AiGrow Review: Is It Safe or Is It a Scam?

AiGrow Review: Is It Safe or Is It a Scam?

Published on: May 8, 2024
Last Updated: May 8, 2024

AiGrow Review: Is It Safe or Is It a Scam?

Published on: May 8, 2024
Last Updated: May 8, 2024


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AiGrow Review

There are plenty of companies out there that claim to help you get more Instagram followers.

How can you decide which ones will actually help you, and which ones will hurt you in the long run? 

It’s a valid question, and when you’re seeking the help of an Instagram growth service, you should have a clear idea of all other options in the industry and what the difference between them is.

While they seem similar, sometimes the difference can be very important. 

AiGrow seems to be aware that people are looking for comparisons, and they are always comparing themselves to other Instagram growth services to make their services look superior.

Can they measure up to their comparisons? 

They got our attention through their ‘AiGrow vs. other company’ on their website, and we’re curious to know if they really do beat out the competition or if it’s just a marketing technique to draw in more unwitting customers. 

Is AiGrow a legitimate and trustworthy Instagram growth service, or is it a shady company that is looking to make a quick buck? 

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What is AiGrow? 


AiGrow defines itself as “Ai powered growth and engagement solutions for Instagram marketers.”

They essentially provide a set of tools that they claim help to grow your Instagram account. They make no attempt to hide the fact that their service is a bot service, something that most companies in Instagram growth try to hide. 

Why would they try to hide this? 

Instagram has very strict policies about the use of automation and bots on their platform, and it doesn’t bode well for your account to have one actively trying to get you more followers. More on that later. 

AiGrow’s service automates a variety of tasks, including like, follow/unfollow accounts, and DMs. You have some control over the targeting options so that AiGrow can interact with accounts that fall within your targets. 

Unfortunately, the service that AiGrow offers is inherently problematic. 

Instagram is consistently on the lookout for users who implement bot services, and if you are detected as using a bot on your profile, you are likely to be blocked or restricted. That’s one problem. 

The second problem is that because Instagram has such strict controls on bots, most bots have very, very low levels of interaction to fly under the radar, providing virtually zero results for most clients. Ouch. 

Finally, AiGrow support doesn’t reply to messages looking for information about why the service isn’t working nor when people ask to be refunded. 

I’m not sure which is worse, but that’s not all. There’s still more to potentially deter you from using AiGrow. 

How Does AiGrow Work? 

AiGrow Work

As we mentioned, AiGrow is an Instagram growth tool that implements bots to interact with different people in your target audience, but the service still raises some questions. 

The bot is meant to generate all of the automated engagements such as follow/unfollow, like, and send DMs to target accounts but they also claim that they have dedicated managers for more expensive subscriptions, so how does that really work? 

It seems that the more expensive subscriptions are just simply a ploy that they use to get people to pay more without providing any real, distinct results. They use bots regardless. 

Unfortunately the service doesn’t fall in line with the Instagram terms of use, which means that the lack of results caused users to feel frustrated, some were banned, or people got fake followers that don’t do anything for your account. 

Getting Started with AiGrow 

One thing that makes AiGrow a popular option is simply that it’s easy to get started. All you have to do to sign up is: 

  1. Sign up for free on
  2. Connect your Instagram account
  3. Hit Manage Account
  4. Adjust your targeting options
  5. Check your targeted user list
  6. If you agree, click Continue
  7. Hit Start Growth

AiGrow Features 

AiGrow Features

Another reason why people are likely to believe that AiGrow is a legitimate service is because they do have a lot of seemingly attractive features that people can take advantage of when they use the service. 

Because there’s a free option available, people think, “what do I have to lose?” Think long and hard about that one— you can easily lose your Instagram account and reputation for using services like these that are non-compliant with IG terms of use. 

Let’s take a look at what these features claim to provide. 

Automated Engagement 

The main draw of the service is the automatic engagement provided by AiGrowth. It’s also the most troublesome. It’s not an innovative service in any way, either— bots that follow/unfollow, like, and DM accounts have been around for ages. 

Likewise, Instagram has been targeting these bots for just as long, and there’s an extremely high chance that you’ll have your Instagram blocked or banned completely for implementing bots on your profile. 

Each Instagram account has hidden daily engagement limits to flag the system for bot use. If you breach these limits, you’ll be restricted or blocked for a time period from these actions and for repeat offenders, your account can be shut down. Don’t risk all of your hard work. 

All-in-One Bio Link 

They also offer link-in-bio services to create a link that will take anyone who clicks on it to an in-profile directory. This is a standard service and it’s available through many other service providers that are more reliable than AiGrow. 

Post and Reward 

This feature is a bit unique in that it will allow you to send different offers and rewards to your followers via DM. You can ask your followers to tag two other users in comments, and AiGrow will then reward them by DM directly. 

It seems like a valuable tool, but it’s a bit disorganized and also sounds spammy and generic, which can alert Instagram and also cause your reputation to diminish.


A vital part of any Instagram growth service is to select targets and find the right accounts to engage with. You don’t need a bunch of followers that aren’t likely to enjoy your content or leave comments etc. 

AiGrow lets you target through hashtags, location, and account names. It will create a list and you can check out the usernames it intends to engage with, and if you don’t like it, you can adjust the targeting again until you find something you like. This can be a pretty tedious process if the bot doesn’t get it right, which frequently happens. 

Social Monitoring 

You’ll be able to analyze hashtags, accounts, profile mentions, and other things, which is one of the practical tools that AiGrow does offer you. This seems like a relatively safe feature but you can also monitor this via Instagram insights, so it doesn’t really give you anything groundbreaking.  

Account Manager

The account manager feature is offered only on paid plans and will give you an account manager to help you for 10 hours a week and create 2-3 weekly Instagram posts for your profile.  

Multiple Accounts 

You can add more than one Instagram account to AiGrow, but the number depends on the subscription package you ultimately purchase. This is how free services rope people in— they claim to offer something for free, but to get even a hint of value, you have to pay. Let’s look at the AiGrow pricing and see what they’re charging. 

AiGrow Pricing 

AiGrow Pricing

There is a free plan for AiGrow available, in addition to a variety of other plans for their services. The free plan will provide you with no growth results at all, as it isn’t included, so you’ll have to pay if you want to see anything at all, but there are a lot of issues with these plans. 

Each plan claims to offer you a set amount of followers, such as 300 new monthly followers and the like, but if these followers are real, there’s no way to guarantee that this will happen. 

Even more, the plan pricing seems to be out of line with what they’re charging. And they’re not cheap! Their most expensive growth plan is $200 a month and claims to offer you 300+ followers a month? 

In comparison to other Instagram growth services, and even compared to their other plans, it’s ridiculously priced. They offer other plans for Instagram scheduling, DMs, and bulk post delete. 

Is AiGrow Legit? Is AiGrow a Scam?

After evaluating all of their service offerings, it’s clear that AiGrow isn’t a legit service that can help you to get more real Instagram followers. The company is also a rebrand of Tagscout, which is a company that was closed down by Instagram. Red alert! Don’t be fooled. 

All of their website reviews are fake, and their plans are simply filled with fluff at super high price points with limited results and services. The negative reviews are far more telling about the legitimacy of their services. 

The tool basically malfunctions and does nothing for your account. AiGrow won’t cancel your account and you’ll be stuck paying for a service that doesn’t provide results with no response from the company. This is very frustrating and unfortunate, so we’d recommend that you avoid it at all costs. 

Is AiGrow Safe? 

AiGrow isn’t safe for Instagram follower growth. Services that implement bots to grow your followers don’t keep your account protected and can cause you to lose everything you’ve worked for when Instagram shuts you down. 

You also won’t be able to get them to stop payments effectively, and they need your account access information, which we don’t recommend providing to a company with a reputation like this. 

AiGrow Pros and Cons 

  • Free version
  • Uses automation and bots
  • Can get your Instagram account blocked or banned
  • Fake and/or irrelevant followers
  • Recurring payments that won’t stop even upon request
  • No reply from support team
  • New company created by one that was previously shut down

Review Verdict

If you value the safety, security, and success of your Instagram account, we highly recommend that you avoid AiGrow for Instagram growth. 

Don’t put your account and your personal/financial information at risk by using a company that is simply looking to pull a fast one on its clients. 

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