to your new content.

Instead of having to manually order engagement for your freshly posted videos, More Likes delivers them within 60 seconds of posting for maximum and an immediate boost of presence.

This cutting-edge software fiddles with the algorithm by delivering likes in unpredictable patterns to simulate organic growth. In other words, these fabulous people can make all that stopped you from becoming Insta-famous now work for you instead!

It’s no wonder how they’re one of the best sites to buy Instagram views from.

Top this amazing offer with a cancel-anytime policy and a guarantee on the number of metrics delivered and you’ve got yourself some first-class service for the price of your regular promotional company.

By the way, their company name is a lie, because More Likes also grants More Views. Go figure.



While not exactly a site to buy Instagram views from, Growthoid still has more than effective ways of boosting your Instagram views count, along with pretty much every other engagement metric.

What’s Growthoid? Growthoid’s a service that merges streamlining and automation with human intuition to bring forth dedicated account management to your Instagram presence. With Growthoid experts, you can place your campaign into the hands of experts and be sure that your Instagram videos will start overexpanding immediately!

Growthoid relies on manual, organic growth to increase your Instagram views. Dedicated account managers will optimize, magnetize, and revolutionize your content to squeeze out every last bit of their potential.

Since the growth is organic, all followers that you’ll get will be real and all Instagram views organically.

This method is safe, viable long-term, and has the potential to keep your Instagram presence expanding far beyond what you bargained for at the start.

Which is pretty neat.

And these guys take steps to preserve your privacy and protect your data. While you’ll be giving access to your profile to someone else, you’ll still be in charge and get asked for any major change in the course of your Instagram management.

It’s practical, saves time, and boosts your performance? Count us in!


Stormlikes Instagram Views

If you’re looking for packages that’ll make your videos stand out from the crowd, then Stormlikes has a couple of ingenious solutions.

What makes Stormlikes one of the best sites for buying Instagram views? It’s the innovative methods that they implement in the basic premise offered by many.

Yes, you can buy Instagram likes, views, saves, and followers. However, their sophisticated software is able to precisely select your order and distinguish between gender and geographical location, among other criteria.

Their powerful software has several tricks in its sleeves that can deceive the algorithm and turn its prohibitive selection to your advantage. Dynamic likes mean that Stormlikes spreads your order between several posts in a randomized manner that triggers the algorithm to put it into the promotional spotlight.

Oh, and Stormlikes’ experts show their abundant experience in the field by giving you the option to get a matching number of views and likes to your Instagram videos. More likes than views?

That seems fishy, right? A great number of views with no likes on the video? Really not cool, no.

It’s a good thing the Stormlikes people think about everything, and that includes the safety of your account as well. Stormlikes is a service that you can really trust to help you and not to hinder you in any way. Which is everything that we need from such a service, really. 


Likes.io Instagram Views

Likes.io has a soft spot for all those brands and content creators who are starting from scratch.

Small-sized businesses in the social media industry are mostly doomed to fail since the big players have so many resources it would be tasteless to even compare. And without proper support, your videos won’t be going anywhere.

Likes.io has thus developed an affordable offer that can be that edge that helps you gain the advantage over the big game in your niche. They offer 100% real likes, followers, and views, organically sourced and with an astoundingly good price-to-quality ratio. 

Is that enough to land them in our list of best sites to buy Instagram views?

Of course not, they also have the option to automate the delivery of likes and views so you don’t have to order every single time you post. That would beat the concept of saving your time now, wouldn’t it?

Couple that with smart targeting and quick delivery and you’ve got the irresistible Likes.io that few can refuse.



Growthsilo is another contender for the best site to buy Instagram views that don’t really, well, sell views.

This service is another prime example of successful dedicated account management, with top-tier experts from the social media promotion industry that know what they’re doing online more than you or we do.

And what do they do? They streamline your Instagram marketing campaign and execute a complete overhaul of every little detail of your Instagram for maximum reach, which ultimately translates to more views, more likes, and more followers.

When was the last time you determined your ideal audience and fine-tuned your targeting? Did you commit to an exhaustive analysis of your content’s performance? Have you calibrated the perfect time for posting content?

The social media wizards from Growthsilo do this on a daily basis. The result?

Several times more… Everything, really. And all you have to do is apply, answer a couple of questions to help determine the future course of your profile, and you’re done! Free to do whatever you want with the time you previously had to invest in your social media management.

Pretty much zero downsides to Growthsilo as far as we know it. Try them out yourself!



When taking a sudden leap forward is what your Instagram videos require, then place your bets on Upleap! An agency with a tradition that goes back to early 2015, Upleap is an Instagram exclusive that offers packages with capabilities to propel your videos in front of many Explore pages.

With a 4.7/5 satisfaction rating, they really don’t need additional proof that their services are worth your while. The Upleap crew relies on organically sourced engagement that never puts your account in danger. No passwords, no sensitive data required. Pure growth, abstract from any undesired side-effects.

With Upleap you’ll be able to grow faster for less–literally! On big offers they offer a straight 50% discount, leading to the final price being 1000 followers for $9 only.

We’d say it was too cheap if we hadn’t tried it and proved the quality for ourselves. They’re indeed one of the best sites to buy Instagram views from! We don’t know how you do this, Upleap, but keep on doing it.


SocialViral Instagram Views

SocialViral is another candidate to become your potential Instagram viralizer, and opting for them seems to be a solid choice if you ask us.

Their range of packages includes making it possible to buy Instagram views, likes, saves, and followers, with the added benefit of having automated engagement spread upon your content within seconds after you post!

As a marketing agency of flawless reputation, Social-Viral guarantees live followers and real metrics, organically sourced and bound to bring more reach and engagement to your videos.

Their expertise empowers the Instagram views you’ll get to subdue the soft cap on your growth, allowing more growth than you could get without their help.

When it comes to safety, security, and preserving your personal data, SocialViral is resolute and strict. You won’t ever get in danger of losing your profile, losing your data, or losing your confidence for any reason in their policies.

With guarantees set in place and excellent SocialViral reviews you’ll find around the web, there’s absolutely no reason to doubt their work. And we’re here to confirm that!

Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant isn’t your regular site to buy Instagram views from, by no means!

However, with proper use, you’ll not only get more Instagram views, but you’ll also boost your content in general, while optimizing your Instagram for better efficiency and more reach.

So, what does Task Ant do and, more importantly, how?

Let’s start at the beginning. Do you know hashtags? We all know about them, sure, but do you know how they work? They’re tags that separate content, people, niches, and practically everything else into categories that are much easier to navigate, for both users and various algorithms.

So, you put a hashtag on your post and you’ve labeled it for future use. However, it’s a bit more complicated. After all, you’ve got a set of hashtags that you can use and further place your e.g. Instagram videos. How does it matter what hashtags you put there?

A proper set of hashtags helps users find your content more easily, and it allows promotional software to place your content in front of the community. This sets you many places above your average weight.

On the other hand, a bad set of hashtags gets you into too competitive niches or narrows down your audience too much for any reasonable reach. It also allows your content to fall below others, and we all know that the search results we’re looking for are on the first page, not on the sixth.

Task Ant solves your hashtag issues, forever. It has direct access to virtually limitless libraries of powerful hashtags and hashtag sets that you can freely use. It also scans the most successful hashtags on the market so that you can use them before anyone else!

Oh, and read this carefully, it can also analyze the hashtag strategy of anyone on Instagram. Feel free to copy some of the giants out there, it won’t hurt them much but you’ll get their slice of the popularity pie if you know what we mean.

Task Ant sure does know how to land you above your place. Kudos!

Final Thoughts

As we progress as a society, we come to rely on quick visuals, clear symbols, and definite aesthetics more than text that is slow to read and even slower to grasp.

Instagram is the social media that gets that and grows each day because it fully embraces this philosophy. Don’t tell, but show. People use it, content creators use it, brands use it. And they’re expanding their influence and their finances because of it.

What stops you from doing exactly that? Social media barriers? Lack of initial community support?

Not enough time?

With some of the best sites to buy Instagram views listed in front of you, these reasons become excuses only.

We’ve decided to help you by exploring the vast social media market and present to you only verified, tried-and-true companies that offer real growth, preserve your safety, and help you grow.

Whatever service you pick to buy Instagram views from, be sure you’re picking the right thing. Instagram stardom can be within your grasp.

Your brand can become popular. You can make it. You just have to start somewhere. Why not make your start somewhere around here? 

Written by Jason

Hi! I’m the editor at EarthWeb. I have a deep interest in technology and business. I also enjoy testing products out. Contact me to be featured!

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