SOLVED: ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ Instagram Message

Fix: ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ Instagram Message in 2024

Published on: April 6, 2023
Last Updated: April 6, 2023

Fix: ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ Instagram Message in 2024

Published on: April 6, 2023
Last Updated: April 6, 2023


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 ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ is a common notification message that many Instagram users have been receiving recently.

In this article, we will walk you through the reasons why you might be getting this message and what you can do to fix it.

Instagram is a powerhouse platform that has been rising through the ranks of popularity ever since its inception in 2010.

Even though the app might be more known among the “cool” gen Z kids, it has been gaining traction among the older generation as well.

And, it is not surprising in the least since Instagram’s appeal has been spreading across different regions, professions, and other demographics.

And why wouldn’t it? The platform offers so many amazing features starting from cool filters, a beautiful interface, and other innovative characteristics.

Yet, no matter how perfect Instagram might be, you are likely to run into occasional problems on the app, just like you do on any other social media platform.

Instagram is always striving to improve itself as a platform and better its features.

In that pursuit, the app has been deploying security measures that do not sit right with some users.

As a result, many Instagrammers have been recently receiving a ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ message.

If you are one such user who received this notification, keep reading this blog to find out how to fix it.

Why This Has Happened

As mentioned above, Instagram is adamant about making its platform more and more secure for its users.

As a result, users who leverage third-party services in order to help with their Instagram game run the risk of losing their accounts since the platform has some tight rules in place when it comes to using third-party apps.

If you are someone who uses a third party service for Instagram, chances are that you have already received a message from the platform notifying you that your account has been compromised.

Apart from that, you will also be recommended to change your password. The obvious reason why Instagram does this is because of security reasons.

The app believes that if users leverage third party services in order to increase their engagement, enable automated posting, or for some other reasons, they are making their accounts vulnerable since these third-party services can steal the users’ passwords and share them with other services in exchange for better engagement on the app. 

This is a serious concern and on the surface, Instagram is right to limit the use of such services since cybercrime and identity thefts are becoming commonplace now.

But, you also have to remember that Instagram benefits from this as well.

By blocking access to third-party options, it increases the likelihood of users employing Instagram ads for better engagement.

Whatever be the reason, there is no doubt that the message stating “It looks like you shared your password with a service to help you get more likes or followers, which goes against our Community Guidelines.

Change your password to continue using Instagram.

If you share your new password with one of these services, you may get blocked from following, liking, or commenting.” is a bummer for a lot of users.

Refer to the checklist below to see whether you have done any of the actions that might trigger Instagram to send you this notification.

  • Multiple likes and comments on your account with the help of bots.
  • An uncalled surge in your number of followers.
  • Incessant actions from outside tools that access your Instagram account.
  • Login attempts to the account you use via bots.

Even if you haven’t used any third party app, you can still receive this message if you have been followed by a huge number of people in a short amount of time.

Similarly, you can trigger this message if you follow multiple people or like a whole lot of pictures in a short time.

This gives Instagram the impression that bots have access to your account. Whatever be the reason behind the issue, you need to fix it.

How to Fix “Your Account Was Compromised” on Instagram

You have grasped what the problem entails and what could be the reasons behind it.

It is now time to look into the solutions that can help to resolve the problem.

Change Your Password

Changing your password is the most effective solution for resolving the ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ problem.

In fact, it is a solution that is recommended by Instagram itself when they send the warning notification to its users.

Changing your password helps restrict the access of third-party apps to your account and conduct any actions.

If you use multiple third-party tools to up your Instagram presence and are not sure which ones have access to your account, updating your password is a good place to start since it will limit all automation tools from gaining access to your profile.

However, if you think that is going to be a problem for you since automation tools are necessary, you can just provide your account details again to these services once you have reset the password.

This way, Instagram will let you off the hook.

If you don’t know how to reset your password, no worries- we have got your back! Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your device. If you are logged in to your account, sign out and come back to the Login page.

There, you will find two separate sections; one for your email ID, phone number, or username and another for your password.

Tap on the Forgot Password tab below it.

Step 2: Next, you will come across the Trouble Logging In? Page. Here, insert your email ID and tap on OK.

You also have the option of inserting your username or phone number but we suggest that you put your email ID since it is a far better option.

Step 3: Instagram will then send you a link for resetting your password to the email address you have provided.

Tap on it. You will then be taken to another page.

Step 4: On this new page, you will be presented with two empty sections. One for entering your new password and another for confirming your new password.

Enter a password of your choice and click on the Reset Password tab.

Now, try logging into your Instagram account using the new password. Hopefully, you will not run into the same problem again.

Discontinue Automation

As already mentioned, automation tools are the main culprit behind this error message from Instagram.

Hence, one simple way to fix this issue is to just stop using automation tools.

Instagram never advocates for third-party services that claim to increase your engagement by offering you multiple likes, comments, or followers.

If you think engagement is instrumental to your account especially if you are a social media influencer, it is always better to grow your following organically.

This way, you won’t come under the radar of Instagram and run the risk of losing your account.

Alternatively, if organically increasing your following is taking too much time, you can also seek the help of social media agencies.

There are several such agencies to choose from.

But, before you go for one, it is imperative that you do your research about that agency well.

Last but not the least, you can also take the help of Instagram Ads if you are looking to increase the visibility of your posts.

Wait For a Couple of Days

If you do not use any automation tools or bots for your Instagram account and yet, you are still receiving this warning notification, it might be because you liked too many posts, commented on too many posts, or just followed a huge number of people, in a relatively short time.

If that is the case, there is not much you can do except wait around for a couple of days and lessen your Instagram activities since it will help you get off the platform’s watchful eyes.

While Instagram is indeed a “social” media platform that encourages users to interact with one another, you have to remember to be restrictive.

You cannot just go on a spamming marathon as it will just make Instagram think that you are a bot. Do everything in moderation.

Moreover, if someone else has access to your account, make sure that they are following these tips as well.

Linking Instagram with your Facebook Account

You might think that linking your Facebook account with your Instagram might not be the safest idea since Facebook is a third-party app.

But, Facebook actually owns Instagram, and ever since the introduction of Meta Platforms, all the platforms under Facebook have merged together.

As mentioned already, Instagram is somewhat suspicious of its users. This means it is always trying to confirm the identification of the users and in doing so, it blocks accounts that seem dubious.

But, once you link your Facebook account with your Instagram profile, you are confirming your identity and providing an extra layer of protection.

As a result, instead of complicating matters, the method will help the process by acting as a credible source for your account verification. Hence, this helps to fix the account compromised issue.

If you do not know how to link both platforms, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your device and navigate to your profile by clicking on your display picture in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Next, go to the hamburger icon (the horizontal three lines).

Step 2: Tap on Settings. Go to the Accounts Center section at the bottom and click on Set up Accounts Centre.

Step 3: Next, you will come across a page where you have to insert your login credentials.

Note: You need to enter your Facebook credentials, i.e., email address or phone number and password.

Step 4: If you are sure about linking both the accounts, then just click on “Yes, finish Setup”.

You will be asked whether you wish to sync the profile picture you have on. Select the option that best fits you and click on Continue.

This will hopefully work to solve your issue since Instagram will now have confirmation that you are a real person.

Open your Instagram account and see if you are still receiving the message.

How to Prevent the Message

We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt Instagram

‘Your Account Was Compromised’ is a common message that a lot of Instagram users have been receiving recently and there’s no denying that it is bothersome.

Even though we have listed the tried-and-tested methods for getting rid of the message, the chances of you receiving the message again are still there.

So, what should you do to prevent this from happening again in the future?

For starters, stop using automation tools altogether. Yes, those are the main culprit behind this message.

Although these apps might be temporarily beneficial, they greatly jeopardize your account information.

If you wish to increase your engagement, you have to be patient and do it manually rather than employing the help of third-party tools which will only make you lose your account.

If you are a social media influencer who is looking to gain a huge Instagram following, bots are not your only option.

Other ways of promoting an Instagram profile include Instagram Ads, social marketing companies, and manual activities.

Moreover, if you are a busy person who uses scheduling apps to auto-upload posts at given times, you can just hire an assistant to do the work for you.

All this will help to make your account look genuine and lessen the possibility of receiving the message.

Also, receiving this notification does not automatically indicate that Instagram will suspend your account.

However, if you do not follow the standards, they may restrict a few of the services, such as prohibiting you from liking, commenting on other people’s posts, uploading, or maybe even account suspension in the end if you keep on repeating the same mistake again and again.

Final Thoughts

If Instagram’s new restriction on third-party applications has impacted your Instagram account, you may believe your stay on the platform has ended.

Nevertheless, as you’ve seen, we have a way to make everything better – and it is actually pretty simple to resolve the issue.

We strongly advise that you attempt the recommendations above, and also switch Instagram automation services, to ensure that you may continue using Instagram while keeping compliant and avoiding the unpleasant account compromised notification.

We hope we have been able to help you with getting rid of the ‘Your Account Was Compromised’ message.

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