About “We’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram” email

“We’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram” What Does It Mean?

Published on: October 13, 2023
Last Updated: October 13, 2023

“We’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram” What Does It Mean?

Published on: October 13, 2023
Last Updated: October 13, 2023


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You might have received an email on Instagram with a title similar to “[username], we’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram.”

In this, you might have got a message like “Sorry to hear you’re having issues logging into Instagram. We can help you get straight back into your account.”

This is a common occurrence so do not think that only you have received such a message. A lot of users get such messages daily from Instagram.

They dread seeing them in their inbox since such emails imply that someone is attempting to get into their account.

But, the first question here is what really is the meaning of this message and why did you get it.

In this article, we will answer this question, along with how you can secure your Instagram account and avoid such messages.

What does “We’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram” mean?

What does “We have made it easy to get back on Instagram” mean?

This message means that Instagram is informing you about unsuccessful attempts to log in to your Instagram account.

It is shown whenever you or anybody else uses the password recovery tool to open your Instagram account.

This message does not imply that your Instagram account has already been compromised. It can also mean that a person who tried to open your Instagram account has sent this message to you or it was a fake email.

Why am I seeing the “we’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram” message?

There can be four reasons behind you receiving such a message. These include:

Let us take a look at each of these reasons in detail below.

1. You tried to login into your account

The first reason could be that you only tried to sign in to your Instagram account. While doing so, you used the wrong spelling of your password or username.

In case you cannot sign in, you must check if your caps lock is on or not.

Due to this, you might be using capital letters instead of small letters. You can opt for a password manager such as LastPass or KeyChain.

When you make use of a password manager, you do not have to manually enter your password every time, thus avoiding typos and mistakes.

2. Someone tried to log in to your account

The second reason can be that someone else attempted to sign in to your Instagram account.

You must not worry since it could be that somebody’s username is akin to yours and they might have inadvertently typed the wrong spelling.

It could also be one of your family members, friends, or acquaintances, such as your kids, partner, etc. If nobody can access your account, then it was possibly a rogue signup.

In such a case, you must quickly change the password of your Instagram account and activate two-factor authentication. 

3. It’s a brute force attack

In case you get a lot of emails like “We have made it easy to get back on Instagram” on a regular basis, then it could be possible that it is a brute force attack.

This is an automated attack, wherein the attacker attempts to speculate your password. They regularly submit your login credentials till they arrive at the right login username and password.

Such attacks are generally performed by computer networks, which target thousands of users on Instagram.

People conducting these attacks buy lists of passwords from leaked sources, which include commonly used passwords.

A brute force attack can be targeted on you if your Instagram email account and password from a different service are leaked online.

Or else, you might be quite popular or have a nice Instagram profile that someone wants to get into with some extra effort.

You can avoid brute force attacks in these two ways:

  • By activating two-factor authentication or 2FA on your Instagram account
  • By using a unique password that you have not used on another application or service

4. It’s a malicious message (phishing attack)

This Instagram message could also be a fake one, even though it seems real. This is why you should be careful online.

Phishing emails are the ones that have a link to a webpage that is managed by the hacker.

It is concealed with the platform you use, which is Instagram in your case.

Even if you might feel that it is an authentic email, it is not. Hackers use advanced techniques in order to make the Instagram message look legit.

They do so by giving it the same feel and look of an Instagram email, including the layout, colors, and logo of Instagram.

However, you must be wondering as to why they have sent you a message saying, “Sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging into Instagram. We can help you get straight back into your account.”

In this email, the hackers can add a link to a website that looks like Instagram.

Here, you will unknowingly enter your actual password in the fake passphrase field, thus revealing it to the hacker.

Moreover, there are other types of phishing emails apart from signup notification emails. These include copyrights violation charges, account hacking claims, or verified badge offers.

Therefore, you must always question if any email that you get is genuine or not and take steps to verify it.

How can I Tell if an Instagram Email is Authentic?

Now, Instagram enables you to confirm if the email that you get is actually sent by Instagram or not. This is done via a new feature, which is provided in the settings of your Instagram account.

You first have to go to ‘Settings,’ then to ‘Security,’ and then to the section of ‘Emails from Instagram.’

How can I verify emails from Instagram

Here, you can view all the latest legitimate emails sent to you by Instagram in the last two weeks. These emails include your sign-up locations and your Instagram account security.

A representative of Instagram stated that users should not click on a link that they get within an email, which is said to be from the Instagram app if they cannot verify its authenticity.

And, in case you have mistakenly clicked on a suspicious link and think that your account is hacked, then you can get help from the Instagram help center to secure your account.

You can also report such emails to Instagram on their support email address, that is, [email protected].

Does Instagram always send you an email when you try to log in?

Instagram follows several security features in order to safeguard your account. Email notifications are one such security method the app uses.

Users of Instagram might sometimes get notifications on their phone or email about an unusual sign in attempt or “suspicious activity” on Instagram.

sign in attempt or “suspicious activity” on Instagram.

This generally happens when someone tries to sign in to an account from a new browser, device, or location. Instagram monitors your IP location, browser, and device in order to detect any odd practices.

This is why Instagram sends a sign in notification in case there is an attempt to log in from a new location and browser/device since it can be from an unauthorized person.

How to stop getting these messages

You can limit such emails or get rid of them altogether in two ways. These include:

  • You can alter the email address you use on Instagram: The email notifications you get can be stopped by doing so in case the hacker attempts to sign in to your Instagram account only through your email and does not know your password.
  • You can activate 2FA or two-factor authentication: This can be done via authentication applications, such as Google Authenticator or Authy, rather than via phone numbers. But, you can still get an email even after activating this feature.

Instagram login emails: Final Note

You must know the potential dangers to your Instagram account and how you can protect it from them in order to stay safe on this app.

This article tells you about the inexplicable login notification emails you might have been getting from a hacker and not Instagram.

Many Instagram users have received such messages. You can easily and quickly verify if these emails are genuine or not.

Plus, you can make a different or new email for your Instagram account as well as for your other social networking accounts.

This email should not be common, be difficult to figure out, and not be shown anywhere online.

You should also remove the feature of contact by email within your Instagram handle.

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