What Are the Web App Development Services, Its Phases and Processes?

Published on: October 1, 2022
Last Updated: October 1, 2022

Web app development includes creation and maintenance of the app. Nowadays, merely making a website is not enough, companies that want to earn a profit have to focus on application development and an additional backend project. 

For that you need web app development services. Also, the app is helpful to be used on the phone because of software optimization. Some websites have a mobile version, but usually it is difficult because of multiple ads and pop-ups. 

The main aim of web app development services is to provide an efficient and smooth user experience for the clients. If your company is not yet digitized, then you need the web development services from reliable agencies such as Cogniteq. It can help you open new digital doors of opportunities. 

People can have a 6-fold increase in the conversion rate of their business. It has been proven that when a business has a digital platform, it performs 10 times better. So let’s talk about the development services, phases and the processes.

Phases and Processes

Web app development has evolved over the past years. Before we started with web 1.0 or the era of static web pages that essentially just displayed data. We had the dot-com and a lot of web pages that looked like just words. 

The web 2.0 is a dynamic time. Apps started to emerge while there’s no agreed-upon definition. Web apps are usually characterized by user-generated content, push notifications and all the other things that give us anxiety. Now many believe we’re entering a new third era or customized AI driven experiences that are different for every user.

For example, there are the YouTube recommendation algorithms as well as Amazon knowing what we want to get or buy more than we do. Advances have blurred the lines between web development and the rest of software development. 

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Let’s dive into web app development that goes through a series of phases. An app usually takes months to be completely created and be ready for the client. 

That makes it clear that it is not a simple process and something that cannot be done in a day. Depending on the team and the qualified software engineers, the time-frame may vary. Following are the phases of web app development.

1. Project Planning

The team that will work on the project needs an outline of the project. The stage requires research and planning. Project requirements, budget, time-frame, and the goal. Project planning is the main time-taking process, as the clients and the project managers get together for brainstorming sessions. After an idea is picked up and the budget and time are discussed, the project manager starts compiling his/her team. They would need software developers, designers, coders, quality control officers, and security officials. 

2.UX and UI Design

The next step is the design of the web app. The user interface and user experience are the most important things for the client. It will help in keeping the audience engaged based on the design. Intuitive navigation, smooth surfing, visible menu options, the appealing interface increases the conversion rate and as a result higher satisfaction rate.

If the UI designers who work on the project are highly qualified, more than half of the project is already done. This decreases the time-frame required to finish the project.

3.The Actual Development Process

There are several tools for web development which will help in the actual development process. Several KPI’s like lead time, code churn, and release burndowns, will help to deliver content on time. Also, these KPI’s ensure the quality of the app. MTTR, and Escaped Defeats are some of KPIs that the software development team has to keep up.

4.Quality Control

The main aim of the software developers would be to make the app secure, fast, and sustainable. To achieve that, the quality control officers have to constantly check the project at every step to get rid of any bugs or mistakes made by the other members.

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Code check is one of the most important parts of quality control. And code check is not just done once, it is done regularly throughout the process.

5. Integration

Custom API’s help to integrate the web portal with CMS. This is another important step in the web app developmental process. This helps to allow seamless workflow on the web app. Also, when one wants to add modules, CI/CD integration pipeline is used. This helps smooth workflow without any hindrances to the present content and workflow on the web app.

6. Optimization and Maintenance

Optimization is a basic step in web app development when the app is customized for iOS or Android. This step is quite important because that would show how good the app looks and how easily the app works on your phone.

Optimization and continuous enhancement helps to keep the web business afloat. Maintenance includes regular monthly updates, and fixing bugs.

Types of Web Solution

Now we know how to make the webpage, what is left is to decide the type of web solution you are looking for. Depending on the business you have or you are going to start, you will choose the web solution. 

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The software development company can also help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Following is a basic list of areas where one can receive web app service:

  • Web apps for enterprise
  • Web portals
  • Client-face web apps
  • Supply chain management apps
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare apps
  • Analytics web app

Final Thoughts

Summing up, web app development goes through several processes and each process is important to come up with a bug-free web app. Also, after developing, one needs proper maintenance of the web app.

The type of the web solution you need, depends on your company and the business you deal in. There is a solution for every business here. Whether you want to grow your business digitally, or want to have a better online presence, getting some web solution is the way to go.

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