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BitUniverse Review – Is It a Safe Bot? Does It Work?

Last Updated: December 1, 2021

Where’s the BitUniverse’s place on this imagined chart? And ultimately, is it able to provide a stable and reliable source of income? Let’s find out.
BitUniverse Review – Universe of Profit or A Bunch of Empty Space?
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BitUniverse Review

As the cryptocurrency industry expanded, a lot of trading automation software sprang up to meet the growing demands of the day trading community.

Not all of these meet the unspoken consensus and many fail to meet the expected standards of quality. Cue BitUniverse – does it make the cut or is it yet another failed crypto trading bot? 

The current rise of cryptocurrency could never have been predicted.

What started as a niche thing for extreme nerds has grown to become a dominant new branch of digital industries, with hundreds of thousands of users around the world trying their hands at getting a share of the cryptocurrency spoils.

This fervor attracts not only people skilled in trading or programming but people with various backgrounds.

Like gold rushes before, crypto trading attracts people with little to no experience who are willing to learn or just try their luck with their current odds.

This is where crypto trading bots come into the spotlight. A perfect tool of the trade, crypto bots do mundane tasks instead of human traders, automating a lion’s share of the chores.

Ideally, with a good crypto bot, you can reduce daily time spent scouring the exchanges from hours to minutes.

However, they also simplify much of the process, helping beginners with presets, tutorials, and tests, which reduces the risk of financial loss.

On the other hand, a good crypto trading bot also provides options to those with good-sized experience and skill set, since novice-friendly settings tend to have lower risk and lower profit margins than something more advanced.

In either case, there’s a universe between a good bot and a failed bot, and there’s also a lot of finesse between an okay bot and an outstanding bot.

Where’s the BitUniverse’s place on this imagined chart? And ultimately, is it able to provide a stable and reliable source of income? Let’s find out.

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What’s BitUniverse?

BitUniverse is a crypto trading tool that aims to help day traders by simplifying and automating most of crypto trading chores. Two aspects of BitUniverse stand prominent.

The first one, portfolio tracker, presents multiple crypto exchanges and trading pairs in a unified interface that should reduce the total amount of time spent wandering across the web and trying to keep track of various deals.

In addition to this, it keeps a record of your total cryptocoin balance between all your accounts and wallets.

The other aspect is a regular crypto trading bot feature that is supposed to be able to execute your trading orders around the clock, without your direct influence.

Following a given set of indicators and parameters that the user defines (or obtains a preset for), the bot scans the given cryptocurrency pairs across the supported crypto exchanges and commits whatever lands you into a net plus.

There’s not much else to say here. The offer is simple, but able to land you a profit if it works as it claims to do.

Launched in 2018, BitUniverse has managed to gain a certain following, mostly in China and the rest of Asia.

Does it deserve a wider ripple across the crypto market? We’ll have to go into a bit deeper analysis of its features to be sure.

Accessibility & Ease of Use

BitUniverse mobile

A well-designed crypto trading bot balances the simplicity of use and complexity of potential execution of operations.

In other words, a good bot is both easy to use and powerful enough to outperform the competition. After all, trading in exchanges is a zero-sum game, right?

BitUniverse caters to those with simpler needs, that is for sure. In fact, the sum of its features amounts to a unified interface with a rudimentary trading terminal.

This doesn’t mean that BitUniverse is necessarily “bad”, it just means that it claims no pretensions at complexity or a wide spectrum of capabilities.

It comes with its own app that is available via Google Play and Apple’s store, with a web service that isn’t recommended because it lacks some of the features available via the app.

Meant to be used on the go, it is an advantage for casual traders and those who travel a lot.

However, seasoned veterans of crypto trading and those who want to have a bot packed with capabilities won’t find much in BitUniverse.

It suffers from a distinct lack of any advanced crypto trading feature that is present in e.g. And there are even sites that include the entirety of BitUniverse’s offer in one part of their package, as is the example with Bitsgap or Quadency.

Even if it is adequate for the initial stages of crypto trading, expect to progress beyond BitUniverse as soon as you acquire some experience. 

Exchanges Supported

BitUniverse Exchange Trading

For a trading bot, supported exchanges determine many factors in crypto trade.

For example, the size of the trading space and the number of cryptocoin types available for trade both depend on which cryptocurrency exchanges a trading terminal has connections with.

Regarding BitUniverse, for now the supported exchanges are Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poliniex, Coinbase, Cryptopia, HitBTC, Gdax, Kraken, Huobi, and Kucoin.

These include some of the more commonly used ones, so there’s not much to be said here–it is a somewhat standard offer currently on the market.

Settings & Features

BitUniverse Performance Metrics

Two primary functionalities of BitUniverse are a portfolio tracker and an integrated trading bot, with the former being much more prominent than the second.

A cryptocurrency manager that calculates profits and losses, forecasts trends in the near future, and tracks the prices of various coins in real-time, BitUniverse’s portfolio manager takes different stages of the big crypto trade process and puts them in a single dashboard from which you can access every segment, individually and collectively.

This is something that pretty much every other portfolio manager out there has in its main feature, so not much further info is necessary.

A couple of fine details give it some flavor, such as an auto-import/export of trading data via API keys and a manual tracking mode, but all in all, this is a solid basic package.

As for the trading bot, it is pretty rudimentary. Leaving much to be desired, it provides its users with trailing, stop limit, take profit, and some other primitive crypto trading settings.

The only somewhat complex feature they’ve recently added is the Grid Trading bot, but this is also a common feature for the market at the moment, with And there are even sites that include the entirety of BitUniverse’s offer in one part of their package, as is the example with Bitsgap and Quadency offering it in their basic packages for a while now, along with many more and much more advanced goodies. 

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BitUniverse Exchange Trading 1

BitUniverse is free of charge, with a caveat. While it doesn’t provide many “pro” features, it doesn’t charge you for its use, or at least it leaves the free plan as an option.

There’s also a “premium” plan, but it’s not very clear what the difference is between the free and the premium pricing plans. 

The premium plan “increases profitability” and comes for $20/month or 20 BUBs/month.

Bubs are gained by referring BitUniverse to others, most likely in an effort to extend their relatively humble community a bit further, and towards the Western world. 

So, what’s the caveat? The caveat is that there have been blog posts in recent years that spoke of “limiting” the number of active bots to free users.

This implies that there’s a chance that the free plan might soon be reduced to further incentivize going premium. In other words, the “free” BitUniverse crypto trading bot might soon be not-so-free at all.


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Community, Reputation, Security

As we’ve mentioned before, BitUniverse is currently turned towards the Asian audience more than towards the American/European users, which is alright, of course, but might pose some issues to English-speaking clients when communicating in their official communities, channels, and social media.

Although the customer service surely communicates in proper English, this might not be the case with the majority of their users.

Their Telegram page currently has something over 8,500 members, with their Google Play and Apple Store average ratings being 4.⅘ and 4.8/5 respectively.

In addition, the company has launched “Project BitUniverse”, a social media-like informative website that pushes crypto trade-related news to those who are subscribed.

Since BitUniverse isn’t cloud-based or web-based but app-based, the security parameters depend on your own device and your own safety measures.

The service connects to funds via API keys, so they don’t have direct access to your stashes and wallets per se. This is also a standard feature with all crypto trading services, and never trust a company that hasn’t implemented API keys-accessibility.

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Review Conclusion

Once the line is drawn and everything is added together, can we say that BitUniverse is an excellent crypto trading tool that outweighs its competition?

No, we can’t do that. Does this mean that BitUniverse doesn’t work? That’s also not the case.

Frankly, BitUniverse is an okay crypto trading service and portfolio manager, but the features it offers can be found pretty much everywhere else.

And there are even sites that include the entirety of BitUniverse’s offer in one part of their package, as is the example with Bitsgap and Quadency.

Yes, it’s free, but it’s free for now, and they’re already moving to shrink the free features and replace them with paid options.

Additionally, the vast majority of its community is Asian, which might hinder direct communication in cases where you need some thoughts, opinions, and strategies from your fellow traders.

Give it a try if you wish so, but know that there are better crypto trading tools out there.

Written by Jason Wise

Hi! I’m Jason. I tend to gravitate towards business and technology topics, with a deep interest in social media, privacy and crypto. I enjoy testing and reviewing products, so you’ll see a lot of that by me here on EarthWeb.