What Is The Average Amount Of Followers On Instagram?

What Is The Average Amount Of Followers On Instagram?

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

What Is The Average Amount Of Followers On Instagram?

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

If you’re a business, influencer, brand, or organization that engages in Instagram marketing, metrics are important.

When performing analyses for your marketing performance, you need to know things like what is the average amount of followers on Instagram measures with or against other variables. 

Followers play a major role in the success or lack of success in your Instagram marketing efforts.

Followers alongside likes, comments, and shares create a wide spectrum of interactions that affect your engagement metrics. 

While you’ll see “Instagram algorithm” as a singular term, Instagram (and other social media platforms) use groups of algorithms that affect the placement of your posts.

So, don’t think for a moment that there is a single algorithm working in the background on Instagram and across social media.

Algorithms are also used to help prevent spam to protect the platform’s users.

For purposes of the following information, we will focus on answering the question, “What is the average amount of followers on Instagram” along with some comparative metrics.

What Is the Average Amount of Followers on Instagram?

Due to the wide variety of users on Instagram, it’s hard to pin down the average number of followers across the platform. While it’s an interesting piece of data, it’s not a prudent piece of the puzzle for marketing.

What is crucial for marketers to know is the ratio of likes to followers, followers to following, etc. 

What we do know is that that average Instagram account has a 3% engagement rate, which is measured as an average likes to followers rate.

This percentage will vary according to an account’s follower count. If an account has around 1000 followers, its average likes to followers rate will be 10%. 

We can also measure the average engagement rates, which implies that for each set of 100 followers on an account (business-related), you can expect engagement from at least one account. 

The best way to discuss what is the average amount of followers on Instagram is to gauge it by your own account analysis.

You can use your Insights section from your profile page to find out how many followers you have along with other analytics.

You may choose to use a third-party analytic tool to better monitor and evaluate your followers and other analytics. 

What Is the Average Amount of Followers on Instagram According to The Likes to Followers Ratio?

First, let’s talk about what a “follow” ratio is. The idea behind the follow ratio is to know how many likes you get compared to your follower count.

For instance, if your account has 1000 followers, your likes per post should be 50 to over 100.

It’s important to note that some Instagram users will bloat their follower numbers with fake followers that they buy.

This kind of activity skews the statistics, but with a small margin of error, most stats are accurate.

Fake followers and/or engagement will affect the average amount of followers on Instagram.

Without fake engagements, this data is what you should expect and what you need on your IG posts.

  • 0 to 300 followers = 50% to 75% engagement rate
  • 300 to 600 followers = 50% to 75% engagement rate
  • 600 to 900 followers = 50% to 75% engagement rate
  • 1000 followers = 50% to 75% engagement rate

You can see the pattern here. So, the ratio you need, and should strive for is 50% to 75% engagement rates on your Instagram posts.

However, the current average engagement per post is .83% per post as a benchmark. This percentage depends on the type of content shared. It’s lower for videos than it is for images or carousel posts. 

Did you know that the average business account on Instagram is growing its follower bse by about 1.69% every month?

What Is the Average Amount of Followers on Instagram According to Influencer Revenue?

Instagram Followers

If you’re an Influencer, you need to know the averages based on followers and how much revenue those followers can drive for you. 

If you have between 1000 and 4999 followers, you could be making between $5 to $30 per Instagram post if you’re an influencer, affiliate marketer, brand, or business creating quality content.

Once you get to the 5000 to 49,999 followers mark, you are now ranking higher on the platform.

Now you can expect a raise of between $30 and $200 per Instagram post on average. If you’re not earning this kind of revenue, you should check your analytics and change your marketing strategy.

$250 to $1,500 per Instagram post is something to aspire to if you have 50,000 to 199,999 Instagram followers.

At this level, you hardly need to do much promoting since you’ve done the hardest work of getting to this level.

From here, you are in maintenance mode. You can also add more products or services at this level.

Between the 200,000 and 999,999 followers mark, you can create one post per week and make about $10,000 a month.

You have already achieved brand recognition, so you only need to stay relevant to maintain.

The influencer’s optimal level of followers is at the 1 million followers mark. As an influencer, you can charge up to $100,000 per post with this kind of popularity. 

These numbers are based on followers, but also how much you can charge a person to promote their product.

It’s geared towards influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers.  


When the goal is to gain more followers, knowing the statistics of likes to followers ratios is essential.

Not only should you learn what to expect according to your follower count, you should understand why that’s important to your marketing strategy.

You also now know that it’s more important to know how followers affect your Instagram marketing and popularity than it is to have an exact number for what is the average amount of followers on Instagram.

It’s unrealistic to expect a precise average of Instagram followers since there are so many different types of accounts. 

However, knowing the statistics on follower counts and how they affect your engagement rates is an imperative metric for your popularity on the Instagram platform. 

Focus on creating the best and most relevant content to keep your audience engaged and engage with your audience in multiple ways to build, grow, and maintain your presence.

That is how you get more followers, likes, comments, and shares. 


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