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15 Best Website Downloader Tools in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: November 26, 2023
Last Updated: November 26, 2023

15 Best Website Downloader Tools in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: November 26, 2023
Last Updated: November 26, 2023

In a hurry?
The best website downloader tool in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Archivarix!

In search of the best website downloader which can be used for downloading or making websites available for offline use?

If yes, then this article is for you as it concisely offers various options of the best-known and efficient website savers in the emerging technology market.

Please continue reading to get more details on which one to download and why, how to download and use it. 

Best Website Downloader Tools in 2024

There are tons of website savers and downloaders out there but finding the best ones that perform the task adequately can be daunting.

This article will enhance the search by eliminating the stress of downloading the wrong tool.

The very best website downloaders are listed below with their featured so that you may select the right one for use.

  1. Archivarix – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Local Website Archive
  3. Cyotek WebCopy
  4. SiteSucker
  5. Website Ripper Copier
  6. Website Downloader
  7. HTTrack Website Copier
  8. SitePuller
  9. SurfOffline
  10. Website eXtractor

1. Archivarix


The Archivarix software is straightforward to use and also offers a great user experience. Archivaris provide tools that can be used to copy websites and more.

Other tools provided are the WordPress plugin for restoring a website from a Wayback machine and downloading a live website.  

Another exciting feature of this tool is that it can download websites that have previously been available online but have now been taken down.

Nonetheless, this feature is only possible if the website has been captured by the web archive Wayback Machine. 

2. Local Website Archive

Local Website Archive 

The Local website Archive stores information from the web on the computer drive to be used later when offline. It is a product of Aignesberger Software and not their only product.

Site watcher, AM-Note, AM-deadlink are among other inventions of Aignesberger Software. The local website archive is one of the best devices for downloading a complete website for use offline.

Among other site downloaders, this software stands out because it offers speed and performs multiple functions.

These features include fast and improved performance, the ability to archive downloaded websites and save as a PDF document, functions as ad-blocker, duplicate finder, rating document, checking web pages for updates, read or unread pages, ignore unwanted content with their filter system, and so on.

This list of beautiful features by this tool given above is not exhaustive, but it will all be available to only paid users. There exist two versions of this application.

They are the free and paid version. Although the free version will also perform essential functions, the paid version offers the best value since all the features are made available.

Above all, setting up this application is relatively easy and free of viruses, according to research. The versions 14.0, 16.3 (free version), and 12.2. are commonly used among others 

3. Cyotek WebCopy

Cyotek WebCopy 

This application can be downloaded at no cost and is also simple to operate. Although this tool is free, it offers excellent service to consumers.

Nevertheless, Cyotek WebCopy has limitations. Websites made with JavaScript are not supported by this tool. 

Cyotek WebCopy reads the HTML of websites, fetches all associated pages, images, files, videos, and safely downloads them into the user devices.

This ensures that what is downloaded is the same as what is saved, at least during that download period. There must be no difference between locally saved files and original files on the websites except there is an update or changes. 

Some users prefer this tool because of its simplistic nature and others because it is free 

4. SiteSucker


The SiteSucker application is a technological asset that allows an entire website to be downloaded, used for offline purposes, and shared with friends and families who might not be available to view it at that time.

Mac and iOS support it just like other Macintosh applications. The method used by Sitesucker to avail its users with offline website content is top-notch. These offline or saved website pages appear or display just as if users are online 

With SiteSucker, online resources like video, images, pages, and other files can be saved offline. They ideally create an identical copy of the site, protect and ensure availability to users even when there is no internet connection   

SiteSucker is available for use by many nations since it is built with various international languages. There exists the pro version of this tool with improved features. 

5. Website Ripper Copier

Website Ripper Copier 

This application is arguably a leading tool for downloading or saving online website content for use locally.

As a powerful and multifunctional tool that offers high speed and other incredible features, users highly rated it. Website Ripper Copier is capable of downloading large amounts of web content.

They also download web pages, entire websites and provide other excellent features. Sharing and moving saved website contents are also made easy and supported by Website Ripper Copier. 

The Website Ripper Copier is not free. However, the price is not outrageous considering its quality and features. It is a modern tool that supports all recent programs, copying and crawling them effectively.

It supports a wide range of software programs and tools. Some are JavaScript, ASPX, ASP, JSP, PHP, HTML, FTP, AJAX websites, web proxy servers, extraction of links from scripts, cookies, authentication, etc. 

Other features of Website Ripper Copier include pages saved with the downloader, which can be viewed instantly as a tapped anti-pop-up local document.

Downloaded websites or web pages on a local drive can easily be saved or copied to flash, USB, CD, VCD, etc., and will continue to open successfully on other devices. 

Up to a thousand or more files can be downloaded, more than fifty connections allowed at a time, files are saved with resumption support, website assets like images, videos, MP3, or any files on the site can be extracted optimally, websites also copy in part through filters, websites or web pages protected with the password can also be downloaded.

Protected website credentials can also be saved for future crawls. 

6. Website Downloader

Website Downloader 

Website Downloader is also a simple but advanced function tool that can download any part or all of a website.

It is an online tool that provides a quick preview of all web assets loaded from pasted links.

It also saves device space or memory and enables web pages and website downloads available to users. 

Downloading of websites for urgent needs is catered for by Website Downloader since it doesn’t require any software download or configuration.

This tool might be online-based, but it can save all needed web assets into local storage. JavaScript files, images, and other web contents are made available for offline use on user devices.

It is also exciting to note that all these features come at no cost as Website Downloader is an online tool and is entirely free. 

A free website downloader like this is effective when backing up a website either due to a break in the server or getting hacked since it can easily download an entire website. 

7. HTTrack Website Copier

HTTrack Website Copier 

Javier Roche, 23years originally developed HTTrack ago and attained stability about four (4) years in 2017. Just like other website copiers, it offers instrumental values to users.

It can be used to create a local copy of a website by merely copying the URL of the website.

It securely downloads web pages, images, CSS and JS files until all the URL has been crawled and that signifies that nothing is available. 

This has been a helpful tool that allows many users to download or save an online page or other web materials for offline purposes.

It works by downloading the website from the relative link structure derived from the original site.

The issue with this tool is that it seems to be outdated as there has been no recent update done since 2017.  

HTTrack is also capable of updating existing sites and resuming discontinued downloads. It is configurable and has an integrated help system.

Another exciting thing about HTTrack copiers is that their file sizes are small. This tool is quick to install and easy to use. 

8. SitePuller


The Sitepuller cannot be overlooked when compiling a list of web downloaders or copiers. It is also an online tool that does not require any software to run. It can be assessed using any browser or operating system.

This tool can successfully identify web files linked to webpages through its ability to crawl through a website link structure. It easily converts a website to a zip file in minutes.

Sitepuller offers an additional advantage which allows users to download web contents that are no longer available through the Wayback Machine.

Templates of websites can also be copied using this tool. The following are the file types that can be downloaded or saved for offline use.

HTML files or HTML pages, Images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, SVG, ico), Cascading style sheets, Javascripts (js), video, and icons. The SitePuller also supports website download on Mac, PC, or local hard drive.

Wizard zips downloaded websites. With the aid of the ripper, no file is left unduplicated. With all these features, one can vehemently categorize SitePuller among the excellent website cloners. 

9. SurfOffline


This software has a simple interface to conveniently download web pages or a whole website to a local drive for offline use.

Surfoffline is capable of downloading up to about 100 files or more at the same time.

To prevent the stress of having to wait for long to download documents or images, Surfoffline offers a great chance.

It is indeed an incredible feat achieved by Suroffline as users can quickly set their own downloading rule via the wizard-like interface.

This web downloader tool can also download a website partially or entirely and save it accordingly on the local hard drive.

The robust feature coupled with the convenient interface provided by Surfoffline makes it unique and different from other similar tools. 

During the downloading process, users can pause or resume the download to remove unwanted web content at any time. This is as a result of the download manager that comes with the program.

This tool supports HTTP, FTP, CSS, Proxy servers, SSL (HTTPS), JavaScript, and Macromedia flash. It is a paid tool that works well on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

10. Website eXtractor

Website eXtractor 

This is yet another tool that downloads part of a website or a whole website. The design of this tool is simple and easy to operate.

Using this downloader for the first time is relatively easy and poses no difficulty to new users. Website eXtractor does not have its website yet. It cannot be downloaded without an intermediary.

Since it doesn’t have a website of its own, developers may need to do a little or nothing while it works. It is not too good for a paid tool not to have a website of its own.  

The Website eXtractor is a handy tool. Researchers, students, business executives, journalists, and others utilize this program to carry out their activities successfully.

Its performance is top-notch as it can also download 100 files at a time with speed and convenience.

Another significant benefit is its ability to change HTML links to corresponding names, i.e., it converts the original web addresses of the downloaded content into lessons that work locally on user devices.

This feature allows users to quickly move or transfer downloaded files or the entire website to other hard drives, CD-ROM, floppy disks, or other devices.

With Website eXtractor, users can download websites precisely the way they want them by removing the parts that are not needed. 

11. Web2Disk 


Web2Disk is the easiest way to capture or make websites available for offline use. It also allows a website to be copied directly into a USB Disk, CD, or other storage devices for easy access.

Moving folders with this web content from one storage device to another don’t break the site since relative links are being used.

Once this has been achieved, no internet is needed to visit the website or view the web page subsequently. This tool, like most others, is not free.

It comes with a price, but a free trial can be used to examine how well it works. If, after the trial, you’re satisfied with the services they offer, you can then progress to subscribe. 

12. Offline Explorer 

Offline Explorer 

The offline explorer is used to make an unlimited download of websites like HTTPS, Web, FTP, etc.

Accessing downloaded links or websites is efficient with offline explorer despite having the capacity to download up to 500 files simultaneously.

By virtue of this, it can download websites with extensive data ideally without any error. It’s pretty expensive to acquire compared to other downloaders on this list which are free or almost free. The price to access this tool is put at $79.

However, this tool has many advanced features that are unique and make up for the price. It is easy and flexible to navigate, and with its chromium engine, it’s able to capture social media sites. It also can prioritize files.

Websites and pages downloaded with an offline explorer can easily be edited, browsed, or viewed offline due to developed web features. It works by creating a static offline copy of ASP or ASPX and SharePoint. 

13. WebWhacker 


The WebWhacker 5.0 has been deployed by internet users to convert online website pages to an offline format, which can be accessed without an internet connection. It has been in existence for some time ago.

WebWhacker is built to perform some great features like sieving unimportant information to save space, creating a duplicate of the directory structure of the website to be downloaded, find a broken link, save URLs permanently, organize web information into folders, and so on.

WebWhacker costs $50 to use and also has a free trial version which can be downloaded and used for sometimes. 

14. Webscrapbook 


The Webscrapbook is the only extension on the list which performs similar functions to other tools listed.

It is the browser extension preferred by many users and, in fact, a Firefox browser extension that can be used to download or save websites.

These websites are then made available on local storage for offline access. They can also be shared or copied to other memory devices. 

Webscrapbook is entirely free to use. All one has to do is install and start using it. It is highly configured to give users a great experience 

15. NCollector Studio 

NCollector Studio 

The NCollector Studio is a multipurpose tool produced by Colluna Software. It doesn’t consume space and works accurately.

It is one of the best applications used in converting websites to document and saved for offline use. Likewise, it is a versatile and straightforward application that can serve a wide range of functions.

This tool may not be as popular as other downloaders listed in this article, but it’s perfect for professional and home users. Before NCollector studio can be available for use, it must be downloaded and installed 

After this installation, the search feature can find and download photos, videos, documents, audio files. The offline browser will save a functional backup copy of the website.

There is also a website crawler wizard, which helps to limit downloaded links and configure and control the number of pages to be scanned. 

What Are Website Downloaders? 

Website downloaders are computer programs, scripts, or software that allows for easy access of websites locally on a device either by downloading its pages or saving them.

Website for or web page downloaders are online crawlers that enable you to download a website even without software sometimes and make it available on a device locally.

A web site downloader, just like a crawler sends multiple requests, continually scrap internal URL until no new one is present, generates web pages and eventually save on a local drive for offline use.

There are various ways in which crawlers can be built. This can be achieved through the use of python or proxies. 

  • How to Create a Web Crawler Using Selenium and Proxies 
  • Building a Web Crawler Using Python 

Anyone interested in coding can acquire the knowledge. Coding is not always as complicated as people perceive it to be.

It all depends on how much the person is willing to develop or be grounded. It just involved learning the basics of different programming languages like sending HTTP

requests, etc. People sometimes prefer to save website pages from being viewed later without using an internet connection due to many reasons.

People download web pages to save internet data subscriptions and make web content available to friends or others who are not frequently online to view them. It might also be due to limited or intermittent internet connection.

It should be, however, noted that whenever websites or pages are saved, it ages quickly since any update on the websites or pages does not affect the saved copy.  


The most used, free, and paid best website downloaders have been listed above. They all have a common function of downloading websites online and saving them for offline use.

Some have additional features or advantages over others but choosing the best one for individuals depends on varying factors peculiar to every individual.

While some might be looking for the most affordable ones, others might opt for a specific feature irrespective of its cost.

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