Wunderbit Trading Bots and Pricing

Wunderbit Review 2024: Wunderbit Trading Bots & Pricing

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

Wunderbit Review 2024: Wunderbit Trading Bots & Pricing

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024


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Wunderbit Review

Finding a proper crypto trading bot is like finding an endless pot of gold. In essence, both of these can get you a stable income without you having to do pretty much anything.

Okay, fables aside, you have to tweak the bot a bit every now and then, but you get the point.

The only difficult part? Finding the right crypto trading bot. Is Wunderbit a potential candidate?

Wunderbit. It even sounds like it does wonders, right? However, a perfect crypto trading bot is much more than its name.

It takes a streamlined and optimized trading process, a plethora of features to give the bot an edge over the rest of the market, and a whole bunch of other things as well.

The goal of this Wunderbit review is to see whether Wunderbit has what it takes, so let’s not waste any more time and get to the point, shall we?

What’s Wunderbit?


Wunderbit is a crypto trading automation tool designed to turn a day trading career from something that takes constant care and vigil over the market and fluctuating prices into a stable income that does not require much meddling for successful operation.

As a software based on cloud technology, Wunderbit does not require a dedicated device, exhaustive setups, and the fastest and most stable connection available to the user.

Two main aspects of Wunderbit attract day traders from all corners of the wide web: a bustling crypto signal marketplace and the powerful crypto trading bot for dominating the cryptocurrency market.

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Connected to a large group of major crypto exchanges, keeping up with the pace of all the modern trends of crypto day trading, and maintaining an overwhelmingly positive user experience, Wunderbit seems like a package that suits just about everyone who has anything to deal with digital currencies and assets.

But you are here for the crypto bot, so in this review we will focus mostly on that part of Wunderbit’s offer, with only a surface analysis of other components.

So, the famed Wunderbit crypto trading bot. Is it good enough to earn money? Let’s dive in.

Wunderbit Crypto Trading Bot

The idea behind the Wunderbit crypto trading bot is simple: replace the human traders at the control desk and do the same thing as them but much more efficiently and quickly.

After all, in the world of crypto trading, the timespan during which crucial decisions have to be made is tiny. Failing to respond in the given period means failing to make profit.

Crypto trading bots do not miss these opportunities. Their main advantage over flesh-and-blood day traders is that they operate around the clock, without requiring sleep, rest, or other forms of leisure.

Bots are not prone to psychological pressure, their level of focus never drops, and they flawlessly execute whatever they are ordered to do. 

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This goes for Wunderbit crypto trading bot as well. However, the difference between various crypto trading bots lies in the implementation of the given orders.

Traditional automation benefits aside, if the bot does not execute orders well enough or it is limited in the type of instructions that it can receive, this leaves room for other software and other traders to reach the lucrative trading offer before you do.

Wunderbit crypto trading bot has a wide set of features to provide versatility and maneuverability and make it competitive and in front of the competition when it comes to profits.

The next step is to review what the bot has to offer in terms of features.


TradingView Bot

Wunderbit TradingView Bot

Wunderbit automated trading relies on TradingView bots for receiving trading signals and executing complex trading orders.

TradingView uses its own coding language, PineScript, which provides traders with the ability to set certain predefined criteria and further customize them if necessary.

Here comes one of the biggest selling points of Wunderbit in this review.

Being relatively easy to use, TradingView scripts make Wunderbit bots simple to create and maintain, while still leaving them with ample capabilities and a wide array of settings that make a profit.

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Another benefit of TradingView scripts is that it enables extensive backtesting.

In other words, users can put their strategies and scripts against simulated market circumstances and see how the script deals with them.

If it performs well, you can immediately launch the bot and start earning money, and if not, it’s back to the drawing board, except that you did not lose any money in the trial-and-error process.

Smart Trading

As a unique feature of the Wunderbit platform, the smart trading terminal allows users to handle different assets on the same exchange.

Just pick the assets that you would like to put into a spread and the trade terminal will simultaneously buy the selected asset and sell the other.

The terminal also has flexible ways of creating smart trading orders to put into the script.

As simple as with a click on a button, traders can add and edit Take Profit, Trailing Stops, and Stop Loss to any order previously assigned to the bot.

These automated trade execution orders are never limited to a few crypto trading accounts, as you can have as many of them as you desire at the same time.


Wunderbit has mastered this classic approach to investment and their DCA bot performs splendidly in cases where the asset’s market system is volatile and there has been a determined price fluctuation prior to the trade.

Using this method reduces the risk in volatile markets by making multiple smaller trades rather than a single massive all-in order.

Using smaller proportions of your investment helps the bot overcome market downturns, and DCA bot in general reduces the risk of inadequate timing of orders.

An evergreen classic in crypto trading done well.

Grid bot

Still brewing in the Wunderbit pot, grid bot is almost ready to hit the market and help those who choose this company as their crypto trading automation tool gain an additional method of getting the most out of their digital currency trades.

Grid bots perform best in volatile markets with frequent and sharp price fluctuations.

By giving them a long and short order you make sure that you sell when the price is high and you buy when the price is low.

A series of orders make a sort of a grid, which lends the name to the approach as a whole. 

Arbitrage Trading

Also coming soon is the arbitrage trading strategy that is perfect for making use of price differences across different markets.

Wunderbit’s trading bots will be able to single out a pair across two different exchanges, for example Ethereum, and notice a price difference of 7%.

The bot will proceed to buy Ethereum from the exchange with the 7% lower price and sell it on the exchange where the price is 7% higher.

The difference is profit that goes directly to your crypto wallet.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Wunderbit also hosts some tools that simplify and streamline your digital finances and make trading crypto a much easier process.

For example, Wunderbit’s crypto portfolio tracker provides a single space for every exchange and balance that you have and use at any given moment.

Simply connect the API of exchanges and keep track of every balance you have, regardless of which exchange you keep it on.

Multiple Account Management

If you find it a bit of a hassle to cycle through each exchange you have an account on every single time you want to switch your trading environment, Wunderbit has an ace up their sleeve to help you cut some corners on time spent trading.

Using their multiple account management policy, you can add several exchanges via their API to your trading bot and simultaneously execute given orders on every connected exchange.

You can also do that manually via their trading terminal, but manual crypto day trading is just not worth it when you have a ready crypto bot at your disposal, don’t you agree?

And it would make this crypto trading bot review a bit redundant, you have to agree.

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Supported Exchanges

When it comes to connected exchanges, Wunderbit has a bunch of major crypto exchanges under their belt, including but not limited to, Binance, Bitmex, FTX, KuCoin, Huobi, OKEX, and HitBTC.

This sort of versatility is much welcome, and it goes hand in hand with their cross-exchange features.

It is worth noting that Wunderbit has its own exchange in addition to being connected with the aforementioned ones.

With a wide array of supported cryptocurrencies and digital assets and a commission fee of 1% on all transactions, it is a solid solution on its own.

Of course, nothing binds you to their home exchange and you are free to participate in any connected exchange without restrictions or penalties.

Crypto Signal Marketplace & Copy-Trading

Wunderbit Copy-Trading

Besides building your own crypto trading bot with Wunderbit’s TradingView technology, you can opt to rely on someone else’s strategy and approach as a supported feature.

Users can pick a candidate from the list of successful traders and simulate their approach for a fee of around 10% on trades that yielded profit for the users only.

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This incentivizes traders to be successful in their methods, as every side gets to win and earn on that trade.

The crypto signal marketplace is founded with free trade principles in mind, with Wunderbit limiting their own influence to providing metrics and statistics as a tool to help users discover their ideal copy-trading candidate.

Due to policies implemented to maintain fraudless trading connections, there is absolutely no chance of you getting scammed out of your money during copy-trading.

Also, there are no fixed contracts, so you can end your copy-trading with a single click.

Safety Review

As a company with an extensive network of associates, partners, and clients, in addition to its own exchange that handles both fiat and digital currencies in large amounts, Wunderbit cannot afford to have any potential holes in its crypto and cyber defense.

In addition to having superb security measures, Wunderbit fosters transparency in every deal and trade, both in bot activities, mirror-trading, and its own exchange deals.

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As a gesture of trust and mutual benefits of using their services, Wunderbit does not charge commissions on deals made within their domain and also allows using basic features of its trade automation tools free of charge.

Pretty neat and hospitable of them if you ask us. Good job, Wunderbit, you’re making it easy for us to put positive things in this review today!

Review of Pricing

Wunderbit Pricing

Yes, we were serious a bit earlier, you can use Wunderbit’s features free of charge.

In its free plan meant to provide an exploratory glance into its trading universe, Wunderbit offers, among other things:

  • 5 open positions
  • 2 active bots
  • 1 API per exchange
  • Trading Terminal (Spot Trading, Futures Trading)
  • Spot Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Simultaneous Take Profit and Stop Loss

Their Basic paid pricing plan comes for $9.95/month and enriches the free plan with:

  • 15 open positions
  • 5 active bots
  • 2 API per exchange
  • Trailing stop
  • Multiple take profits
  • DCA trading terminal

The mid-price Pro plan costs $24.95/month and gives even more benefits, such as:

  • 100 open positions
  • 15 active bots
  • 5 API per exchange
  • Fixed amount
  • Spread trading terminal
  • Swing trade

Finally, the ultimate plan requires $44.95/month and removes all limitations to provide everything covered by the previous plan as well as:

  • Unlimited open positions
  • Unlimited active bots
  • Unlimited API per exchange

With an excellent cost-efficiency ratio, Wunderbit leaves nothing to be desired.

For the investment involved, you would have to look really hard to find anything better on the market.

Wunderbit Review Verdict

Ultimately, we have every reason to recommend Wunderbit for crypto trade automation to, well, anyone, regardless of their level of experience in the trade.

Scaling from simple methods such as copy-trading to complex variants of custom bot creation with TradingView from scratch, Wunderbit has everything to offer to all layers of day trading society.

It is especially suited for those who wish to enter multiple exchanges at once to get the most out of varying prices of different crypto coins, but there are options for every major strategic approach to trade, with more being planned for the near future.

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The developers at Wunderbit thus show readiness to update their service and remain on the edge when it comes to technological advances and market insights.

Yes, Wunderbit is that good and after making this Wunderbit review we can only recommend it wholeheartedly.

Try the free plan now, you have nothing to lose and only crypto trading stardom to gain.

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