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Can You Buy 5000 Instagram Followers for $5? The Truth

Last Updated: October 28, 2021

Considering buying 5000 followers for your Instagram page?
Buy 5000 Instagram Followers $5 or Get for Free?
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Considering buying 5000 followers for your Instagram page?

You might be tempted to try and make it more appealing, especially if you realize that you can get 5000 followers for your Instagram profile for just $5.

However, before you hit the ‘purchase’ button, we are here to tell you that you might be doing more damage to your Instagram profile then you realize.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers for just $5, even if it is super tempting.

So, stay with us, and read until the very end so that we can not only explain why, but we can recommend some great companies that you can work with, who actually care about your Instagram profile’s growth.

Is It Worth It If You Buy 5000 Instagram Followers for $5?

Of course, you probably think that initially, the concept of buying 5000 Instagram followers for just $5 is a great idea.

You are instantly going to feel more confident about your page, and you might think that you have instantly given your profile an edge over your rivals.

However, we are here to tell you that it’s too good to be true. In fact, buying this amount of followers can actually be really dangerous for your account.

Why? Because almost all of their followers are either going to be ghost accounts, or fake. This is a super dangerous consequence of purchasing your Instagram followers. Keep reading to find out exactly why.

What Happens if You Buy 5000 Instagram Followers?

buy 5000 Instagram followers $5

To give you a better idea of what occurs when you buy 5000 Instagram followers, especially if you only spend $5 on them, we have discussed the following points, hopefully giving you a bit of clarity around the topic.

Your Engagement Rate will Decline

In case you weren’t aware, Instagram engagement is a big deal when it comes to your success. This part of your Instagram growth shows how much you interact with your followers, and vice versa.

Nobody really knows exactly how Instagram calculates engagement rate, but we do know that comments, direct messages, likes, and followers are the biggest components of this formula.

Instagram is the all-seeing eye that sees all of this activity on the platform and uses it to determine whether they prioritize promoting an account or not.

If your profile is engaging enough, and your current followers are actively interacting with your content, then Instagram is more likely to show your posts, and they might even feature you on the Explore Page.

However, when you purchase fake followers, for example, when you buy 5000 Instagram followers for just $5, your post isn’t going to be seen by too many people, because Instagram bots don’t keep scrolling through their feed to keep up with the latest content.

As a result, your engagement rate is going to fall dramatically. So, if you have already made a purchase like this, then we suggest that you backtrack as fast as you can.

You Will Receive Random Comments


At the end of the day, Instagram comments are more important than you might think. They aren’t just something that gets featured on your content, they are actually part of the entire Instagram process that a lot of people interact with.

There are a lot of people that scroll through the comments of a piece of content to find out a bit more about the image or video when it comes to context, and they also use the comment section to be part of the community.

A lot of the time, when you purchase fake followers for just $5, you will also receive a comment feature, which means that you will be sent to some premade comments for a particular post.

We understand that this might make you think that your engagement rate is going to improve, but at the end of the day, it actually ends up doing more harm than good.

If the comment looks spammy, and like it obviously has been made by a piece of software and not left by a real person, then people are going to start getting suspicious of your profile and wondering what your real agenda is behind it.

If people aren’t seeing genuine engagement on your content, they are a lot less likely to want to follow you and continue to follow you for a long time.

Instagram Could Ban You

Yes, there is a very real possibility that you could be restricted or banned completely by Instagram.

Since 2014, Instagram hasn’t been afraid to ban a lot of services out there that sell followers and likes to their clients, and they even have it written in their community guidelines.

Instagram community guideline

How Do You Get 5000 Followers Without Risking Your Engagement Rate?

So, at this point, you are probably thinking how can I possibly get 5000 Instagram followers on my page, without putting my engagement rate and existing reputation at risk?

The good news is that there are lots of companies out there that aren’t necessarily going to be gung-ho about growing your Instagram profile overnight, but they are passionate about providing their clients with organic, authentic followers, that are going to uphold your Instagram reputation for a long time.

Let’s check out a couple of options.

Best for Instant Followers: Stormlikes

StormLikes - Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

If you’re looking for one of the best companies in the industry for instant followers, then you definitely need to check out Stormlikes.

Stormlikes has been in the industry for a little while now, and they definitely know what their clients need when it comes to followers and likes for their Instagram.

They can not only deliver your Instagram engagement in minutes, but they can guarantee that they aren’t going to be ghost accounts or fake profiles.

They say that they pride themselves in providing their clients with genuine and selected Instagram accounts that come from real people.

Once you’ve chosen one of these services, all you have to do is enter your details, and then they can effortlessly help you grow your Instagram, and the best part is that they stick to Instagram’s terms and conditions, so that there’s no risk to your engagement rate.

Best for Real Growth: Growthoid

Growthoid - Get 5000 Instagram Followers

If you are looking for real growth that is going to compound over time when it comes to your Instagram profile, then you definitely need to check out Growthoid.

Growthoid is a company that says that they can help their clients get the right kind of Instagram followers for their profile, with their number one growth service.

They say that they are passionate about helping their customers get more authentic Instagram followers, which means that you can stay away from bots and fake profiles.

With all the latest technology, they are confident in their abilities to provide their clients with the very best.

Another aspect of this growth service for Instagram is that they can sit down and talk to you about what your target audience looks like, as well as what your rivals look like.

As soon as they get a good idea of this, they can begin to help you through targeted growth where they interact with the audiences of your rivals, encouraging them to come and check out your Instagram profile instead.

When it comes to real growth it doesn’t get too much better than this.

Buy 5000 Instagram Followers for $5: Final Thoughts

Of course, if we were able to buy 5000 Instagram followers for $5, and still maintain our Instagram reputation as well as our engagement rate, we probably would.

However, it is just too dangerous of a method to utilize, so for now, we suggest that you go for real companies that care about your existing reputation and don’t compromise on your engagement rate.

At the end of the day, it is much better to preserve your engagement rate and go for something that is a bit more gradual than to receive overnight success, only to have dire consequences as a result. Good luck!

Written by Jason Wise

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