Best Places to Buy Facebook Votes for Contests & Polls

10 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Poll Votes CHEAP in 2024

Published on: February 16, 2024
Last Updated: February 16, 2024

10 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Poll Votes CHEAP in 2024

Published on: February 16, 2024
Last Updated: February 16, 2024

In a hurry?
The best place to buy Facebook poll votes cheap in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Media Mister!

Contests and polls on social media platforms like Facebook require plenty of public participation.

But to win these contests, you have to rally people to participate and vote for your entry.

This kind of engagement might be a bit too difficult to get. Therefore, you will need some assistance.

We will list the best resources that you can use to buy Facebook votes for contests and polls. 

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Poll Votes Cheap in 2024

  1. Media Mister – 🏆 Winner!
  2. GetAFollower
  3. Buy Real Media

1. Media Mister

Media Mister - buy facebook votes

Media Mister is one of the best sites to buy Facebook poll votes.

You can buy votes for contests and polls at pretty affordable rates, and you can buy them in any quantity. 

The minimum number of votes you can go for is 50, and the package will cost you $5.

👉 Buy Cheap Facebook Poll Votes

The maximum you can go for is 10,000, and the delivery will be within 2 days.

So the delivery will be pretty fast. You don’t have to worry about this because your account is not in danger of getting restricted or blocked. 

That is exactly why the delivery is so fast. You can provide them with the option you want to vote for and leave the rest to Media Mister.

They don’t ask you for your personal or private information. 

You will only have to provide them with your contest or poll URL, and that’s it.

Apart from that, you can purchase different packages for various engagement services from Media Mister.

Moreover, you can buy engagement with your other social media channels and accounts. You can draw all the traffic to your website or this contest and make it organic. 

Want to save some money?

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2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy Facebook Poll Votes

You can buy as little as 50 votes and buy as many as 10,000 votes for your polls and contests from GetAFollower.

The only thing that you will have to provide them is your URL and the options you want to vote for, and that’s all. 

👉 Buy Facebook Votes

It’s a clean and easy way to get more and more votes on your polls and contests. It can also gain more followers and generate more engagement on your social media channels.

Apart from that, it can also generate more traffic for your website. 

The costs are available at pretty affordable rates, and that is why it is such a useful service to try out.

Their website provides you with all the information you need on using these votes to gain more engagement. 

If you have any questions, you will find all your answers by going through the text given on this website.

They have highly responsive customer support, and you can ask them directly. 

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy Facebook Poll Votes

Another option that you can consider to buy Facebook poll fake votes is Buy Real Media.

You can buy as low as 50 votes for just $5, or you can go for their maximum package of 10,000 votes for your contests and polls at just $960. 

👉 Buy Fake Facebook Poll Votes

The delivery will be fast as it will not result in an account restriction or blockage. You will receive all your votes within 48 hours after the payment is confirmed.

All these votes are from real Facebook accounts, and you will not have to worry about any fake followers or votes.

The best thing about this approach is getting some followers for your FB page. It will significantly boost your page activity and engagement.

As a result, you will get more exposure on social media, and you can draw more traffic for your website or other social media handles. 

You can also buy engagement for your other social media accounts. It is essentially a one-stop shop to improve your digital presence. 

4. UseViral

UseViral Buy Facebook Votes

If you are specifically looking to buy real Facebook votes for contests and polls, you should go for this website.

All available packages involve real profiles with pictures, and the delivery time for all packages will be within hours.

They have various payment gateways available for you, and they’re all secure. They also back all their packages and services with highly responsive customer support.

You can use the live chat feature and get all the answers you need before trying out their service.

If you don’t want to interact with customer support, their website has all the information you will ever need before proceeding.

Besides all that, you can also purchase votes from them for various contests and polls on other social media handles. 

It is an excellent practice to draw attention to your FB page and your other social media handles. You can also use this traffic and direct it to your website for even more exposure.

You can achieve so much in such a short period with minimal effort. 

5. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Facebook Votes

SidesMedia is a result-oriented team that strives to produce quality results.

They make sure that their packages are available to their customers at competitive prices, and they only use safe techniques to boost your online presence.

All their packages and services are backed by superior customer service. 

You can buy Facebook contest votes for as for little as $5. Their website will provide you with all the information that you will need to use their services.

Apart from that, you can also get all the guidance about how these votes will help you in achieving your goals. 

If you still have any questions, they are active customer support and are ready to serve you.

They have multiple payment options available, and you can use any of them according to your convenience. 

And not only that, but you can also purchase votes for various other social media platforms.

Link your website with your social media accounts, and you will get all the traffic you need. It results in boosting your online presence in an improved manner. 

6. GigDoll


This is a slightly new service compared to others. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of service.

They have various packages that you can utilize to get more votes on your FB contests and polls. 

You can buy Facebook fake poll votes as low as 100 in quantity for just $13. Or you can buy as many as 50,000 votes for just $4500. Now, that’s a lot of engagement. 

Imagine even 10 percent of these votes converted into your real followers. It will do pretty well to boost your overall engagement. The best part is that they have real profiles with pictures, and none of these IDs are fake. 

So, you have to boost your business online and get some more engagement. Not only that, but you can also purchase engagement for your other social media accounts. They assist you with other digital services like SEO, web design, and development. 

What you are getting from all that is boosting your digital presence and expanding your business to new audiences throughout the globe.

They back all their services with quality customer support. In addition to that, they have various payment options, and you will not have to worry about any security concerns regarding your personal or financial information. 

7. BuyVotesPoll


Are you looking to win a competition on FB or just get some votes on a pool you have created?

BuyVotesPoll is a good resource to help you out in this regard. You can buy FB poll votes as low as 100 votes for just $9.99.

You can buy as many as 10,000 votes for just $849.99. The services you will get here are all fast and high-quality. You will not have to provide them with your password or any other personal or financial information. 

All their packages come with drop protection, and they will refill any drop out automatically. These services are pretty easy to use even if you are trying them for the first time.

They guarantee instant delivery, and you will receive all your votes within 48 hours as soon as the payment is confirmed. Moreover, they have highly responsive customer support that will sort out any queries if you have one. 

They specialize in polls and contests, not limiting their services to FB. It means that you can also buy votes for your polls on other social media accounts.

It’s all pretty simple; you choose your package, enter all your details, confirm payment, and watch the results. It can boost your overall page visibility and engagement in the long run. 

8. BuyVoteLikes


BuyVoteLikes is another new service on the block. You can buy Facebook poll votes and contest votes to boost your overall engagement on your page.

Their service will enable you to win any contest and get a great person on the polls that you have created. 

Their minimum service package has 100 votes for just $10. It is a top choice for you if you want to try out their services. Or you can go all the way up and buy 10,000 votes for your poll or consist of just $555. 

Furthermore, you can also buy up to 30,000 votes or even more. But for that, you will have to inform them via email or contact page. 

They have responsive customer support that is actively serving you through your queries. They have various payment options that you can use.

You will start receiving your votes as soon as you confront the payment. They have fast delivery, and you will get all your votes within 3 to 4 days, depending upon the quantity.

You can also purchase votes for Twitter polls or any other online contests. Just go for their packages or let them know if you need even more votes, and they will be happy to be at your service. 

9. BuyFBStore


As the name goes, BuyFBStore specializes in Facebook services and is your complete Facebook marketing solution. You can buy Facebook engagement using this website. 

Their top products seem to be the various packages that enable you to buy votes for contests & polls. Their packages start from $1 and go all the way up to $200. For $1, you will get 5 votes, and this is a good package for you to try out their services. 

You can get as many as 1000 votes in their best package. They provide you with a good chance to try their services first and then go for the big hit. You will only have to give them the URL of the poll or contest and leave the rest to them. 

They have various payment gateway options available, and your personal and financial information is safe with them. Besides that, you can purchase other types of enactment for other social media channels. BuyFBStore is essential to your Fastlane to online fame. 

You can draw the traffic from your social media account to your website. As a result, your online business will be exposed to even more people, and it will significantly improve your online presence. 

10. CheapFBStore


CheapFBStore is a source for youtube purchases and FB engagement. You can buy page views, page likes, shares, comments, and anything this social media platform considers under the arrangement. 

Therefore, you can buy Facebook votes for contests & polls and at affordable rates too. You can test out their services with small packages where you can buy from 5 votes up to 50 votes for just $1 to $10.

The bigger packages will allow you to get up to 1000 votes, and they will cost you up to $200. 

They have quick delivery, and your votes will be in your account in just 2 to 3 days as soon as you confirm the payment. You will get your votes for real people and profiles. 

Furthermore, you will not have to worry about any dropout, and they will automatically replace you to provide you with the maximum value for money.

Furthermore, they have active customer support to solve any of your queries. You will also get your money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with tire services. 

You can pick any of these services and need to not worry about the privacy of your personal or financial information. The website has been a pound for quite some time, and they understand the ins and outs of this industry. 

You can significantly boost your online presence using their services. Moreover, you can purchase even more engagement for your FB page and other social media profiles to draw traffic to your website. 

Final Word

Getting more votes on Facebook contests and polls can be pretty hectic. The process is pretty slow, and in most cases, you cannot generate a response from a large group of people in a timely fashion.

But things get easier if you opt for paid services. You can buy contest votes and win any online poll.

You can get an excellent response on your polls and use this traffic to your other social media accounts and websites. It will help you boost your online business and improve your overall digital footprint.

So, buy Facebook poll votes cheap and boost your digital footprint today.

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