What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Celery Every day For A Week

Last Updated: September 21, 2021



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Celery is a crunchy and crispy vegetable that offers a range of health benefits and keeps its nutrients even if it is cooked. It is well known for being low in calories and an excellent source of antioxidants and enzymes as well as vitamins and minerals like vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and folate.

One thing you want to do is always consume organic celery because the conventional celery has different pesticides that can cause a number of negative health effects in the body. You can dip it in nut butter, hummus, salad dressing or eat it as is.

One of the best highlights in Celery is its phytonutrients. These are natural chemicals produced by plants to protect them from insects and damaging sun rays but are also essential for humans as it serves as antioxidant, antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory and immune support.

Consuming celery on a regular basis has had measurable results as an effective strategy in combating many diseases. Here’s what happens to your body when you eat celery every day for a week;

  1. It reduces pain and inflammation.

If you have pain in your joints as well as inflammation, consuming this vegetable will help you treat these conditions since celery contains plenty of polyphenols and antioxidants.

  1. It lowers your bad cholesterol.

Celery can lower the levels of bad cholesterol since it is rich in fiber. It has been proven that consuming only two stalks daily is able to lower LDL for 7%. Add this to your diet plan to improve your overall cholesterol levels.

  1. It improves your digestion.

Since celery contains plenty of water and insoluble fiber, your digestion is highly improved and you are still regulated. Also, many Doctors say that it’s one of the best natural diuretics because of its amazing cleansing properties.

  1. Your blood pressure will be lowered.

Celery is able to boost your circulation for a minimum of 14% because of the active compounds in it known as the Phthalates. Also, the stress hormones in your blood will be lowered with regular celery consumption.

  1. You will lose weight.

One stalk of celery has only 10 calories and the rest is mostly water. Eating celery often will satisfy your hunger while making your caloric intake very low.

  1. It reduces your stress levels and helps you sleep better.

Eating celery has proven to reduce stress. In 100 milligrams of celery, there can be up to 11 milligrams of magnesium. We all know how magnesium is great for reducing our stress. It gets even better since celery also contains plenty of essential oil. Thus, regular consumption will help your nerves relax and also your sleep will be improved.

  1. It boosts your sexual drive.

Your sex life will be very much improved since celery is rich in sex pheromones and androsterone. As a result, you will have higher arousal levels.

  1. It improves your immune system.

From the fact that it comes with incredible nutrition, regular consumption of celery can improve your entire body’s immune system. It’s the number one source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are so essential for optimal functioning and disease prevention.

  1. It keeps your skin healthy and beautiful.

Free radicals are our skin’s best enemy. Being famous with vitamin A and C, eating celery a day protects your skin from damage and keeps those free radicals away.

So the next time you see sticks of celery at a party, go grab some and enjoy its essential nutrients. Furthermore, the above benefits have given you several reasons to eat more of it.

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