We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt Instagram

We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt Instagram (2024 Update)

Published on: May 22, 2023
Last Updated: May 22, 2023

We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt Instagram (2024 Update)

Published on: May 22, 2023
Last Updated: May 22, 2023


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In the modern world, almost everyone is using social media apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Although we operate them regularly, many of us have concerns about their safety. 

Many people on this platform continue to have security concerns. They are worried when they received an error; Instagram we detected an unusual login attempt.

Instagram is currently growing and releasing new upgrades regularly. It has also released features like two-factor authentication to put a stop to this sort of difficulty encountered by its consumers.

When you use this function, you can be certain that your profile is secured by an additional level of protection. 

A Possible Cause of the “we detected an unusual login attempt“ on Instagram

We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt Instagram

Are you perplexed about what’s going on with your Instagram profile? Are you not sure why you received the error; Instagram we detected an unusual login attempt?

If yes, then it is because Instagram informs you about a questionable login session when it suspects anything is wrong with your login behavior and wants to ensure the confidentiality of the information.

The reasons why you are receiving this notification from Instagram include: 

When you or someone else makes a new log-in request from a region other than your normal one, Instagram flags it as a questionable login session.

Because Instagram cannot identify if it is you or somebody else attempting to log in, you will get this notice immediately after you start the Instagram app.

Even if you checked in from a new area, this notification message will appear to guarantee your account’s security. If it’s not you, but some unidentified individual, you’ve got an issue on your shoulders.

Whether someone has been spotted attempting to get into your profile or not, panicking will not help.

You’ll need to understand why you received an error, what it may be, and what you can do to stay cool and fix the issue with minimum loss.

What Might It Be?

To continue, consider how an unauthorized person may have acquired a login in the first place. It can occur in a variety of ways:


You might be a victim of a phishing attempt in which your account and credentials were hijacked. It does happen.

When you followed a link and submitted your information on a convincingly fraudulent Instagram login form.

Password Stealing

Antivirus can also be used to acquire passwords. A lot of malicious software, for example, includes a keylogger, which is software that, as the name implies, captures keystrokes on the computer.

If you installed malware that records keystrokes, attackers now have access to every login detail you’ve used until the day.

Theft of an Access Token

Someone may have stolen your access token. To prevent having to provide your username and password when you permanently sign in to Instagram, the app maintains a little chunk of login details, known as an access token, on your desktop.

If a malicious hacker obtains a genuine token, they will be able to access the account rather than using a login and password.

Login with a Different Device

It’s also possible that you signed on to Instagram from another device; at a wedding, at a coffee shop, or in a reception area, and then forgot to check out.

For example, if you end up signing off from your profile on a gadget that you subsequently sell or give away, you may be granted access to your account with someone else.

How to Resolve a Suspicious Instagram Login Attempt

Now that you’ve identified the potential reasons, it’s time to take action. 

Are You Already Logged in to Your Account?

If your Instagram profile is already open, you will get a message; Instagram we detected an unusual login attempt. When you tap on the error, you get two choices on your screen. 

If you are the one who logged in to the new device, you can select “this was me.” If you believe someone else attempted to log in, choose “This wasn’t me.”

If you choose this wasn’t me, you’ll be brought to the password-change page.

You may change your password there. Next time, make sure you use a complex passcode that cannot be readily guessed.

That’s all. Even if someone has signed in to your profile, they will be instantly logged out after you reset the credentials.

Are You Not Already Logged into Your Account?

If you haven’t previously logged into your Instagram profile, then first log in to the system, but not via the link in the alert, as it might direct you to a phishing site.

Use the official Instagram app or type the website into your browser directly. If the login works, then observe these steps right away:

Sign Out Your Account from All Devices

Log out your account from all devices straight away. On Instagram, you will have to individually end each session under the account logins menu.

Your existing device’s session will continue to be active.

Verify Your Settings

Verify your contact information and e-mail address in your settings menu; hackers can modify that data to obtain codes or credentials to manipulate login details.

Restore them if they already changed them.

Change Credential

Create a strong password that is unique to you and that you may not use anywhere else. If you’re concerned about losing track of your passwords, use a password manager, which may also assist you in coming up with a perfect password combination.

Enable Authentication 

Enable two-factor authentication to make it even more difficult for malicious hackers to breach into your accounts, even if they have your login details.

Use Authentic Antivirus Software 

Examine all of your gadgets with a trustworthy antivirus to verify that they are malware-free.

Are You not Logged in to Your Account? and Unable to Log in Now

We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt Instagram

In several situations, individuals discover they’ve been hijacked when they are abruptly unable to enter into their accounts.

That’s because, in far too many situations, the first thing a criminal does is reset passwords, thus shutting out the victim and obtaining total control over the hijacked account.

Even in that case, don’t panic. You still have a lot of options. Take a long, long breath. It is critical to take action as soon as possible and to prioritize your efforts.

Try Resetting the Password

Try changing your passcode. If you start swiftly enough, the hackers might not get enough time to disconnect your email from your account.

Inform Others

Inform as many people as possible that your account has been compromised. Make contact with friends and family. Share a Facebook post.

People will be less likely to fall for fraudsters’ tactics when they notice your account has been compromised and attackers begin issuing demands on your behalf, such as notifying everyone in your contact list that you have a crisis and desperately need cash.

Scan Your Gadgets

Use an antivirus program to examine your device for viruses that might be exploited to steal other software’s credentials.

Unlink Other Services Associated with Your Instagram Account

Compile a list of the most significant services linked to your hijacked account.

Remember all of the websites to which you have logged in with this account, as well as any that have sent account recovery emails to this account.

Log in to such services and disconnect them from the compromised account.

Contact Support

Since this has already occurred to you, the ideal outcome is that Instagram support will assist you.

If you are unable to log in just because your profile has been entirely hijacked, contact the support staff, who will walk you through the authentication requirements to reclaim your profile.

If somehow the customer service team is unable to assist you, you may try to report your account as fake to have it closed down.

How to Avoid Becoming a Hacker’s Victim

instagram hackers

It’s ideal to keep fraudsters out of your accounts in the first place. As a consequence, even if you are not a target of a scam, make sure your passwords are secure. You can make sure of it by: 

Use Strong Password

Use complex and unique passwords; and if the login session wasn’t from you, you should instantly reset your Instagram password.

Furthermore, updating your Instagram password on a constant schedule will keep your profile from being hijacked.

Using a strong password implies that it contains uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters that cannot be quickly guessed.

Two Factor Authentication

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram is an additional security feature that ensures no one else can log in to your Instagram profile but you.

Use Authentic Antivirus

Install a dependable security program on all of your gadgets. It is critical to select a program that will not only detect viruses but will also notify you if the passwords for any site you use have been compromised.

Stay Safe and Secure on Instagram 

Because social media networks contain so much valuable personal information, they are vulnerable to hacking efforts.

Setting up a two-factor authentication method for your account is the best approach to keeping it secure.

If you are still notified of any suspicious behavior, like Instagram we detected an unusual login attempt then reset your password immediately.

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