Workation 101 – All You Need to Know

Published on: September 5, 2023
Last Updated: September 5, 2023

Workation 101 – All You Need to Know

Published on: September 5, 2023
Last Updated: September 5, 2023

Lately there’s been a new trend on the rise and it comes in the form of workation. Combining the two notions that seemingly don’t really go together – work and vacation – workation allows individuals to work remotely while simultaneously soaking up all the vacation vibes.

This proved to be quite effective, as the relaxed atmosphere of this type of work does plenty for the overall productivity and motivation of the employees. So, if you too are looking to give workation a try, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Choose the Right City

First things first, if you’re planning on going on a workation, you first need to decide where you want to go. If you don’t really have a preference, or you’re not sure what a good choice would be, you can always check out the best cities for a workation and start from there. 

Choosing the right place is the most important step, as you want to ensure that the location you’ve chosen can offer you everything you’ll need work-wise. Of course, with so many workation-friendly places, you can easily combine nice and practical, and visit a place you’ve always wanted to see.

Make Sure You Have Access To Necessary Services

Arguably the most important service you will need on your workation is a good internet connection. Simply put, without one, you won’t really be able to do your job right. Aside from this, you will also need a comfortable workstation, so make sure that the place you’re staying at features one. 

workation station

Aside from the work environment itself, you also want to make sure you have easy access to various food delivering services, post office and any other service you may need. The more services you have at your disposal, the easier it will be not only to do your job but also enjoy all the down time in between. Of course, for the “vacation” part of it all, you also want to ensure that you’ll have plenty of things to do, see and visit during your stay.

Know How Log Your Workation Will Last

In order to be able to prepare for your workation properly, you also need to consider how long the workation will last. Knowing how long your workation will last will help you decide on various other aspects you need to take into account. These include knowing what and how much to pack and how much money you’ll need to bring (more on this later). 

It will also help you organize your work better and prioritize and organize your other commitments and possibilities. And if you’re wondering how much a workation can really last – know that there’s no clear answer. It can either last for as long as you want or for as long as your workplace allows it. If you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur, there really are no limitations.

Plan Your Budget

Another important aspect of a workation is your budget. Since this type of trip won’t be sponsored by your employer – if you have one, that is – you will be the one who will need to cover all the costs. Be careful, however, to ensure that you bring enough money along, so that you don’t end up broke before the next pay. 

work at vacation

When planning a budget, you first need to make sure you know exactly how much money you have at your disposal. After you determine this, see how much money you’ll need to set aside for the accommodation, food and all the other expenses. Needless to say, you also want to have enough money left over for all the splurges and fun activities you intend on checking out and participating in.

Find a Good Coworking Space

Finally, although workations can be fun and far less stressful than working in the office, they can also sometimes get quite lonely. Another issue many workationers commonly struggle with is the lack of structure. 

So, if you find yourself struggling with similar issues, you can always find a good coworking space and take your work efforts there. That way, you will easily create the necessary work structure that will keep you going and after you’re done, you can easily simply continue enjoying your vacation.

Key Takeaway

If you feel like you could really need a change of scenery and you’re considering bringing your work along, workation may be the best choice for you. Just make sure you do proper research up front and find the right place to visit that will provide you with easy access to all the necessities you’ll need to both do your work and have some leisure time. By planning your workation right and organizing everything ahead of time, you’ll ensure that you get the best possible experience.

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Written by Allison Langstone

Allison produces content for a business SAAS but also contributes to EarthWeb frequently, using her knowledge of both business and technology to bring a unique angle to the site.