5 Best Places to Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes in 2022

Last Updated: May 15, 2022

This article will provide insight into the best places to buy Instagram story poll votes online, including information on keeping your personal information and account safe.
Best Places to Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes
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As a whole, there are several methods to market yourself on Instagram, and using the social app’s story features can be a lot more effective than you think.

If you’re looking to increase the engagement on your story polls, finding the best places to buy story poll votes would be worth your time. 

As usual, you only want to work with the most reliable social media marketing services providers. Boosting engagement can be a tricky process, but it has plenty of benefits as well.

This article will provide insight into the best places to buy Instagram story poll votes online, including information on keeping your personal information and account safe.

Best Places to Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

Media Mister

Media Mister Instagram Story Poll Votes

Story Polls on Instagram are a great way to view public perception on a topic, learn more about your audience, and deliver a powerful message based on the general opinion of your followers.

The difference when you purchase Poll votes, you can easily influence the result of every Instagram Story Poll that you post.

Utilizing the attraction and influence of Story Polls on Instagram is an excellent place to begin if you want to tap into some serious marketing potential.

For our number one suggestion, Media Mister never fails regarding the most sought-after social media marketing services.

You can buy Instagram story poll votes with ease and at a fraction of the price compared to others you’ll find online. Through their website’s simple drop-down menu, you can select from 25 to 25,000 poll votes for your campaign.

Whether you’re running an extensive marketing campaign or just looking for a bit of push, Media Mister can handle it.

👉 Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes

You’ll discover detailed price information on their website, with the highest quality story poll votes starting at $2.00 for 25 votes.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about Instagram terminating or deactivating your account under any scenario if you only use actual poll votes that come from registered and active users. 

Media Mister allows various payment options, including bitcoin, which is processed securely through the trusted coinpayments.net.

Don’t hesitate to contact the company’s devoted customer service if you can’t find a direct solution to your question on their website.

Some individuals may wonder to themselves; is buying story poll votes a safe marketing practice? Based on Instagram’s terms of service, manipulating the outcome of a Story Poll by any artificial means could land your account in trouble.

When you buy votes, they can be entirely genuine if the source comes from an actual Instagram account. At least if the account’s actions are completely undetected and viewed as legitimate. 

No matter where you decide to buy story poll votes, the safety of your personal data and finances should be your first concern.

It’s wise to look for websites that provide legitimate guarantees, such as Media Mister. If you end with a provider that sells fraudulent votes from bot accounts, your account could get flagged for fabricated engagement.

So, in short, always make sure you’re working with a trusted and reliable service provider, in addition to reviewing their fee structure.

Nevertheless, Media Mister has some of the lowest rates if you’re looking to buy Instagram story poll votes. 

👉 Buy Instagram Story Poll Votes


GetAFollower Instagram Story Poll Votes

If you need some reliable alternatives to Media Mister, don’t hesitate to look at GetAFollower. On their website, simply select the number of votes you need for your poll, process your order, and the votes will start showing up immediately.

The website provides customer service 24/7 and guarantees that all orders will be delivered in a timely manner. In addition, every service they provide has been certified as safe and compliant with the TOS on Instagram. 

When looking to buy Instagram story poll votes, make sure the company you’re dealing with is well-versed with the platform and its rules.

Furthermore, they strictly adhere to legal regulations and only acquire necessary personal information, none of which is considered sensitive.

Additionally, y our story poll will receive votes from actual individuals and accounts thanks to the depths of their marketing capabilities.

GetAFollower’s team understands how tough it is to develop your online image, and their goal is to help you connect with your following in the most efficient way possible.

GetAFollower has amassed a sizable Instagram following of their own, which they put to good use for each of their clients.

Your Instagram story poll can be boosted by authentic votes by just supplying them with your desired package and the URL to your Instagram profile.

This is the only information they’ll need from you, and the marketing specialists will take care of delivering your poll votes.

Furthermore, their network of Instagram accounts will instantly take action on your story poll after your order has been confirmed.

You might think that companies providing Instagram story poll votes for free might be tempting; GetAFollower recommends that consumers examine each website’s marketing tactics thoroughly before making a commitment.

Many of the social media marketing websites you’ll come across make use of fake Instagram accounts, which aren’t controlled by real people and might cause more problems than good. 

When fake accounts connect with your profile’s content, you can easily hurt the authentic engagement that can help the growth of your brand.

Additionally,  Instagram has been hunting bot accounts for quite some time, limiting their feasibility as they get flagged or banned almost immediately.

Nevertheless, your statistics may increase with fake accounts, but this will only boost numbers that will give no value to the growth of your brand.

It’s also worth noting that GetAFollower doesn’t require your password to your Instagram account.

Furthermore, unless you mention it yourself explicitly, your following, friends, or relatives will never know that you use these marketing services.

Moreover,  Instagram will only flag bot behavior on the platform, and because the poll votes you buy are from real people, their flagging system won’t detect the story poll votes you bought from GetAFollower. 

The website will only be able to supply you with poll votes if your Instagram account is public.

Users who aren’t following you won’t be able to see your Instagram polls if your account is hidden from the public; in this case, GetAFollower wouldn’t be able to process your order.

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Instagram Story Poll Votes

Another excellent website to boost your engagement on Instagram, Buy Real Media, has a long list of satisfied customers.

Moreover, they have some of the best rates, but the company is also comprised of educated social media marketers.

They know all of the specifics regarding social media applications and will ensure your account and personal information are protected throughout the whole process.

Before the order is executed, each poll vote is validated for quality and reliability. Furthermore, to ensure discretion, they will send your votes using a drip-feed for the most organic engagement possible.

You can also find plenty of five-star reviews about Buy Real Media and its services.

When searching for a website to buy Instagram story poll votes, there are clearly several things to consider before making a purchase, and this website hits all the marks. 

Buyers can rest assured knowing that their financial and personal information is protected on their website. Moreover, their Instagram account and will never be compromised in the process.

You’ll remain in control of your account as always, and Buy Real Media will work diligently on improving the engagement on your story polls.

Like the other popular social media marketing sites on this list, Buy Real Media also offers affordable prices that are hard to pass up.

Package options to buy Instagram story poll votes range from 25 to 25,000 per order, and packages start as cheap as $2.

It’s also important to state that the professionals at BRM are well-versed with all major social media platforms, and they understand terms of service agreements better than most.

This means, all of their marketing practices are not only ethical but in line with Instagram’s TOS, ensuring your account’s safety and continuous growth.

Moreover, if you happen to have any issues with their website, or your order, customer support is just one click away. 

They also have some of the fastest processing times for your orders. No matter which package size you choose, they’ll have 100% of your poll votes delivered in under 48 hours.

This is especially impressive as most companies can take from five days up to an entire month to process your entire order.

No matter if you’re looking for a primary service provider or just want a few options to choose from, Buy Real Media can easily meet your needs.

Based on the service’s positive track record and transparent operation, you can buy Instagram story poll votes from them with confidence.

Social Boss

The top three websites mentioned in this list are some of the most popular service providers for Instagram story poll votes, but it’s essential to have some backups just in case.

Surprisingly it can be somewhat challenging to find a reliable provider for social media marketing services that actually generate results.

Social Boss is an excellent choice for poll votes and aiding your organic engagement on Instagram. They have a slightly different pricing structure but still provide quite a bit of value.

Social Boss is currently running a discount on story poll votes, and for only $2.59, you can purchase 100 votes.

More importantly, all of your personal and financial information is protected on the platform, and they have the security certifications to prove it.

All votes come from real, authentic users, and delivery is incredibly prompt, with your order being processed within 1-2 hours.

Although some may prefer instant delivery, always remember that instant delivery could over-inflate your numbers too fast, causing your metrics to look a little off to your audience on Instagram.

Most people have grown accustomed to how social media generally operates on a day-to-day basis, and they also know how content usually goes viral.

So, it’s vital that your content performs similarly, so no one suspects any of your marketing tactics. Thankfully, Social Boss is efficient, yet they provide only interactions from real accounts with a 100% success rate.

Unlike the top three in this list, Social Boss only offers a maximum of 10,000 votes per order.

Of course, if needed, you can put in multiple orders to reach the number of votes you’re looking for, but the delivery of the total vote count will be a little more spread out.

Although their service is reliable and efficient, the company doesn’t have as much of a track record as some others and doesn’t provide a ton of public customer feedback. 

For new users, this may be a deal-breaker, but considering the vast services they provide, on top of the financially friendly pricing structure, Social Boss is a stiff competitor to beat.

They also offer 24/7 customer support, so you can always get a potential issue solved any time of day.

As usual, one of the best parts of their services is that they’ll never ask for any overly sensitive information, such as the password to your Instagram account. 

Buy Top Likes

When looking to buy Instagram story poll votes, another trustworthy option on our list would be Buy Top Likes.

Also, they provide some of the most competitive rates you can find online and have a dedicated team of social media marketers that know exactly how to obtain the engagement you’re looking for.

Unlike many others you’ll find online, they offer a 30-day refund and refill guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your order.

All of the engagement you receive from Buy Top Likes is 100% authentic, and they never utilize bot accounts to pump your stats.

There’s nothing wrong with buying Instagram story poll votes because if done right, it can quickly boost the organic engagement to your account as a whole.

Working with this website is a no-fuss process, and similarly to Social Boss, they don’t have a massive track record, but their services have yet to fail its users.

Buy Top Likes also has some of the fastest processing times for orders; all orders are processed in under 24 hours.

On a side note, the team members at Buy Top Likes are widely educated on social media marketing, and they share a lot of that knowledge with their users.

When visiting their website, you aren’t met with only a description of their services but detailed explanations on how Instagram and social media marketing work.

This makes their clients feel more comfortable with the reliability of their services, and this is excellent ground for building a solid client base. 

The company also provides transparency into how they operate and ensures their clients that they follow all legalities related to social media marketing.

They’ve put numerous measures in place to safeguard your data and account, so they’re never compromised, and their services are entirely anonymous throughout the whole process.

Although it may be a common theme, you can expect 24/7 customer support from Buy Top Likes, with a reasonably quick response time. 

The website also provides lengthy FAQ sections for their services, and they answer a ton of questions related to votes for your Instagram story poll.

Aside from the abundance of informational content on the website, their ordering processing is seamless with minimal hassle.

The first step they require is to select your package, then provide them with your Instagram account’s URL, and your order will be fully processed in as quick as twelve hours.

If you’re looking to buy Instagram story poll votes and you need a pretty fast turnaround on results, Buy Top Likes is an excellent and reliable choice.

Why You Should Invest In Story Poll Votes

A well-crafted poll with a strong statement can easily influence many people. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that purchasing poll votes is no longer a novel or unusual strategy.

Generally speaking, anyone intending to post a story poll with the hopes of manipulating results in their favor should take a look at purchasing poll votes to help generate more influence.

This is strictly from a marketing standpoint, as going the 100% organic route can be a long waiting game.

Is This a Safe Marketing Practice?

If you want to look at technicalities, manipulating the outcome of a story poll by any forced methods could land your account in hot water if discovered by Instagram.

Keep in mind, the votes you buy are entirely genuine as long as they come from active accounts with authentic owners. It’s the bot accounts that can get you in trouble. 

Working with the services discussed in this article is how you navigate this space anonymously and safely. You’ll always be safe if you only buy authentic votes.

If you’re going to buy Instagram story poll votes, it’s always up to you to do the proper research and ensure the company you’re working with is verifiable and legitimate.

To Summarize

If you were speculating whether or not you should buy poll votes for your Instagram account, hopefully, this article helped ease your concerns.

It’s a lot safer than you think, and there are plenty of security measures in place to make sure you and your account stay protected.

No matter who you decide to work with, your marketing tactics will remain anonymous to the public eye, and you can continue to fuel the engagement on your account with ease. 

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