Welcome To CodeGuru

Published on: August 16, 2000
Last Updated: August 16, 2000

Welcome To CodeGuru

Published on: August 16, 2000
Last Updated: August 16, 2000

the number one developer site on the Internet!

EarthWeb Sites In Last Stage Of Redesign!!

Click here to take a peek at the new EarthWeb redesign ! Finally instead of going to a single site that tries to be all things to all developers (by throwing a few articles at each major category), you can now surf to a fully integrated suite of developer sites.

We’re talking best of breed here where you can have the very best sites for every major category of software development and hardware information all at your finger tips without you having to browse all over the Web looking for them! So whether it’s Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic or even hardware reviews, we’ve got it all here (and more) in one fully and seamlessly integrated site!

Special Note : While you can see lots of CodeGuru content in the new site it isn’t quite finished yet. Don’t be alarmed.

We’re working out a few kinks that obviously occur when you have a redesign of this magnitude. The CodeGuru content should be fully operational very shortly. Enjoy and thanks for all the support and patience while we’ve done this!!

Great Introductory Visual C++ / MFC Tutorials !

CodeGuru is obviously the number one “guru” site on the Internet for Visual C++ and MFC developers because we consistently have the most technical, in-depth articles covering the most advanced subjects in Visual C++ and Windows development. However, we’ve also had requests over the years to post tutorials in the different areas of Windows development (e.g., COM, database APIs, Shell extensions, etc.). Therefore, we’re kicking that off with a series entitled, appropriately enough, “Visual C++/MFC Tutorial”.

This series was contributed by Brian Martin and we start by posting his first lesson on “Behind the Scenes with Handles and Messages” . From there, we’ll post a different lesson each day until we’ve posted the full 7-lesson set.

Get Your Latest .NET Info Here !!

.NET Released on MSDN for Everyone!!

The very day Microsoft released its highly touted .NET framework on MSDN for its Universal and Professional subscribers we let you know. Well guess what?! As Christopher Thibeault just wrote in to tell us, the Microsoft .NET platform is now available for download by everyone!

Simply click here to start learning the .NET technologies (.NET runtime, C# compiler .ASP+, etc.) today! Thanks Christopher!

.NET Tools – First Professional C# Editor

Now that .NET is finally available to the masses, we have started a new section specifically for tools that aid you in developing the next generation of Windows and distributed applications.

The first such tool is the very first professional C# editor called the Antechinus C# Editor from C Point. This editor is already a favorite of many developers (such as myself) that have been using C# since it began in alpha and has the following features:

  • Attractive Alternative To Command-line Compiling
  • It supports the C# programming language color-coded syntax and allows you to compile and run applications from the integrated environment.
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • 2 levels of bookmarks
  • Brace matching
  • Syntax error navigation after compiling
  • Customizable color-scheme for syntax elements
  • Split windows for easy simultaneous editing of multiple parts of the same source code file
  • Visual Studio-like “auto-indent”

20 Windows .NET And C# Questions with Jeffrey Richter

Well known programmer, author and teacher, Jeffrey Richter fields 20 questions about .NET and C# from our CodeGuru readers! Click here to see a transcript of the questions and his answers.

Microsoft .NET Information Resources

While many new technologies take quite a while to assert themselves in the minds of developers and in the marketplace, Microsoft’s .NET initiative has already started getting a lot of attention.

To that extent, here is a great page of links to .NET resources such as newsgroups, mailing lists, training seminars and the like that will keep even the most information-starved programmer up to date on these new and exciting technologies.

One thing to also note is that this page was started by Robert Scoble and is contributed to by numerous resources (including our own CodeGuru readers!!) therefore, making it a truly community effort!

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