What is a Subreddit?

What Is a Subreddit?

Published on: September 22, 2021
Last Updated: September 22, 2021

What Is a Subreddit?

Published on: September 22, 2021
Last Updated: September 22, 2021

You may have been on Reddit for a while, and so far, you’ve been able to adapt their features pretty seamlessly. However, there is the enigma that is the subreddit, and if you aren’t the most experienced Reddit user, then you might not be using it to your full advantage.

Today, we’re going to check out what we think is the wonder of subreddits, which has the potential to be an authoritative network of niche community forums that give a new definition to Reddit. The long and short of it is that a subreddit is kind of like a niche forum. This means that there are specific rules, as well as moderators, and even voting systems for self-posts, comments, and links.

Each subreddit has a specific focus based on a niche, and most of the time, they manage to keep on track with this focus. This means that, for example, if a subreddit is all about feedback, questions, and help regarding building a computer, the moderator will delete a link or post about a computer part deal, which belongs to another subreddit.

You can probably see at this point how subreddits can be a bit confusing if you’re pretty new to the platform. There are now thousands of subreddits, and you can even create your own. You also have the choice of making your subreddit either public or private. Subreddits that post or get interactions at least five times a day are considered active, while those that don’t are left out of the Reddit community count.

As it currently stands, there are over 7000 subreddits. All subreddits live on the Reddit domain, but each one is completely customizable, and of course, has different community members to others.


Above, you can see a few header images from various subreddits. Once you have been able to find one that you like, then you can completely change your Reddit experience from just scrolling through the default front page.

The Anatomy of a Subreddit

So, now that you know what a subreddit is let’s talk about the elements that make them unique. Each one has a unique set of rules for link and content submissions. Within these rules, there are two tiers.

subreddit rules

You will see above a category called readers. This can be altered based on the theme of the subreddit. If you click on the rules link, then you are directed to a page on the subreddit that explains the proper etiquette for that specific community.

Again, there are default subreddits out there that have generic rules and regulations, while there are others where the community has customized those rules and regulations.

Each subreddit community has its own set of moderators.

moderation policies

Not only does each subreddit come with a permanent set of rules for moderation, but their moderators are actively listening to community requests, and depending on what they are, they will act on them. This means that you can send InMail to the moderators related to the development and quality of the subreddit you’re a part of, as well as being able to report submissions that you consider inappropriate or unwanted.

People who moderate subreddits do it voluntary, which means that they don’t get paid, and the bigger the subreddit, the more moderators there are. A lot of the time, moderators will delegate tasks, which means that they are, for lack of a better term, a council for online community support and management.

Each Subreddit Has a Theme for Submissions

As you might have already been able to guess, because each subreddit is contingent on a theme, this means that they have a theme for their submissions. With any subreddit, you can sort the most popular links that have been submitted, and you, of course, can submit your own content that you think is relevant.

submissions page

In the image above, you will see a red box at the top, with a sponsored link mark. This is Reddit’s way of advertising subreddits, and it’s how brands can find the right subreddits for their niche. This means that brands can target relevant subreddits and have their content appear at the top of the subreddit page.

Of course, this means that you need to try and create something that falls into the ‘top post’ category, aligns with the subreddit rules, and is parallel to the subreddit theme. If you strive to meet these requirements and provide something that is going to be valuable for the community, then your sponsored link will be received well.

How Can Subreddits Benefit My Business?

If you pick a theme that closely relates to your business, and think of something insightful and valuable that your brand specializes in, then you will be that much closer to using subreddits to generate more hype around your product. You can even turn the sponsored link into a discussion by engaging community members who comment on it by offering even more advice and insight.

You can see the sponsored link as a gateway to traffic and sales conversions, which means that it has now become a valuable authority and a great opportunity to expand your brand. Typically, the more niche a subreddit develops into, the less popular it becomes.

However, popularity on Reddit usually waters down to the quality of the content on the subreddit. This means that when subreddits are kept small and under 50,000 members, they are a lot easier to moderate, and their content is of higher quality.

Let’s take a look at a great example of a real brand category using subreddits to their advantage:

Mechanic Advice

Mechanic Advice

So, Mechanic Advice as a subreddit that could be used by a car part company, as long as it can bring insightful and pro tips for proper car maintenance to the table. The topics within these separate apps range from general car appreciation to specific models and make, but the point here is that car part companies have the opportunity with subreddit communities like this to connect with more fans and broaden their horizons.

How Do I Participate?

So, the next step that you should be making is participating in subreddits that relate directly to your business. This is going to help you get used to the scene in general and help you craft better-sponsored headlines. Again, one of your main goals should be establishing yourself as an authority, which is going to extend your brand’s credibility, which is a really helpful customer referral path.


Why is it Called a Subreddit?

It is called a subreddit because the term sub represents subordinate or under. This means that a subreddit is under or a certain section of Reddit itself.

What is the Difference Between a Subreddit and Reddit?

Reddit is a popular social network where members can vote on content and discuss the topics. There are millions of niche forums on the platform, and within these forums are groups called subreddits. This means that Reddit is a platform that is comprised of subreddits, which are smaller niches comprised usually of just one topic.

How Does a Subreddit Work?

As we have explained, each subreddit focuses on a specific topic. Once you have registered, you can create your own subreddit around a niche, but it will need to meet their basic criteria. Otherwise, you can simply join a subreddit that already exists and is regulated by moderators. This means that they control what kind of content is submitted, as well as the rules, which kind of posts get removed, and they can even ban users from the community.

Is There a Subreddit for Subreddits?

Because each subreddit is focused on a particular topic, there is no need for subreddits for subreddits. This is why it is important to find the subreddits out there that are hyper-relevant to your niche. This way, you can get more of the right audience looking at your brand.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the world of subreddits. As you can see, just like any other social network out there, Reddit has its ways of being helpful and beneficial to brands who are trying to expand their scope.

While it might take a bit of getting used to when thinking about adding value to the subreddits you want to be a part of, If you really want to get your brand out there and find all kinds of different clients and various demographics, then marketing through a subreddit is definitely worth it.

Just make sure that you take the time to get to know how one works, and always make sure that you are lining up with the terms and conditions set out by the moderators. Good luck!

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