Why is The “Add Friend” Button Not Showing on Facebook

Why is The “Add Friend” Button Not Showing on Facebook in 2024?

Published on: August 10, 2022
Last Updated: August 10, 2022

Why is The “Add Friend” Button Not Showing on Facebook in 2024?

Published on: August 10, 2022
Last Updated: August 10, 2022

Many users often complain about a glitch that shows up frequently when they want to add a person to their friend list, but when they try to do so by opening the person’s profile, they are not able to see the “Add Friend” option anywhere.

Because of this problem, they are not able to add people they like as friends to their friend lists.

There can be many reasons behind this problem. Many people believe this has something to do with the Facebook web version or application.

We investigated this problem and came up with a comprehensive solution that will cover all the possible scenarios why you see the no Add Friend button on Facebook.

There are many ways to deal with this problem.

Users can easily personalize a variety of privacy options on their personal Facebook profiles, because of which sometimes you find the “Add Friend” button missing on their account page.

So, continue reading this article to know more about how people change their privacy settings to make these changes and the possible solutions that can solve this problem.

What Is the Feature of The “Add Friend” Option on Facebook? 

To connect with someone else on the Facebook platform, you are provided with the feature to send requests to other users on the same platform.

To add them as your friend, once you visit their profile, you will find the “Add friend” option.

Once you tap on this option, the other person will be notified about your delivered request. If they approve your friend request, you can start communicating with them.

To chat with them, open their profile and now in place of “Add friend” you should see an option of “Message.” Tap on it and start texting.

Why There Is No Add Friend Button on Facebook?

If you go to a user’s profile but are not able to find the “Add Friend” button anywhere, it can indicate a host of reasons.

One major reason can be the use of personalized privacy settings by that user on their profile, which hides the “Add Friend” button from other users.

If you’re curious about why this is the case, we’ve provided some information below.

1. The User Has Blocked the Addition of Random Strangers


The Facebook application gives you the provision to change and personalize the options for privacy and friends.

According to your preference, you can set restrictions on who cannot contact you viayour account.

It provides you with three default options, which include:

  • Everyone
  • Friends of friends (mutual friends)
  • Direct message

Your account is originally set to “Everyone.” From there it’s up to you if you wish to change it in the future or not.

If you have to change the privacy option, then move to the settings first. From there, select the option “Friends of friends.”

Once you apply these settings, only the mutual friends you have on Facebook will be able to access your profile to give the friend request.

This can greatly save your time, which otherwise goes waste in managing plenty of unknown people who keep spamming you.

Thus, when you open someone’s account homepage and cannot find the “Add Friend” feature, it means that the user has changed their privacy settings and they have restricted unknown people from sending them requests.

When you consider the security and privacy point of view, this is the ideal way to deal with unknown privacy offenders.

2. Your Friend Request Is Not yet Accepted

friend request

The mechanism of adding someone as your friend on Facebook is a little different from other social networking sites.

As a Facebook user, if you wish to make someone who’s having an account on Facebook your friend, you will have to begin by sending them a friend request.

Only when they will take the request, you two will be connected and you can start texting the person thereafter.

However, if you go to someone’s profile while they still haven’t accepted your friend request yet, you will not find the “Add Friend” button anywhere.

Instead, the “Add Friend” feature will be replaced by the “Requested” option.

Whenever they take your request, this button will change into a “Message” button, which can be used to contact that user.

If you want to see the “Add Friend” feature back, just tap the “Requested” button.

This will undo the friend request you have sent to them and  the option of “Add Friend” to include them in your friend list will be visible.

This shows that even if there is no add friend button on Facebook, it does not necessarily mean there is always an issue with the Facebook application.

It may be that you have sent the request before nowto that person and hence, you are not able to find this option anywhere.

3. The User Flagged Your Request as Spam

You may find many spammy users on Facebook, just like on any other social networking site.

To deal with this, Facebook gives you an option to identify the spam user and flag them to restrict their communication access with you.

One instance can be when an unknown person first sends you a request and once you approve it, the person unfriends you.

Then the person repeats the same process a few times over. This is a clear indication that the person is a spam user and you take appropriate action.

However, the reverse can also happen. If you happen to send the request to the same person multiple times despite their unwillingness to accept you, then the chances are high that they will identify you as spam.

Because of this, you will find no add friend button on your Facebook profile. Always avoid getting spammed like this by respecting the personal boundaries of every individual.

4. The Account You Sent the Request to Is Verified

Facebook has two kinds of accounts for the users. One is a personal account that many of us use to communicate with our friends and family.

Another one is a verified account by Facebook, which is usually identified with a blue tick adjacent to the username of the profile.

One thing about verified accounts is that unlike personal accounts you cannot add them as your friends.

So, whenever you try to add a verified account to your friend list, you will not see the “Add Friend” button anywhere.

The only way you can remain connected with that person is by following them.

This feature is created keeping in mind that usually, a large number of people want to stay in touch with these official accounts.

And if everyone tries to add them as friends, it can become quite tedious for the person running that account to manage everything.

So, if unfortunately, you were trying to add an official account to your friend list all this time, we are sorry to inform you that it’s not feasible.

Therefore, always ensure, before you try to send a request to any user, that they are not having an official account.

How to Fix the No Add Friend Button on Facebook?

As previously stated, there are several reasons why you cannot see the “Add Friend” option on Facebook.

By properly implementing the steps that we have listed below, you should be able to get back your access to the “Add Friend” button and you will be able to add any user to your account.

What to Do if The Person Has Disabled Strangers’ Contact Access?

If anyone you wish to send a friend request has restricted the communication access from unknown people by choosing the “Just me” option, you may resolve the problem by following the steps outlined below.

  • You may contact the person on their profile and request that they accept your friend request or send you one.
  • You can request that they update their privacy features that lets “Everyone” send a follow request to their profile. This will allow you to view the “Add Friend” button on their profile and make them friends.

If they don’t understand how to modify the personal preferences that control “who can add you,” instruct them to perform the actions outlined here.

Modifying the Privacy and Security Settings

You can change the privacy settings as follows:

  1. Launch the Facebook software on your smartphone.
  2. From the upper right-hand corner, click on the 3 horizontal lines.
  3. From there, select “Setting and Privacy.”
  4. Now, select “Settings.”
  5. Search for “Privacy” option and then select “Privacy Setting.”
  6. Scroll all the way down to “How People Find and Contact You.”
  7. Now, choose “Who can send you friend requests?” from the drop-down menu.
  8. Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Everyone.”

What to Do if Your Friend Request Is Not Accepted?

As we mentioned previously, only if the person you sent the friend request has discarded it, you will find the “Add friend” option again under the profile.

If, however, they approve the request, you can contact them by tapping the “Message” option.

So, whenever you find the “Requested” option after opening up someone’s profile, resolve the issue and then click the “Add Friend” icon to proceed with the instructions outlined below.

  1. Launch Facebook
  2. Look for the account you wish to add
  3. Navigate to their account
  4. Hit the button of “Requested”
  5. Then, select the “Cancel Request” option

What to Do when Your Request Is Identified as Spam by Someone?

Facebook is meant to be an online community where people interact with each other following mutual respect and discipline.

However, if you tend to continuously annoy any unknown or known person by constantly sending them multiple requests or messages, they may feel threatened.

This can also put your account at the risk of getting spammed. You will find no add friend button on Facebook profile.

Never breach someone’s privacy and if they reject your request once, don’t bother them again.

There is not much you can do in case any person has decided to flag your account.

You may contact them in person and request them to remove the flag if they wish. Or else the best option is not to bother them further, respect their decision, and move on.

How to Resolve the Issue of Adding Verified Accounts?

You will be disappointed if you wish to follow an official verified Facebook account. The verified account can’t be added to other profiles, like friends.

The only way you can remain connected with that person is by following them.

So, when you open their profile homepage, you will find a “Follow” option instead of an “Add Friend” option.

The only way you can add them as friends is if, in the future, they decide to bring their account back to how it was, which is very unlikely.

If you happen to personally know that person, you can find out if they have any alternate account to which you can send a friend request.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article helped you in learning a variety of solutions to the no add friend button on Facebook.

We will recommend that although Facebook allows you to use the request feature on anyone, you should always ensure that you know the person well before including them in your list.

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