Zopto Review: Don’t Put Your LinkedIn Profile at Risk!

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It took a bit longer than expected, but there are many new growth services that are emerging for LinkedIn, offering to grow your connections and make your profile more successful through the use of automation services. 

LinkedIn is the leading social media network for businesses and professionals looking to expand their connections with others and find more opportunities for their careers or companies. It’s very important that LinkedIn maintains its professional relationship in order to continue as the top platform. 

When using automation services, there are usually many implicit risks that your account undergoes, and while these services try to come off as completely trustworthy and appropriate, the real story is that they’re not even allowed by LinkedIn itself. 

We took the opportunity to examine one of these services, Zaopto, so that you don’t have to. Zopto is one of the many services out there that now claim they are the best for your LinkedIn growth. 

Let’s take a look and see what they’re all about. 

Zopto Review: What are They about? 

Zopto linkedin-automation

The premise of Zopto is for sales teams to grow their leads on LinkedIn outreach. They claim to be able to attract your ideal customers through specific targets that will relate specifically to the type of customers you’re looking to gain. 

The problem is that these are done all through automation, which is a big issue when it comes to LinkedIn. Let’s see more about what the Zopto service claims to do. 

Zopto Review: What does the Service do? 

Zopto filter-ideal-customers

Zopto basically works through automation efforts that are meant to gain you more leads. They claim to be able to attract investors through the different features, as well as find potential candidates. 

They say that you can also use targeting filters that allow you to make your engagements more specific, thus finding more tailored leads that can be more productive in terms of your business efforts. 

Through their service, you can also select the level of engagement that you want to perpetuate. While this is a good feature, it doesn’t matter much, since automation is 100% prohibited by the LinkedIn platform. 

Zopto is not shy about using automation services; in fact, their website is littered with the promotion of it. While it’s a good thing that they are upfront about what they offer, by no means does that mean you should contract an automation service for LinkedIn. 

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Why You Should Avoid LinkedIn Automation 

It sounds really great, what Zopto offers. How can it not, when they use a bunch of buzzwords such as “enjoy the hot leads.” This, unfortunately, doesn’t make up for the disruption and potential danger that it brings upon your LinkedIn account. 

Its against LinkedIn Terms of Use 

LinkedIn has recently begun to heavily crack down on services that use automation by making it very difficult to provide the services they advertise. They will kick them off of the platform and basically render their services useless. 

The reason that LinkedIn is so concerned about automation services is that they harm the integrity of the platform. Since the platform is geared towards businesses and professionals, it’s extremely important that they maintain that level of professionalism in all engagements and connections on the platform. 

When automation services come in, they disrupt the natural balance by engaging with so many people and spamming them. When spam is introduced, it starts to become less credible, diminishing the trustworthiness of people on the platform as well as the reputation of LinkedIn. 

You Can Get Suspended 

Not only that, using automation for your LinkedIn efforts also has consequences for you as well, and Zopto is not going to help you in the event that something goes wrong. 

LinkedIn is becoming smarter in terms of how they identify automation; if you have an unnaturally high number of engagements, your account will be flagged by LinkedIn and you will be notified. You must agree not to further use any services that violate the terms of use, which are all automation services. 

In addition, if you are found to be using these on a repeated basis, your account can be shut down or disabled. You could lose all of the progress and connections that you made on LinkedIn when you use services like Zopto. 

What’s more, your data could be at risk. When you use automation your data could be at risk through poorly designed security measures as well as a lack of security blocks on web browsers. This is ultimately not worth risking, either. 

Automation doesn’t Work 

While automation services know the right terms and jargon to sell you on their product, ultimately they can’t deliver on their promises. The services that are offered by automation services are not effective in terms of targeting your audience, which means that you’re going to get a bunch of interactions that aren’t even valuable for your business anyway. 

So, you’re basically putting your LinkedIn account and data at risk for a service that can’t provide the results that they claim to. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and when it comes to automation services and LinkedIn bots, it definitely is. Don’t buy into their hype. 

Zopto Plans and Pricing Review 

Zopto Pricing

While it seems that most LinkedIn automation tools that are still operating run between $30-$100 a month, Zopto is incredibly expensive in comparison. 

The cheapest offering that they have available is $215, which is more than double of the standard automation service. They aren’t offering anything more distinct than what the others would offer, so we really have no idea what they’re thinking in terms of justifying this price. 

The highest price is $895 per month, which is absolutely incredible. While it includes multiple accounts, the cost is just so astronomical that it literally cannot be justified whatsoever. 

Perhaps since LinkedIn is a professional service and they are targeting mostly businesses, they think they can charge more. Unfortunately they’re just trying to take advantage of the market, knowing full well that what they offer isn’t above the board according to the LinkedIn terms of service. 

Conclusion: Zopto Review 

As we can see, LinkedIn doesn’t want you using automation services and is doing the necessary work to make sure they uphold the integrity of their platform. Don’t be tricked by attractive shortcuts or fancy website copy. 

Zopto is no more allowed on LinkedIn than other automation platforms, all of which are against the terms of service. Contract someone to do your growth manually, or do it yourself, but don’t lose your account and your credibility through LinkedIn bots. 

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  1. Some of my coworkers said I should avoid using automation growth software on my LinkedIn business profile, being too risky. I wanted to try and see for myself. I chose Zopto to grow my connections on LinkedIn. I used the software for 2 months; I have experienced a few technical issues. They weren’t professional, and they have poor customer support. I contacted them several times but never responded. Shortly after using Zopto, LinkedIn banned my account and I lost my business profile. Now I managed to start a new one, but this time, I will be focusing on growing it organically.

  2. There are still very few good services to help grow LinkedIn following and get some traction. Zopto seemed to offer the kind of service I was looking for but the results just weren’t there. I stopped using it after a week but they wouldn’t refund me even though I paid for an entire month!


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