AVG Secure VPN Review

AVG VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It Secure?

Published on: April 1, 2024
Last Updated: April 1, 2024

AVG VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It Secure?

Published on: April 1, 2024
Last Updated: April 1, 2024


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Review Summary

AVG Secure VPN logo

As a whole, AVG Secure VPN is not something we advise using. There are a few servers, and it keeps a log of user connections.

In addition, it’s pricey and lacks convenient extras like split tunneling. Nonetheless, AVG VPN offers quick download times and is compatible with US Netflix.

In short, you shouldn’t use AVG Secure VPN unless you currently utilize AVG’s antivirus software.

The primary interface of AVG Secured VPN features a set of huge control cards containing information about various websites. 

The application is not user-friendly and has not had a sizable customer base. You can get your money back if you aren’t happy with AVG. 

AVG Secure Browser is available for download on Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Put everything together, then. You will then be safe from potential internet scammers.

In addition, you won’t have to pay any ongoing service fee.

Learn more about our findings in our full AVG VPN review below.

  • Provides rapid VPN connections
  • Supports both the Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • A fully functional VPN kill switch
  • No IP, DNS, or WebRTC exposures
  • Simple VPN software for all the major devices
  • Maintains a log of all connections, complete with timestamps
  • Small-scale Server Network (36 countries)
  • There is no evidence for the mimetic procedure.
  • No OpenVPN support for Mac or iOS
  • Not effective in China
  • Customer service representatives aren’t always helpful.

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AVG Secure VPN Review 2024: In-depth

AVG Secure VPN

Speed And Experience

Since there aren’t a lot of settings and customization options available, the apps aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but also a breeze to operate (aside from a kill switch).

The software does not connect in a matter of seconds and not alerts the user every time they connect or detach with a popup in the app’s lower right-hand corner.

We initially connected to the fastest VPN servers available in our area, and we checked the service’s throughput on a 35.45Mbps connection in southeast Europe.

We could establish a connection to Budapest, and the resulting 32.52 Mbps transfer rate was excellent.

After that, we gave Glasgow, United Kingdom, a shot, but it clocked in at a considerably slower 15.43Mbps.

It was time for a more formidable adversary, and the United States fit the bill after the United Kingdom.

At last, we decided to give a server on the opposite side of the planet a shot. The 6.50 Mbps speeds were below average for this area.

So the overall speed-wise performance of AVG VPN is not up to the mark. 

Tunneling Protocols

Considering that we just checked its speeds; therefore, we can’t attest to its security.

OpenVPN is an alternative tunneling protocol that is also available to AVG Secure VPN subscribers who prefer absolute security.

OpenVPN, you see, is one of the most common protocols used by VPN providers. All of your data is safe, encrypted, and accessible at all times.

In reality, there are two variants (UDP and TCP); however, it is unclear which one AVG VPN uses.

Avast used OpenVPN UDP (the quicker version) suggests that AVG probably does the same.

Logging Policy

The company claims that, like Avast SecureLine VPN, AVG VPN also has a strict no-logging policy.

In other words, if you have faith in one service, you should also have faith in the other. Therefore, AVG VPN does not record the following:

  • That unique identifier is assigned to your computer on the internet
  • What you’ve looked at on the internet recently
  • DNS queries
  • Info transferred (images, emails, etc.)

On the other hand, AVG VPN does collect certain data.

You should be informed that the following information will be stored on the company’s servers for quite some time if your survival depends on VPN use:

  • Recorded timestamps of all connections
  • Aspects of data transmission include:
  • Interactional happenings (such as disconnection or tries to connect)
  • Aspects of application (uninstallation, auto-connection)
  • User-generated crash reports

Mobile Application

AVG Secure VPN

Surprisingly, 31% of VPN users said that the main reason they started doing so was so they could access public Wi-Fi without fear of being compromised.

In such a situation, they probably utilize a mobile VPN to check the score while waiting in line to return an item they ordered online.

AVG users will need to perform the following to get started:

  • There is a 3.1-star rating for the AVG Secure VPN & Proxy Server app on the iOS platform.
  • With 1.1/5 stars, AVG Secure VPN for Android is not the best unlimited VPN service available.

Ease Of Use

Specialized client apps for various platforms are available with AVG Secure VPN. There are only four operating systems it works on right now: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

It’s not compatible with Linux systems and can’t be used with routers. If you are required to utilize a Linux device, this may be a stumbling block that forces you to explore other options.

We could not set up programs for Windows and iOS in a matter of minutes.

The company claims they provide a free three-day trial that can be obtained once the software has been installed.

It can connect to the best available server when you launch the program. But you also have the option to select a different server if you want manually.

It has an intuitive UI with an on/off toggle button for quickly connecting and disconnecting the VPN.

Server Network Is Small

AVG Secure VPN

There were 58 server regions available in 34 countries at this AVG Secure VPN review. Of course, larger VPN server networks are out there if you need that, but this one isn’t the worst.

The advantages of a large server network are real. Having access to more servers in more geographic areas increases flexibility. 

It increases the network’s redundancy, which could be crucial in conflict or natural disasters.

Because of this, lag is less likely to occur, and you can access a wider pool of servers if one becomes overburdened.

And when it comes to bypassing firewalls, having more servers available is crucial. VPN server networks benefit greatly from expansion. The mean ought to be increased.

No Support For Firestick, Linux, Or Routers

The VPN works with the four largest OSes but not Linux or routers. It can be extremely restrictive if you wish to utilize the VPN on various devices and OS systems.

NordVPN is the best option if you’re looking for alternatives.

As another negative, AVG VPN does not work with the highly known Firestick streaming gadget from Amazon Fire TV.

No WireGuard Support

The WireGuard VPN protocol is not compatible with the AVG Secure VPN. It isn’t typically a problem with VPNs; therefore, it’s hard to see it as a drawback.

But in this case, given the current state of the network and the absence of WireGuard assistance to speed up the process, that is so.

You can consider NordVPN if you wish to avail WireGuard support. 

Supported Devices

AVG Secure VPN

The company claims that AVG Secure VPN, like most VPN services, supports multiple platforms and gadgets simultaneously.

The tool is compatible with devices running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, iOS, and Android, and the premium edition enables consumers to secure up to five devices at once.

When it comes to Microsoft’s OS, it’s officially compatible with Windows 7 SP1 and beyond.

Furthermore, AVG allows users to download earlier setup files, so even Windows Vista or XP can access and utilize the app.

Apple computers running Yosemite 10.10.x or later are compatible with the AVG Secure VPN for macOS applications.

Mobile devices running Android 4.0 or afterward and iOS 9.0 or later can access the corresponding app. The application is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, so it operates the same across all platforms.

Regrettably, AVG Secure VPN does not offer any solutions that require user intervention for use with devices and operating systems like Linux.

In addition, it is unsuitable for gaming consoles and media players because it cannot be downloaded on your router and does not have any special VPN apps except for the four mentioned above.

Similarly, browser add-ons can sometimes cause issues.

Therefore, you’ll have to look elsewhere if you require to utilize a VPN with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera.


Unblocking geo-restricted media, Netflix being the most prominent example, is a highly sought-after feature of a VPN.

In our test, AVG VPN succeeded, which surprised us, given that most antimalware VPNs tend to serve more as defensive VPNs.

In addition, both Netflix UK and BBCiplayer were accessible after using AVG VPN.

At the point of writing, however, there is only one UK server, so if that one were to become inaccessible, there would be no other option.

An improved streaming experience can be had by using the left-side filter to access optimal streaming servers.

But the reality remains; its scope is relatively narrow. You can choose another suitable service for a better streaming experience, such as NordVPN.

Torrent Support

In short, AVG Secure VPN supports BitTorrent downloads. As a bonus, AVG Secure VPN has torrent-optimized servers.

When we began researching and writing this AVG Secure VPN review, we noticed that our connection speed had been wildly varying.

With AVG Secure VPN, you may download torrents and share files via P2P networks.

Because many torrent sites host unlicensed and illegal content, it is crucial to safeguard your connection when using a VPN.

If you conceal your IP address, you can avoid sites that might contain harmful software like viruses and Trojan horses.

AVG VPN enables VPN access from select servers.

You won’t have to test every server to find out, though; the p2p-optimized ones are conveniently located in a different window.

Caution is warranted because AVG stores record for 30 days before erasing them.

No Dedicated IPs

The absence of dedicated IP addresses from AVG VPN was a massive disappointment.

Dedicated IP addresses are great for streaming and private remote access, but they are less anonymous than Shared IPs.

They save you the trouble of having to confirm your identity each time you access your email, bank account, or shopping cart on services including Gmail, PayPal, and eBay.


You shouldn’t try using AVG Secure VPN in countries with strict censorship laws, such as China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, etc.

Due to the lack of obfuscation technologies and stealth protocols, the single VPN protocol available in the AVG Secure VPN programs, OpenVPN, is easily identifiable and blocked by censors.

The VPN won’t function in China “due to Chinese government laws and regulations,” according to Avast (AVG’s parent firm) foreign support agents.

Since the Chinese state blocks many VPN services, there are still VPNs that can get over the Great Firewall.


However, although AVG’s free antivirus software was available for everyone to download and use without cost, AVG Secure VPN is a different story.

The corporation is confident enough in the value of its wares to charge a premium for them.

Perhaps the firm calculated that it could join the industry at a massive bonus because of its established name.

Comparatively, AVG’s pricing is different from those of other VPN services.

No matter what subscription plan they purchase, consumers of AVG can access all of the VPN’s capabilities.

The Virtual Private Network only comes in annual packages, with no monthly or quarterly options.

If you sign up for AVG for a minimum of two years, or use a coupon, you’ll receive a substantial discount.

If you purchase the software annually, the cost will be $6.66 per month. If you purchase it for three years, AVG will lower the price to $6.11 per month.

We appreciate that you can try the VPN for free for 30 days and that if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can get your money back within 30 days.

Inadequate Customer Support

AVG Secure VPN

A major drawback of AVG VPN is that it does not offer live chat help; instead, customers must use the website’s application form.

Premium subscribers get priority service from the help desk, while free users are told to check the FAQ.

Users may quickly and easily access the specific type of assistance they need because AVG organizes its support resources by product.

Customers can contact the company by phone or read helpful articles and hints.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;

Review Verdict

A summary of the service’s main features and installation instructions can be found in this AVG Secure VPN review.

We do not recommend AVG VPN as the best option. If you are looking for a high-quality VPN, then NordVPN is highly suggested. 

A credible and reliable source There are several VPNs out there, but NordVPN is among the best. 

👉 Get NordVPN’s FREE Trial

This VPN offers a no-logs commitment that has been independently confirmed, so its users may have peace of mind knowing that their online activity will remain private at all times.

However, the sophisticated features of NordVPN’s apps aren’t hindering user engagement because the apps themselves are straightforward.

AVG VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It Secure? - EarthWeb
AVG Secure VPN

In this article, we review AVG Secure VPN and cover all aspects, including its features, pros and cons, benefits, operation, and much more.

Price: $6.66

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Application Category: VPN

Editor's Rating:


  • Provides rapid VPN connections
  • Supports both the Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • A fully functional VPN kill switch
  • No IP, DNS, or WebRTC exposures
  • Simple VPN software for all the major devices


  • Maintains a log of all connections, complete with timestamps
  • Small-scale Server Network (36 countries)
  • There is no evidence for the mimetic procedure.
  • No OpenVPN support for Mac or iOS
  • Not effective in China
  • Customer service representatives aren’t always helpful.

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