Why is Snapchat Not Working and How To Fix It

Why is Snapchat Not Working? & How to Fix it in 2024

Published on: June 15, 2022
Last Updated: June 15, 2022

Why is Snapchat Not Working? & How to Fix it in 2024

Published on: June 15, 2022
Last Updated: June 15, 2022

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Want to know why is Snapchat not working? Snapchat is one of the most popular multimedia instant messaging applications in the world. It allows you to create instant snaps with a plethora of filters at your fingertips.

You can create snap videos, share stories, share snaps to your contacts, chat with your friends and take part in augmented reality games.

With over 290 million users worldwide, Snapchat is growing its users consistently, with a prediction to reach 400 million active users by 2024.

But like other social media and messaging platforms, Snapchat has its share of troubles. Recently, many users complained that either Snapchat is crashing, or it isn’t working entirely.

In this article, we address why Snapchat is not working. You’ll also learn what occurs when a crash happens, and how you can fix it by applying simple fixes.

Why Is There an Issue with The Snapchat App and Why is Snapchat not Working?

Snapchat App

The first step to understand why is Snapchat not working is to accept the fact no application is perfect. Even the biggest players in the market face issues. For Instance, Recently, Facebook and Instagram faced the longest outages since they came out into the market. 

Hence, it’s natural for an application with millions of users to face crashes. You needn’t freak out or blame the developers because these outages get solved within hours.

So, why is Snapchat facing issues? This Is because the company is constantly adding new features to improve the application’s usability and attract new users to the platform.

For instance, Snapchat has included a new feature: “My Places”.  What is “My Places”?

My Places help users discover over millions of businesses, share their favourite local hotspots and find recommendations from friends and the Snapchat family.

The addition of the new features is causing Snapchat issues.

First Things First When Wondering Why is Snapchat not Working – Check a Down Detector

down detector

Before jumping into conclusions regarding why is Snapchat not working, it’s better to confirm whether Snapchat is down. You can do this by using a down detector. The detector will show an outage map. 

If Snapchat isn’t down and you still face issues, it’s time to troubleshoot your device.

Problem With the Snapchat App in Your Mobile Device and How to Fix Snapchat

Now, you know the issues with Snapchat are because of the new features the company is adding to the platform. But this isn’t the only reason. 

This is because sometimes issues result from the device you are using to run the application. Hence, you need to make sure if the issue with the application is because of a device issue.

You can do this by logging into your account from a different device. If the applications work perfectly, then there’s something incorrect about your device.

Now, most people complain that the web version of Snapchat is causing troubles. Well, this is because Snapchat doesn’t have an official website version of the application.

Hence, when you try to connect it with a desktop or laptop using a third-party application, you face crash issues.

Say, you find there’s a problem with the device you are using to run the application. What can you do to solve the problem? In the section, we’ll discuss some quick fixes to help you solve the issue.

How to Fix Snapchat: Restart Your Phone (iOS or Android)

If you haven’t tried this method, then you have missed a lot. Well, if I sound like this is something everyone should try, then it is. 

This is because restarting the phone is like a universal solution to solve almost every problem with your device.

Say your phone is acting funny, or an application is crashing every time you open it. 

Now, you can restart your phone and wait for a few minutes to relaunch the application. Most of the time, this works wonders and eliminates the issue.

What happens in the background?

Restarting the application clears some bugs and gives a fresh start to the application. Hence, if there’s a software issue or a fault in the settings, you can solve this by restarting your phone.

For the best results, first log out of the application, restart your phone and log in.

How to Fix Snapchat: Manually Update the App

Updates are the best news for an application.

They bring performance improvements and remove all the bugs from the application. You can even rely on the updates to resolve issues you faced previously. This is clear from a tweet from the official Snapchat Twitter handle.

When users complained that the application is facing severe issues, the Snapchat team replied: “We are aware that some Snapchatters are having problems using the app right now – sit tight, we’re looking into it!”

They even advised users to update the application.

How to Fix Snapchat: Check Your Internet Connection

Having a poor internet connection sucks. This is because when you are browsing the Internet or running an application that uses the internet to operate, a poor internet connection kills the experience you deserve.

For instance, if you use Snapchat with a low-speed internet, then snaps won’t go through to your friends. You won’t see snaps from your friends, or play games on the platform.

Hence, it’s crucial to check the stability and the speed of the internet connection you’re using. If the Wi-Fi has an issue, you can switch to the mobile network.

Clear the App Cache 

Clear the App Cache 

Application catches sometimes cause a problem with the performance, they contain corrupted files. Hence, you need to clear the cache timely.

How can you do this?

  • Launch the application and navigate to settings.
  • Scroll down and click on “Clear Cache”.

This should solve the issue.

Check If You Can Send Snaps

What if, after updating the application, the problem persists? What if you can’t send snaps to your friends?

Many users face this issue and complain that Snapchat is a poor application. But this isn’t the case. 

One of the most common reasons that you can’t send snaps is because Snapchat has blocked you.

Why would Snapchat block you? Well, this happens when you send too many spammy snaps to people. Users can report spammy snaps to Snapchat moderators. 

Hence, if they find you are sending these snaps, they will remove the content and block you from sending further snaps.

To get help, you can contact the Snapchat Team.

As a Last Resort, Contact the Snapchat Support

Snapchat Support

Well, if none of the above fixes work for you, the last resort is to contact Snapchat’s professional team. They must know what the issue is with your account.

How can you do this? You can find the support feature under the Application settings. Good luck solving why is Snapchat not working.

Snapchat Not Working FAQ

Why is Snapchat Failing?

Snapchat is failing because the company is constantly adding a few features to the platform. But sometimes your device is the problem. If there is a fault in the application settings, then you face issues.

You needn’t worry because the Snapchat team works constantly to solve any issue caused by them.

Why Are My Snaps Not Sent to One Person?

There are many reasons for why is Snapchat not working. If you face this issue, then chances are the device isn’t compatible with the Snapchat application or Snapchat servers are down, or they have blocked your account.

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