HideMyAss VPN Review

HideMyAss VPN Review 2024: Is HMA Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: October 22, 2022
Last Updated: October 22, 2022

HideMyAss VPN Review 2024: Is HMA Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: October 22, 2022
Last Updated: October 22, 2022


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HideMyAss Review 2024: Summary


After more than 15 years on the market, HMA, founded in the UK, has earned a stellar reputation. 

But with so many other excellent VPNs available, should you give HMA a try?

Let’s find out in this detailed HideMyAss VPN review. 

All things considered, it’s a respectable virtual private network. It succeeds in many ways but falls short in others. 

The results of many of the tests took me by complete surprise. 

If you’re looking for a VPN that won’t disappoint you, try NordVPN or another of our top picks.

  • User-centric design that’s easy to use
  • The widest distribution of server sites
  • Useful IP address shuffler
  • Incredibly High Results on Speed Tests.
  • There are some countries where the monthly subscription service is not yet available
  • It’s not entirely clear where VPN servers are housed.
  • Can’t make split tunneling or use multi-hop connections
  • Inconsistent operation of the kill switch
  • Insufficient security and protocol on Mac and iOS
  • There isn’t a Smart DNS add-on or Firestick program.

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HideMyAss Review 2024: In-depth

Over 1080 servers are maintained in 290 different countries by HideMyAss’s (HMA) massive network. The VPN service works in every single country.

We conducted extensive testing and analysis of HMA VPN’s app to determine its speed, security, privacy, and streaming efficacy.

Unblocking popular streaming such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer is a breeze with HMA’s specialized servers.

But the results of our security and privacy tests on HMA were discouraging.

The software’s kill switch didn’t function as intended and was only compatible with Windows and Android devices despite utilizing a gold level of encryption, AES-256.

Setup And Install HideMyAss

The software supports multiple platforms, including Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

The manual settings will be available for usage with other devices. For instance, there is little distinction between the Windows and Android clients.

The user interface was completely updated, and the company claims that now it’s even prettier than before. Check out the Windows and Android apps in more detail.

There are currently three tabs/modes accessible in the new Windows application interface.

You may utilize the VPN without misunderstanding or unnecessary configurations because each method has all you need.

1. Instant Mode

Looking for complete anonymity and seclusion?

Therefore, this setting is the one for you. If you use the top server, your connection will be encrypted.

2. Location Mode

Right here is where you get to specify the server you wish to link up with.

Are you trying to gain access to a certain website?

The company claims that  Location Mode is useful in these situations.

There’s a massive list of servers to choose from, filters for specific countries and cities, and a search bar.

But if you are looking for better results, we highly recommend NordVPN.

3. Freedom Mode

This mode may grant you complete anonymity and access to all of your favorite sites, even if they are blocked in your country (due to age limits, gambling laws, etc.).

If you activate this mode, it will automatically link you to the nearest country without censorship restrictions.

How Private Is HMA?

Some of HMA’s more intriguing capabilities are hidden away in the program’s settings section.

Your IP address can be configured to automatically update at intervals of your choosing, anything from every 10 minutes to once per day.

The company claims two kill switches are in place for this service, which is an interesting addition.

If the VPN suddenly disconnects, the initial default option is to halt all online activity completely.

Even after the VPN connection was unexpectedly severed, our real IP address remained concealed.

If you enable the second kill switch, the VPN will start up automatically whenever you launch the targeted apps, and they will be shut down if the connection suddenly fails.

If you need to use a VPN for torrenting, don’t think you can rely on yourself to keep track of turning it on before each session.

HMA VPN Features


Going further in this HideMyAss VPN review, let’s discuss some features.

Even though HMA is not jam-packed with unique features such as NordVPN, there are still some cool details to learn.

Lightning Connect

You can’t utilize a VPN if your connection is too slow, so if that’s the case, choose the fastest server you can find.

It can be difficult to determine which server will provide the most immediate connection, but HMA VPN has made it easy by including a speed test option.

But sometimes this feature does not work properly.

IP Shuffle

HideMyAss IP Shuffle

The company professes that IP Shuffle is a standout function of HMA VPN.

The program will automatically reconnect you to a separate VPN server at regular intervals to ensure that your IP address is always changing.

You can save the hassle of doing it yourself by using this method.

If you can’t connect to a webpage or online streaming with your current IP address, you can update it by clicking the IP Refresh icon on the main screen.


The 256-bit AES encryption HMA VPN uses a standard for high-end virtual private networks.

In addition, OpenVPN, the most secure protocol available, is used extensively by this service provider.

Depending on the device you’re using, they may also provide you access to other protocols. HMA VPN supports the following protocols:

OpenVPN, available across TCP and UDP, is the VPN protocol of choice due to its superior security.

HMA VPN supports L2TP/IPsec (manually), but only on select devices. Additionally, you’ll have to set it up manually.

A VPN can make this feature much more accessible. Due to it being manually set up, NordVPN is only suggested.

PPTP is an older protocol that nonetheless manages respectable transfer rates. Unfortunately, PPTP has lost its once-rock-solid reliability and security.

As a result, we cannot endorse this protocol’s use. During our HideMyAss VPN review, we learned that the newest version of this VPN does not default to PPTP. 

It’s the IKEv2/IPsec protocol and what iOS uses to communicate securely. When it comes to VPNs, iOS does not support OpenVPN.

Device Compatibility

Users have come to anticipate this basic functionality from their VPN service.

According to our HideMyAss VPN review, the service does not work with all major operating systems. It also does not provide instructions for setting up Linux and routers manually. 

To make matters worse, not all devices are created equal.

IP shuffle, IP Refresh, and a kill switch are available in the Android, Windows, and Android apps but are unavailable in the iOS app.

Split-tunneling is available on the Android app, which might be helpful if you just want to utilize your HMA VPN for certain online pursuits.

The Windows app, on the other hand, lets you pick and choose which programs are disabled.

Finally, the ability to use five different devices at once is frequently cited in HMA Pro VPN reviews.

But nevertheless, other providers, like NordVPN, allow you more active connections, making them ideal if you need a VPN for several devices.

Easy-To-Use App

The HMA software can be used with minimal effort. After registering an account, you will access the installation files and authentication code.

The app is accessible in several languages, giving you even more flexibility. Your login credentials will get you closer to connecting with just one click.

Instantaneous connectivity is available. Alternatively, you can go somewhere else and play with the controls.

The app’s integrated kill switch is another layer of protection. No specialized knowledge or complicated procedures are needed.

Leak-Free Connection

Unfortunately, not all VPN connections are as safe as they may seem. You should be ready now that your app has a green checkmark.

However, your Internet service provider can track your physical location.

Several DNS and WebRTC breach tests were performed on HMA! to check for this issue, and the results were all negative.


The company claims that HideMyAss VPN allows for quick video streaming directly from Netflix US; NordVPN is also more reliable and faster than HMA VNP.  

The fact that HideMyAss VPN’s video paused between frames proves that the service is not a fast and reliable streaming server.

The United States hosts three of the servers, while the United Kingdom and Germany each have one.

Streaming servers allow users to access otherwise restricted content on platforms like BBC iPlayer, regardless of location.

Protects Up To 5 Devices

Multiple smart gadgets per person are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

HMA is aware of this, which is why you can simultaneously connect as many as five devices to their network. It ensures the security of all of your electronic gadgets simultaneously.

There are apps for every popular platform and a few extras like AppleTV and uncommon routers.

Routers, alas, have their caveat.

You must have a third party, such as Flashrouters, set it up for you because you can’t install it yourself.

IP Refresh

IP Refresh can provide a new IP address, allowing you to access geo-blocked or other restricted content.

This function is analogous to IP Shuffle in providing you with a new IP address to prevent tracking.

On the other hand, IP Refresh removes the need for predetermined intervals between updates.

Automatic Connection Rules

With this option, you may specify which wireless, cellular, and wired networks will trigger HMA VPN’s automatic launch and which will not.

Utilizing HMA’s automatic connection option on a network you recognize will ensure a safe and satisfying online experience.

Is HMA A Good VPN For Torrenting?


HMA VPN has traditionally been a poor option for file-sharing via torrent. It kept track of user activity and IP addresses, which it might later disclose to advertisers.

HMA VPN retained logs, making it easier for them to forward DMCA concerns directly to the user.

In contrast to the past, HMA VPN now provides a no-logs service and P2P servers for torrenting. However, there are still a few problems.

As a first problem, HMA’s sluggish transfer rates make it difficult to grab and share torrents of particularly huge files swiftly. 

The second issue is that HMA has just 5 nodes (in Prague, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, and New York City) that allow torrenting. 

Does HideMyAss Support Split Tunneling?

Split tunneling is a new feature on HMA, but it’s only available on Android for now. With split tunneling, you may choose which apps use the VPN and which do not.

Streaming might be done via your regular Internet service provider connection, while most of your traffic would go through HMA’s.

However, you can select to route only your torrent bandwidth through the VPN, and all other traffic can go directly to your ISP.

Everything else is also open to you, between the excess and deficiency outlined. Due to its adaptability, split tunneling can be used in various setups. 


HideMyAss Pricing

Only two plans are shown on HideMyAssprimary !’s price page, which appears to be somewhat limited.

For $4.99 per month on the normal annual plan (which drops to $2.99 per month after three years), you can obtain support for a maximum of five concurrent connections.

The yearly plan costs $7.99 a month, the two-year plan costs $6.99 a month, and the three-year plan costs $5.99 a month; the 10-connection option is recommended if you have a lot of hardware to safeguard.

Most people get confused by HMA’s apparent lack of a monthly plan; however, it turns out that there is such a plan, although it is hidden on an “extended” pricing page, probably because HMA would rather customers sign up for one of its annual or semiannual subscriptions.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;

Review Verdict

Users should be wary of using HideMyAss due to its track record of logging user data, its broken kill switch, and its past cooperation with law enforcement.  

Overall, the verdict of this HideMyAss VPN review is that it is not a reliable VPN service for unblocking regionally restricted content when watching a video.

Also, it falls short regarding privacy and security.

NordVPN is a fantastic option if you need a VPN compatible with all your devices. It supports Fire TV and Android TV and includes Smart DNS at no extra cost. 

👉 Get NordVPN’s FREE Trial

On longer subscriptions, you may get it for the low, low price of $3.29 per month. 

NordVPN is an industry-leading VPN service that operates out of Panama. There are numerous safety, privacy, and usability options available. 

You will be well-served security-wise by features like ad filtering, DNS leak protection, strong encryption, and a VPN kill switch.

HideMyAss VPN Review 2024: Is HMA Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb

In this HideMyAss VPN review, we will go over the features and capabilities of the service, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Price: $4.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Application Category: VPN

Editor's Rating:


  • User-centric design that's easy to use
  • The widest distribution of server sites
  • Useful IP address shuffler
  • Incredibly High Results on Speed Tests.


  • There are some countries where the monthly subscription service is not yet available
  • It's not entirely clear where VPN servers are housed.
  • Can't make split tunneling or use multi-hop connections
  • Inconsistent operation of the kill switch
  • Insufficient security and protocol on Mac and iOS
  • There isn't a Smart DNS add-on or Firestick program.

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