Wi-Fi Proxy List – Best Proxy Servers for Ultimate Internet Safety

Wi-Fi Proxy Settings & Best Servers for Internet Safety in 2024

Published on: November 20, 2023
Last Updated: November 20, 2023

Wi-Fi Proxy Settings & Best Servers for Internet Safety in 2024

Published on: November 20, 2023
Last Updated: November 20, 2023

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The best Wi-Fi proxy provider in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

It is pretty difficult to imagine a reality without Wi-Fi from today’s perspective.

Keeping in touch with the world wherever you find yourself is one of the greatest inventions of the digital era.

This great boon does not come without its cost, however. Internet access via Wi-Fi is riddled with security risks and susceptible to users with malevolent intentions.

Is there a way to secure Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, there is–a proxy server. And here are the best among them.

How long have you been without Wi-Fi recently?

Probably not for too long, a day at most. There is even a fairly big chance that you are reading this article via a Wi-Fi connection.

From public transport and airports to offices and cafes, Wi-Fi is a common service that we cannot imagine a public gathering place to be without.

Unlimited free Internet connection is simply too irresistible.

What most people do not actually know is that Wi-Fi on its own represents a potential safety hazard since your IP address remains exposed to whomever has control over it.

Direct connection with Wi-Fi allows your online activity to be tracked, with all the related consequences and risks.

This is where proxy servers step in.

With a proper proxy, your online activity as well as your original location and IP address remain safely out of the hands of those who would potentially abuse your Internet presence for their own gains. 

What Is a Wi-Fi Proxy?

Wi-Fi proxy is perhaps a bit misleading name. Every proxy network can be a Wi-Fi proxy.

The basic idea behind it is not to allow websites to track your digital footsteps back to your actual location, instead giving the relevant servers the idea of you being somewhere else.

They are the middlemen in digital transactions of data between you and your target site, effectively severing any potential direct links between the two parties.

This is done by the means of “swapping” of your real IP address with any given proxy, and there are services with several million different whitelisted IPs from all over the world.

Your IP will thus remain anonymous and instead of it a proxy address will be the only available trace you leave to potential scammers lurking in public Wi-Fi networks.

Why Should I Use Proxies for Wi-Fi Networks?


Now, there are a couple of reasons in favor of using proxy servers whenever you go online through a public or semi-public Wi-Fi and we have already gone over the main argument.

You can never be safe if you go without any protection via Wi-Fi. Your presence is simply too exposed.

A too-curious Wi-Fi network manager only needs to access the records to see exactly where and when you have been online and what you have done during that digital visit.

Also, if anyone breaches into the network, your data will be as free for taking as just about any other info.

No matter how safe your own device is, if you do not protect your link with the given  Wi-Fi network, you will be exposed as there were no measures to protect your privacy in the first place.

With a proxy, your activity is safe and covered with a proxy address. There is no real link with you as a user, the only residual trace is the address provided by the proxy network, from anywhere in the world!

Speaking of anywhere in the world, the second reason in favor of proxies is geolocation. A vast treasure of data remains out of reach to most due to geolocation and restricted access based on the location of your IP address.

With proxies, however, these restrictions based on country and/or location get lifted and you are free to access that data just as anyone else from the area.

This is particularly useful for those who wish to test how a certain software behaves in specific areas or marketing experts exploring different markets in advertisement.

Finally, a lot of Wi-Fi networks exist with a specific purpose and limit general access to the Internet.

School networks restrict access to e.g. social media and office networks restrict the use of the Internet to business-related sites, for example.

Proxies circumvent these blockades and allow uninhibited access to various content. 

Best Residential Wi-Fi Proxy Services 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best Wi-Fi proxy services:

  1. Oxylabs – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. ProxyEmpire

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs - Unlock the Power of Web Intelligence

Oxylabs does not require you as a user to overly commit, because their pagkages start as low as possible.

With a total number of IP proxies going over 102 million, Oxylabs resembles Bright Data when it comes to the IP proxy pool and the global coverage of its network.

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Geolocation, check.

High number of proxies, check.

Reliable network with superb speed of responsiveness?

Double check!

Unlimited concurrent sessions that give you granular control allow transparent and safe usage.

Whether you’re in for auto-rotation or sticky IP sessions, Oxylabs provides.

Apart from residential proxies, Oxylabs offers 4G mobile proxies in a similar vein.

The same standard of quality, the same pricing model.

Flexible pricing, excellent offer, and reliable service! Is there more to be asked for?

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Alternatives

What if we told you that there is a proxy network provider that has more than 72 million active, whitelisted, and tested IP addresses that you can effectively use as proxies?

In addition, these proxies also span the entirety of the globe with the network covering every country and major region of the world?

That’s right, this service exists under the name of Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati.

The most frequent candidate for the title of the best proxy server out there, Bright Data brings both mass numbers and mass available geolocations to the table.

Near-limitless pool of residential proxies comes with excellent speed of response and great reliability as well.

With Bright Data, anyone who tries to retrace your digital footprint will see how futile that is.

The most contributing factor to this is its dedicated and fine-tuned rotating IPs mechanism.

Based on quickly swapping your current proxy with another one from the pool, this mechanism greatly reduces the possibility of anyone disclosing your actual IP address or location.

Your online activity log is safe with Bright Data from both the curious Wi-Fi admins and cyber theft the danger of which always lurks around the corner.

The starting cost for Bright Data’s basic plan is $300 for 20GB worth of bandwidth, which is perhaps a bit higher than the industry’s average, but you know that you are paying for top-tier services with above-standard quality.

If you’re willing to go a step further with your wallet in order to get juicy Wi-Fi protection, then Bright Data is your preference for sure. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

3. ProxyEmpire


A living proof that beginners in an industry do not have to go through strenuously long processes in order to reach those among the top, ProxyEmpire launched in early 2021 and has already taken their rightful place at the best Wi-Fi proxy servers lists.

Exponential expansion has rewarded them with an IP proxy pool of more than 5 million addresses, with no signs of the growth stopping anytime soon.

To add more achievements to the list, ProxyEmpire has managed to disseminate these proxies across the globe to cover every country in the world, with most states and regions included (except Texas, for some reason, but oh well).

The concentrated list of IP proxies gets checked on a regular basis for any bad ports or addresses that are no longer functional.

This means that every single IP out of those available is whitelisted and active. No bloated numbers, no false metrics, no paper functionalities-only.

Marketing experts and those curious about the content available only to specific localities no longer have to worry about access. ProxyEmpire has got them covered.

The pricing plans for ProxyEmpire are as following:

  • Micro Wi-Fi, with 5GB, $15/GB, and 300 ports for the total of $75/month
  • Starter Wi-Fi, with 10GB, $13/GB, and 400 ports for the total of $130/month
  • Plus Wi-Fi, with 50GB, $11/GB, and 500 ports for the total of $550/month
  • Regular Wi-Fi, with 100GB, $7/GB, and 600 ports for the total of $700/month

Apart from residential proxies, ProxyEmpire offers 3.5+ million mobile proxies and projects data center proxies to be available soon. 

It does not hurt that ProxyEmpire also boasts a commendable average score of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot.com based on 70+ reviews. Nicely done, ProxyEmpire!

Best Private Proxy Servers for Wi-Fi 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best private Proxy servers for Wi-Fi:

  1. Proxy-Seller – 🏆 Winner!
  2. MyPrivateProxy
  3. Highproxies

1. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller Review – Safe and Working?

When it comes to private proxy servers for Wi-Fi, things get a little bit tougher than with residential proxies.

However, services such as Proxy-Seller keep this segment of the industry very much alive and kicking!

Private Socks5 and HTTP/S proxies that serve best for social networks, scrapers for SEO, internet surfing, online games, and a bunch of other digital services are Proxy-Seller’s specialty.

With an all-round offer of IPv4s for more than 22 major and minor countries, as well as IPv6s for 8 countries, Proxy-Seller distributes its content with the speed of 1Gb/s across 800 subnets and more than 400 networks.

Its technical support is online around the clock every day in the year.

To make the offer that bit more attractive, you as a user are provided with a generous refund policy in case you feel the service to be lacking in any way.

The rental period is very flexible, with time slots going from as little as one week, all the way to 12 months, or a full year.

Pricing is also very flexible and affordable, as major discounts are given progressively as you buy more and more proxies over longer periods of time in a bundle.

Most basic needs of every Wi-Fi user get satiated with IPv4 proxies as of now, but just having more options is quite welcome for potential growth and/or future projects.

Affordable, orderly, and attractive. Proxy-Seller’s offer in a nutshell! No wonder they had to be included in our best Wi-Fi proxy servers list.

2. MyPrivateProxy


Looking for a service that is aware of the conditions we live in and the context of digital services when energy and sustainability are a concern? In spite of an inconspicuous name, MyPrivateProxy has its eyes focused on the future.

MyPrivateProxy offers private proxies (as expected), but also shared proxies and VPNs.

It covers large swaths of the U.S. as well as a couple locations in Europe, which should be enough to sate the basic needs of a casual or semi-pro Wi-Fi user.

When it comes to specific numbers, MyPrivateProxy has more than 220 proxy servers in 24 data centers. 

Their private proxies are of enterprise-grade quality and their servers rely on Intel Xeon systems with professional Linux distribution. As for the proxy server software, their core is run by the Squid proxy server.

These private IPs have amazing responsiveness, tend to always be reliable and secure, and the uptime of their servers is more than 99.99% of the time.

A tech service that is online 24/7 is available to you and every potential question or request that you have, and it is interesting to know that their workforce consists of some of the world’s leading experts on private proxies and proxies in general.

Oh, a fun fact that is tied to their vision of the digital future–a growing number of their servers use 100% renewable energy. As their UK servers run on the wind from Denver turbines, more are queued to follow. 

Quirky, useful, and resourceful. All the recommendations for MyPrivateProxy!

3. Highproxies


The final entry on our best Wi-Fi proxy servers list is a professional software firm that offers quite a plethora of services in the domain of proxy and VPN for mobile devices and PCs.

Reliable, safe, and responsive proxies with IKEv2 and LT2TP/IPSEC, military-tier VPNs, and private proxies locked to Internet users other than you–Highproxies has got you covered.

Dynamic IPs from the capable hands of the Highproxies team perform extremely well on speed of responsiveness tests and display a dazzling level of performance.

As if something that goes hand in hand with this and not a usually mutually exclusive aspect, they are also anonymous and extremely affordable, borderline cheap even.

In fact, the starting price for a proxy per month comes down to just $1.40!

The geographical span of the Highproxies proxy networks covers more than 10 major countries, which certainly leaves room for improvement, but is still a substantial coverage when compared to its competition and their prices.

Apart from private proxies, their offer includes residential proxies, classified ad proxies, social media proxies, shopping proxies, and shared proxies, among others, of course. 

The service currently has more than 75 data centers spread across the supported regions and cities, so bear in mind that the uptime and reliability of these proxies remains spotless.

All in all, Highproxies will definitely give you great bang for the bucks invested. And we’ve always supported mouth-watering cost-to-efficiency ratios. Kudos, Highproxies!


To reiterate the major information from the beginning of the article: Wi-Fi’s are an essential service today, but come with major safety hazards that anyone who values their privacy has to take care of.

In order to get past this hurdle, you have to get either a VPN or a proxy network.

With VPNs turning out to be a more expensive and tech-savvy option, proxy networks come as the no-brainer solution.

In short, going without proxies on a public Wi-Fi can result in the loss of private data and even identity theft.

On the other hand, set up a proxy and not only will you be safe from intruders and trackers, but you will also obtain a number of useful boons such as obtaining access to location-specific content and lift various restrictions imposed by wi-fi admins.

When it comes to the right choice of Wi-Fi proxy servers, we have presented the best Wi-Fi proxy servers in 2021 on our list and whatever you pick, bear in mind that you have made the right choice.

Stay safe, preserve your privacy, and access everything on the Internet.

After all, it is your right to be free, even digitally, as well as the right to protect your privacy with that freedom.

Get a proxy from the list and use Wi-Fis without fear, wherever you go. 

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