ApiTrade.pro Review – Stable Income or Fancy Scam?

Last Updated: October 23, 2021



ApiTrade.pro, abbreviated to ApiTrade in general use, exists as a platform that specializes in high-frequency automated trading. What’s the twist that separates it from the rest of the competition? They guarantee profits to their users.
ApiTrade.pro Review – Stable Income or Fancy Scam?
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In the unstable universe of crypto trading, offering guaranteed income raises quite a number of eyebrows.

To be frank, offering guaranteed income anywhere would be controversial to say the least, but ApiTrade has promised this in one of the most chaotic branches of trading today. Does it deliver?

Crypto trading bots improve on human traders in nearly every aspect. If done correctly, that is.

When an intuitive trading logic gets successfully transferred to a piece of automation software that is active around the clock, does not fall prey to emotions, and has near-instantaneous reactions to changes on the market, you get a winning formula that is more than profitable and more than worth its code in Bitcoin.

However, no bot is perfect and no bot is entirely automated. If it is simple, it doesn’t earn much, if anything. If it is complex, it most likely requires a high level of skill and experience in trading in a user to be viable.

In both cases, it requires constant maintenance and updates in code in order to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances in exchanges. 

ApiTrade Review

So, where do we place ApiTrade on this simplicity-efficiency-maintenance diagram?

Is it easy to use or complex?

Does the average trader meet the necessary requirements in order to use ApiTrade?

And, most importantly, does it guarantee a net positive balance?

Let’s find out. 

What’s ApiTrade?


ApiTrade.pro, abbreviated to ApiTrade in general use, exists as a platform that specializes in high-frequency automated trading. What’s the twist that separates it from the rest of the competition? They guarantee profits to their users.

Created by a group of Russian developers, it is purportedly based in the U.S., although it remains most popular with Russian users. Operating across more than 25 exchanges, ApiTrade focuses mostly on pre-set bots that deal in arbitrage training with dozens of micro-transactions.

They require no prepayments and no subscriptions. However, ApiTrade takes a fixed percentage of every profit that you make. There’s incentive here to make both parties eager for the user to make money, but does that make ApiTrade probable or at least plausible?

The basic premise is there. ApiTrade should work on paper, in spite of offering little customization and almost no wiggle room. If they’re being honest and not a scam, naturally. The pitch scores, but what about the software itself? 

High Automation with Zero Risks?

ApiTrade Supported Exchanges

The most appealing part of ApiTrade’s offer is the fact that they promise cash. In fact, if you don’t earn anything, they won’t earn anything. And that’s not all. For every loss you suffer, they’ll compensate for 50% of what you’ve lost.

The lucrative offer gets even better – the highly automated software requires no skills or previous experience in crypto trading. The users get to choose between several pre-set bots and don’t have to do much more than set them up and get them going.

Afterwards, you can leave your device and go do other business, rest, have fun, hang out with friends and family, or do any other thing, really. At least, that’s how the story goes.

Our experience says, however, that low customizability coupled with highly automated algorithms leads to failure more often than to success.

And there’s risk in every trade. If the stakes are high, the chances of profiting are slim, but the rewards are great. If the stakes are low, the chances of profiting are solid, but drawing the shortest match can be disastrous and losses too great for recovery.

In short, zero risk translates to a small risk of losing everything.


ApiTrade.pro Features

It should come as no surprise that crypto trading bots attract even those with little experience in crypto exchanges and coding. Every lucrative new industry resembles a gold rush, with individuals all over the place gathering to try their luck with new-found riches.

In order for the vast majority of crypto traders to be able to use trading bots, developers and companies thus tend to simplify them to the point where rookies and beginners can feel like they know what they’re doing.

While this is a good thing, overt simplicity necessarily puts certain limitations on the performance of a trading bot.

When we speak of ApiTrade, we mean too much simplicity. There’s a thin but visible line between a simple bot and a background program with little artificial intelligence or smart automation involved.

ApiTrade crypto trading bots come in several preset forms that cannot be modified beyond certain basic functions. While this looks like a benefit in the eyes of beginners, preset trading bots usually rely on yesterday’s logic.

In a market as dynamic as crypto trading where seconds can be the difference between rags and riches, yesterday’s logic is not good enough.

And with strict codes that cannot be modified to adapt to new circumstances, you can only pray that there are no better bots around to take your share of spoils. Trading like this is a step back towards gambling.

This is exactly why more experienced traders tend to put distance between themselves and trading bots such as ApiTrade. In crypto trading, presets usually mean that something’s wrong. Take care.

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Machine Learning or a White Lie?

To compensate for their inert coding, ApiTrade associates machine learning and artificial intelligence with their crypto trading bots. In other words, as they revoke your privilege to change the code yourself, they invest additional efforts to make their scripts “self-learning” and “self-improving”. 

It is highly unlikely that a “free” trading bot has an active neural simulator that simultaneously gathers and processes data on such a grand scale.

Successfully implementing proper machine learning would dominate all crypto exchanges and make ApiTrade the number one crypto trading platform out there, available to top corporations only.

As this is not the case, the whole “machine learning” probably amounts to semi-regular updates by developers themselves. Alas…

Pricing vs. Profit

ApiTrade.pro Affilate program

ApiTrade does not charge you anything until you earn. Then it takes half of what you earn.

You start by linking your existing crypto fund with the app first, so it’s your money on the line, although they promise to refund 50% of your losses due to failures of ApiTrade crypto trading bots.

Half of your winnings get taken, half of your losses get covered. You start with your own money. Talk about hands-off approach!

While this sounds safe at first glance, do remember that you can still lose your starting money and get only half of your loss back.

Oh, and there’s zero guarantees that you’ll earn in the first place, despite the lucrative promise of stable income.


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Bad Reviews as the Final Strike

Coup de grace to ApiTrade’s reputation is a plethora of bad reviews and experiences found online. It is not rare to stumble upon people ranting about placing their trust into a “guaranteed income” ApiTrade bot that ultimately ended up losing more money than it earned.

Review Conclusion

It quickly becomes apparent that ApiTrade is, in fact, a sophisticated gambling machine in which the house always wins.

Ultimately, you can win and you can lose, but ApiTrade never runs at a loss since it was never their money to begin with.

This is exactly why they don’t need complex bots, customization, machine learning or additional features. The only thing that they need is a big promise and an influx of people ready to place heavy bets on a sweet but slim chance of winning.

This is not crypto trading. ApiTrade is not a good crypto trading bot so, please, do not judge the industry based on one bad example.

There are several shining examples out there, like Bitsgap and Quadency, that really work and actually serve as tools, not gambling slots.

Give a shot to these two and have a taste of proper trading software. You won’t regret it, as you’ll probably do with this one. Tough luck, ApiTrade. 

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