YTPals Review – Free YouTube Followers and Views?

Last Updated: July 23, 2021

YouTube is the global leader in video sharing; with over 2 billion monthly users, the potential that YouTube brings for business discovery and brand awareness is huge.

Not only that, when you have enough views and subscribers, your channel can be monetized, which is a big draw for many YouTube users. 

With these big opportunities for driving profit on YouTube, many users are desperate for ways to boost their subscribers and get more people viewing their videos. Where there is demand, supply is created, and many companies out there now claim they are the answer to your YouTube prayers. 

Companies are selling packages for YouTube growth these days, and while there are a few that may actually deliver some beneficial results, a lot of them are all bark and no bite. These companies are notorious for trying to gather more user data or simply line their pockets. 

One of these companies, YTpals, has a big claim of giving users free youTube subscribers and likes. Is this possible? Does YTpals really help your YouTube account? 

We’ve created this YTpals review so that you can understand what YTpals will do to your account, and whether or not they’re a viable option to boost your YouTube performance. Let’s take a look. 

YTPals Review: How Does it Work? 

YTPals Benefits

YTpals claims to be a YouTube growth provider that can help you to gain more subscribers and likes on your YouTube account. They say that they can do this for free and that the login process takes only 30 seconds. They also then mention that you have to activate a plan, which can be their free plan, or one of their paid plans. 

Of course they offer paid plans, otherwise the service wouldn’t be able to stay in business. Then, the next step is to watch your subscribers and video likes increase. They say that you’ll gain 10 subscribers per 12 hours, but you have to subscribe to 20 channels and like 20 videos? Um, excuse me, come again?

Can you tell me what the benefits of this service is? This makes zero sense. Not only that, you have to activate this plan repeatedly otherwise it won’t continue to work. Is this a viable YouTube strategy? It doesn’t mention at all what type of subscribers or likes you’re going to get on your account, so there’s no doubt about the fact that these are not authentic engagements or subscribers.

While it’s free, this will not bring any value to your YouTube account and can actually harm your reputation. You have to follow and like 20 channels and 20 videos!! This is insanity.

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Free YouTube Likes and Subscribers are Never Free 

YTPals Free YouTube Likes

YouTube works based off of subscribers and engagements, namely video views. The more video views you have, the better your content will perform against the YouTube algorithm. Imagine that you did activate the “free” plan that YTpals offers; you have more likes on your videos than video views? How does that make sense? 

It doesn’t, and it can actually flag YouTube, as this type of growth service is not in line with their terms of use. What’s more, it’s not hard to identify the fact that these are fake engagements. 

Likes are great, but the true drivers of success on YouTube are subscribers and viewers. If you keep increasing your subscribers but not views, you won’t do well on YouTube anyway. Not only that, nothing is free these days. When you “activate” this “free” plan, they want your information so that they can keep pestering you to sign up for a paid plan. 

The most entertaining thing about YTpals and their service claims is that they have over 500k clients. That’s ridiculous. They don’t have anywhere near 500k clients, and if they did, they wouldn’t be messing around with free likes and subscribers. In addition, if they have so many subscribers, why aren’t they more popular and well known?

It doesn’t add up. This is just a tactic to fortify their reputation, and ultimately it falls flat. There is literally nothing about quality on their website, and they don’t mention anything about service. Since it’s free and you have to sign up every 12 hours, they probably don’t care too much anyway. 

Let’s review YTpals premium service options.

Premium Services 

YTPals Pricing

The good thing about YTpals is that they at least use PayPal for secure payments and allow users to see their pricing information, which is more than we can say for some other services that supposedly offer free YouTube services. In fact, another YouTube service provider, SubPals, has an almost identical website to YTpals, so we are thinking they are connected in some way. 

In any case, they say for all of their premium options that you are going to subscribe to 0 channels and like 0 videos, and that the plan renews itself, of course. They want that auto-draft! The plan pricing includes 3 options that range from $20-$80. This is really expensive and they don’t even tell you what you’ll be getting in terms of subscriber quality nor how they provide them.

We are not impressed, and if anything, it sounds like a scheme to get you set up for auto payment plans. From all appearances, it looks like the subscribers that YTpals provides are totally useless and are likely to drop off of your account over time, as YouTube does frequent cleanups of inactive and fake accounts. 

They also mention they provide likes, but nowhere does it say anything about how or how many. Shady.

Review Conclusion

YTpals is just another run-of-the-mill social media service trying to make a quick buck without really being upfront about what their customers will receive. They share a bit more information about their services than others do, but even still, it’s clear that the service provides nothing of value. 

And their free plan? What a joke. You get 10 subscribers for subscribing to 20 channels and liking 20 videos. Makes zero sense. Skip YTpals. There are better ways to fortify your YouTube performance; with their service,  you won’t be making any real progress anytime soon. 

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