11 Best YouTube Bots for Safe Automation (2021)

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In its long history of development, YouTube has grown from a small video uploading community to a global Internet giant, second in popularity only to Google.

The sheer size of YouTube makes it a tough market with even tougher competition. However, in this swarm of content creators, a lucky few emerge at the top for great fame and greater fortune. But is it all luck? The answer to this is: of course not. 

There are automation tools that aid with every profession, and YouTube content creating is not an exception. YouTube automation software, or simply YouTube bots, play the somewhat arbitrary algorithms of the web video emperor to the advantage of the prudent content creators.

“Pleasing the algorithm gods” of YouTube guarantees an upper hand over other video publishers in your domain, as it is guaranteed to come above in both search results and recommended videos. 

A sufficient number of fast views, quick response time, and preferable publishing timetable are just a couple of factors that can propel or kill the career of fledgling YouTube VIPs. However, as we approach the end of 2021 and judging by the never-bigger number of YouTube creators, it looks as YouTube bots have become a necessity.

Best YouTube Bots (2021)

In other words, if you plan on starting anything big on YouTube platform, you better get yourself a YouTube bot. So, without further ado, here is the list of best YouTube bots currently out there.


UseViral YouTube

On nearly all YouTube bots lists UseViral stands firmly in the top position. While our list does not necessarily rank software rigidly into competing positions, UseViral still remains number one.

Why is that? Well, this position is not unwarranted. Part of the reason lies in the fact that, for the people looking for the best YouTube bots, the safest, accessible, and quality service should always come in the first place.

If you do not know where to start with YouTube bots, UseViral is the right place. For those who are new to the YouTube industry, UseViral is the assistance that they most likely need. It is a software with a long history that has garnered a certain reputation. It tends not to fail its user, it delivers results, and it strictly complies with all YouTube rules and terms of agreement.

Those results, precisely speaking, include growing your channel with additional subscribers, new top-quality views, and handling comments like a wizard. They utilize a branched-out network of influencers and popularity boosters that has a long reach, and provides lasting results.

Due to their well-established links with other social media, your account will be spread on multiple fields that self-complement each other for maximum reach. They boast more than five thousand partners all over the Internet, every one of which can give you a hand in creating a place for yourself among the famous content creators gang. 

In addition to their huge network, they conduct relevant research into your content in order to provide an audience that is “organically” grown and actually interested in what you are willing to share with them, instead of being there because they were told to. 

On top of this, and perhaps the most attractive feature for fresh-comers, UseViral is extremely simple to use. All the tasks boast high levels of automation and simplicity of interface, which leaves little to the user apart from clicking and telling the bot what to do. Once set in a direction, you don’t need to do anything other than reap the benefits of results.

So yeah, after reading all this, it is hard to argue against UseViral’s primary position on this or frankly any other list. If you don’t know where to start, UseViral is the place.



Another old-timer, Jarvee has been around for ages. Since the beginning, as a matter of fact–it is often credited as kickstarting the whole YouTube automation software business. In the very least, it’s on the scene since it was created.

What’s so special about Jarvee? How has it managed to stay relevant for so long? The key factor to this well-earned reputation is it’s dedication to the quality of service. The level of automation that Jarvee offers is astonishing: not only does it allow additional subs and views, it also enables auto-liking and auto-commenting. Advanced, you might think? To Jarvee, this is the very basics.

Jarvee’s auto-pilot scans for follows and likes and reciprocates proactive followers’ actions. This means that Jarvee’s YouTube bot reacts to the level of activity on your profile, eventually unfollowing inactive profiles and cancelling one-hit support from what can be deemed “fake” accounts. Also, it can unfollow people whom you’ve decided to follow, but who did not follow back. In other words, Jarvee completely and authentically simulates what an active user  would do in such circumstances.

Even auto-commenting comes with an upgrade: with Spin Syntax, comments and messages that come from your profile evolve to mimic what a human would typically write. Automated or generated texts tend to be obvious if they follow a rigid pattern. With Spin Syntax, Jarvee keeps ahead and remains believable through and through. 

This is by no means everything Jarvee has to offer, but you get the idea. Fully integrated support for every other social media platform out there, check. Auto-watch videos, check. Speed, precision, reliability? Check. The list goes on.

Jarvee operates on Windows 7 or newer Windows platforms. The only real con Jarvee has is that the amount of features it holds can be confusing to people who perhaps don’t yet know what exactly they want to focus on with their YouTube bot. Unlike UseViral, simplicity is not its main perk.

However, to negate that, Jarvee offers a 5 day free trial. This is more than enough to get a grip on its features, if you ask us!

TubeAssistPro (FollowingLike’s YT bot)

TubeAssistPro - YouTube Automation Tool

The creators of FollowingLike have recently ventured from the massive domain of social media to the domain of YouTube, and they have brought with them their extensive knowledge of organic growth of followers and other tricks of the trade that have helped them dominate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit…

TubeAssistPro YouTube bot firstly and foremostly focuses on the natural growth of your subscription list count and the reach of your content. By smart targeting of existing and potential followers, this dandy piece of software expands your audience in strict compliance with the YouTube API.

TubeAssistPro crew values their customers’ time, and have devised their software in three packages: the first package comes for one account only, and is also pretty handy if you want to learn how to exploit the full potential of this YouTube bot. The second package allows handling of up to 5 separate accounts, which is useful for a small business. The third, most powerful package comes with unlimited number of YouTube accounts management–the sky’s the limit.

How does this bot manage growth? The bulk of this organic growth TubeAssistPro manages through related keyword search. By relating your videos to specific keywords, this bot analyses similar activities from applicable audiences and singles out potential followers. Further actions conducted are thus more precise and have a higher rate of conversion into your followers.

In all these packages you can expect all the basic features you would expect in a YouTube bot. Auto-liking/unliking, auto-following/unfollowing, messaging, subscription… TubeAssistPro has it all, on a neat-looking dashboard that is quite easy to use. In addition to this, it is always kept up-to-date with pretty regular updates.

The key to success of TubeAssistPro is dedication and constant attention. If you opt for TubeAssistPro, you can expect the same attention to be dedicated to your YouTube account(s).

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy

The first free YouTube automation software on this list comes in the form of a browser extension–but do not let this fool you. Tube Buddy is a complex piece of software that can be used to skyrocket your YouTube career into fame, and remain useful to you even when big & famous. How often does a free browser extension do that for you? Not too often, we’d say.

Tube Buddy’s YouTube performance-boosting comes in many different forms. Its core is SEO optimized and extends SEO optimization to your content via intelligent content suggestions based on keywords that are affiliated with your content. Once it figures out the keywords of your content, it further optimizes your videos by suggesting tags, headlines, topics, and captions to maximize your reach output.

Additional productivity boosts come in card templates, emoji packages, various filters, and advanced embedding codes for playlists and advanced coding options.

Tube Buddy can be your best buddy when it comes to automating frivolous tasks: it allows you to complete them on a massive scale. Once you teach Tube Buddy how to do them, you will never again have to even acknowledge their existence. After all, bots are there to carry the heavy burden of manual labor from you, leaving you with a whole bunch of free time you can now dedicate entirely into content creation.



When you think about YouTube bots, you can’t help but think about the safety of your channel. Is this bot safe? Have the terms of agreement changed recently? Am I no longer legally promoting my content?

StormViews puts this issue at its forefront. The service it guarantees to all its users is 100% genuine. This technically means that not only are the likes, views, and subscribers that you are buying genuine, they also come from real people.

Now if that isn’t the definition of real, hardly anything is.

Their premise is simple. They offer three types of packages, and these packages provide as follows:

  1. 1000 genuine, unique views for 5.99$
  2. 1000 genuine, unique likes for 49.99$
  3. 1000 genuine, unique subscribers for 119.99$

Apart from these three basic types, they allow you to mix your own package that suits your specific needs.

The transaction is done within 1-2 days, in a single payment. Simple, clean, effective. Feel free to hop onto their site and give them a chance to convince you themselves of the benefits of such a huge popularity boost.



More a service platform than a regular YouTube bot, YTMonster gives a different twist to YT growth. It guarantees natural growth with real views, likes, subscribes, and comments, and it is free. How is this possible? What’s the catch?

There is no catch. However, in order to receive those organic likes, shares, comments, and subscribes, you first have to earn credits by doing for other accounts exactly what you would want others to do for you. Earned credits can be used to initiate Campaigns, which are basically orders that you did to earn credits.

Simply said, YTMonster is a like-for-like, subscribe-for-subscribe service, if you use it for free. There is always the option to pay for campaigns, which essentially saves you time that you would otherwise spend earning Credits. 

Free or paid service, the choice is yours. The results will be there regardless.

ASB YouTube Bot

ASB YouTube Bot YouTube

Auto Social YouTube bot is another instrumental piece of software when it comes to building your YouTube channel. Tackling automation is never an easy task since it implies simulating human activity to the point of it being indistinguishable from the one of a human being. However, when the number of such activities reaches the number of features ASB YouTube has packed under its hood, that task becomes incredible.

But what exactly does this YouTube bot do in order to stick out on this big list of renowned YouTube bots? In short, it does so many good things that we’ve mentioned before in a single software package that it merits a whole mention for itself on this list.

So, let’s start. First of all, ASB YouTube bot handles multiple accounts slick and smoothly. Then it does wonders in simulating a human pattern of liking videos that enhances your account’s activity, which in return increases the amount of reactive likes you’ll receive. Since the algorithm gods of YouTube are pleased with proactive audiences, congrats, you have successfully placed yourself on top of your competition on all performance metrics.

Rinse and repeat for shares, subscribes, and comments; ASB YouTube does not lack any of the prominent basic bot functionalities. However, one of the unique qualities of ASB YouTube is embodied in its use of Multi-Thread HTTP requests. Sounds complicated, right? Well, it is a fancy way of saying that the speed with which ASB YouTube bot does its job and reacts to its environment is unprecedented.

If you still have doubts over the efficiency of this neat little-big bot, the creators offer both a free trial AND a 7-day refund policy if you somehow end up displeased with their services. But we both know that is extremely unlikely to happen, because they are that good.

Media Mister

Media Mister Youtube

Media Mister is a classic. Classic in many ways: they are counted among the earliest YouTube bots available, they offer classic YouTube views as always, and they boast a plethora of people who have hired their services and were satisfied.

So many people have been satisfied with their services that their homepage boasts over 50.000 satisfied customers. Wow, talk about a fan base! In fact, the people behind Media Mister are so confident in the quality of service that they provide that they offer a 30-day(!) refund period.

Such a gigantic size of happy customer base combined with such an amazingly generous refund policy is bound to impress even the most suspicious YouTube content creators. If nothing else, it has impressed us!

The service they offer is classic as well–you pay for YouTube likes, you get the YouTube likes. No more, no less. Just tell them a number between one thousand and one million and they will provide. Guaranteed or money back. Now that’s a classic service.



Another competitor from the gratis part of best YouTube bots out there is SubPals, a free YouTube subscribers service that has been built around a simple promise: every 12 hours, you get 10 free subscribers.

Now, perhaps 10 subscribers per 12 hours does not seem that much. However, it cannot be reiterated enough that every single subscription matters in those crucial early phases of a YouTube channel’s development! Of course, you can accept the offer to “upgrade” this service for a certain fee, but the core free feature still remains an option, forever.

Like previously mentioned YTMonster, SubPals’s free feature works on a subscribe-for-subscribe basis. To activate the feature, you have to like 20 videos and subscribe to 20 channels. This can be done in roughly a minute, so that’s basically 10 subscribers for 60 seconds of your time!

Upgraded versions of this feature require no time investment on your part, only a certain fee; however, they offer more subscribers on a daily basis, up to 60 subscribers on a daily basis on the celebrity plan that comes with a cost of 80$ per month. Of course, you can opt for less expensive options for fewer daily new subscribers.

Perks of such a way of growing your fanbase is that you can observe growth in real time. Nothing is abstract in the way you get new subscribers in set intervals: the development of your YouTube presence is tangible. In addition to this, SubPals encourage YouTuber communities and emphasise the benefits of working together for a common goal.

It comes as no surprise that the folks at SubPals guarantee safety and security of your account, as well as a full customer support that has a reputation for quick solutions to your problems. All in all, SubPals is a bundle of proficiency in one bot. We approve



Sprizzy is a make-me-viral YouTube presence-growing service at its best. With more than 10.000 satisfied content creators behind them, Sprizzy boasts legitimate growth from legitimate YouTube channels.

The idea Sprizzy grew out of is simple. Instead of fabricated views, Sprizzy would analyze the viewers database to lock onto a specific audience that it deems suitable and susceptible to the content you can deliver. This is done in no other way than pure marketing, with advertisements hitting all the sweet spots of the real people who will provide real engagement.

Sprizzy has loads of analytics, stats, and databases behind it, collected over several years. Not only does it recognize productive viewers, but it also filters out low engaging viewers, e.g. kids on their parents’ phones in order to maximize the results of your investment. Its algorithms recognize several group-specific traits like age, gender, occupation, location, relevance, and so on, which further increases the accuracy of its predictions.

The price of using Sprizzy starts with a 50$ plan that gets you about 2000 views, depending on the criteria you’ve given to the bot. Campaigns that cost 100$ or more get a 10% discount. On top of that, any other boost that you get as a result of these promotions are free of charge, as Sprizzy charges only what you have agreed upon. Fair & square & awesome.


FollowersUp - Youtube

Followersup is yet another mass-social media conglomerate software that has produced a YouTube automated service, or a bot. The great thing that Followersup has that most of its competition lacks is vast support across several social media platforms. 

This gives them a sense of reliability, and they are not afraid to play on that card. For example, you can request 10,000 subscribers and they will not only provide that, but a permanent warranty with that. No questions asked.

As a matter of fact, Followersup is highly customizable. It offers views, likes, subscribes, and comments, in quantities from 10 to 1,000,000, depending on what you want to order. With every order comes a guarantee, a time limit, and a scaling price, which essentially allows you to customize every bit of your order. Fast, safe, good quality, and money-back guarantee. Do we dare ask for more?


In the contemporary age of the dominance of social media, digital presence is everything. Whether it’s business, awareness, or hobby, the amount of followers carries with itself a measure of success. And, as in everything that is measurable, the more you have it, the more likely it is that you’ll get more.

The above list of best YouTube bots & automation tools available can decide whether you’ll be famous this time next year or not. The initial boost they provide can become a spring into stardom. And if you take into account that your competition uses bots, going without support into the clutches of YouTube will almost surely result in a failure.

Take our advice and prepare yourself better. Improve your chances. Adapt your strategies. Automate your YouTube content publishing. When you go viral, you will praise these bots yourself, as YouTube stars that use(d) them praise them now.

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