Best VPN for Egypt

5 Best Egypt VPN in 2024 (Free & Paid Servers)

Published on: June 14, 2023
Last Updated: June 14, 2023

5 Best Egypt VPN in 2024 (Free & Paid Servers)

Published on: June 14, 2023
Last Updated: June 14, 2023


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In a hurry?
The best VPN for Egypt in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is NordVPN!

Looking for an Egypt VPN service?

Which will keep you cyber safe, keep you updated about world news and let you enjoy all the content you love?

Then keep scrolling, you might be surprised how much the right VPN can help you on your trip to Egypt.

Egypt’s government has many laws and restrictions limiting user internet access.

The government of Egypt has blocked nearly more than 60 websites. Majority of them being News channels that operate outside Egypt.

Residents of Egypt experience low internet connectivity due to factors such as slow speeds and government censorship.

Luckily, listed below are the best and most reliable VPN for Egypt to let you enjoy internet streaming while you visit Egypt.

Best VPN for Egypt in 2024

  1. NordVPN – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Surfshark
  3. Atlas VPN
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. Private Internet Access

1. NordVPN


When visiting a country with many internet restrictions, keeping your identity anonymous while surfing the Internet is ideal.

Using NordVPN is a safe and prompt solution to keep your data safe.

NordVPN is a top choice as a VPN for Egypt due to its strict no-logs policy, i.e., which means your browsing history, transactions, or any online activity will not be recorded.

👉 Get NordVPN FREE!

  • NordVPN is the industry leader (by a long way)
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Superfast speeds
  • 5,442+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Next-generation military-grade encryption
  • DoubleVPN, double privacy
  • 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: Safety, security, anonymity & peace of mind
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad & iOS, Linux, routers, Apple TV, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

👉 Get NordVPN FREE!

NordVPN is based in Panama, a country with minimal internet restrictions.

NordVPN operates around 5500 fast and reliable servers distributed amongst around 60 countries.

Thus enforcing NordVPN’s widespread network access.

This allows users to relocate to areas where they can freely and safely use the Internet without the worry of being flagged or blocked from websites, which is ideal for someone looking to access news channels in Cairo.

While there are currently no servers in Egypt, NordVPN still leads with its excellent service and technology.

When there is uncertainty, choosing a VPN that believes in transparency is excellent.

NordVPN is the leading VPN due to its clear services, known technology, and transpierce.

NordVPN has military-grade AES-256-bit encryption and has recently introduced a threat protection feature.

This feature makes its exceptional VPN for Egypt because once you enable it in the settings, it will automatically start making your internet smoother and safer without having to connect to a VPN.

This is ideal due to the Internet barriers in Egypt. It also blocks and naturalizes any cyber threats before they can get a hold of any sort of your data.

NordVPN is known for its optimum security. The privacy provided by NordVPN exceeds others in the market.

The “Double VPN” feature is one of the main reasons for NordVPN’s rise in popularity.

Its highlights double security by routing data through two servers, ensuring safe encryption while not disrupting the connection.

NordVPN also has an automatic kill switch. Which means your data is well encrypted in case of new internet disconnection.

By passing geo-restrictions, NordVPN will make your internet streaming smooth and fast. 

NordVPN’s state-of-the-art Nordlynx technology allows users to experience super speeds, allowing better performance.

Alongside that, NordVPN is easily compatible with all Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

It even works with Amazon Fire TV. It’s even great for a big family or group since it allows the connection of 6 devices at a time.

2. Surfshark


Another leading VPN for Egypt is none other than Surfshark.

It takes its place as a top VPN for Egypt for various reasons. As mentioned previously, there are many blocked and restricted websites in Egypt. 

Thus, this British Virgin Island-based VPN makes it easy for Egyptians to access diverse channels due to its privacy-friendly laws.

Surfshark’s widespread server reaches up to 65 countries, including Egypt. 

Due to limited VPN companies operating in Cairo, SurfShark takes the lead with its diverse and expanded reach.

This means SurfShark is both beneficial for Egyptians residing outside Egypt and within its walls.

👉 Try Surfshark FREE

  • Surfshark is the best budget VPN
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 3200+ servers in 95 countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: private browsing on a budget
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iOS, Linux, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

Surfsharks leads in security for its users. SurfShark uses 256-bit AES encryption.

Each of Surfshark’s 3200 servers is Ram based, ensuring your data remains safe even while servers are shut off.

It also has a no-log policy and a for-kill switch feature that ensures all your data and browsing history aren’t accessible by others.

 Surfshark comes with a MultiHop feature. This allows users to simultaneously connect to two different VPN servers.

This allows its users easily stream the Internet with an additional layer of security by hiding their real location.

Hence, encrypt each user’s data, making it unobtainable to cyber threats. This emphasizes the safety and anonymity of their users.

Surfshark is known for its functional tools and a user-friendly app. With its many security features, Surfshark does not comprise in speed.

The Multihop feature secures data and provides its users with increased internet speeds.

It has Wireguard technology that gives its users the rapid speed for browsing, streaming, and even gaming. Surfshark is also known for its high adaptability.

If you want to stream your favorite shows without disruption or blockage, SurfShark is the VPN for you.

Especially as a VPN for Egypt, the NoBorder streaming will let you bypass Egypt blocks, which will allow you to access many streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

One of the main features Surfshark provides is it allows connection to unlimited devices from a single subscription.

This allows you to secure all devices in a household or workplace.

Though it may seem costly to some people, its security and features bypass other VPN providers in the market.

3. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN’s exceptional performance makes it one leading Egypt VPN service.

Currently, it has 750 servers in 38 countries, but don’t let the small network fool you.

Atlas VPN’s free features and optimum security for even the free users surpass other VPN services.

Atlas VPN has quickly grown in popularity, launched in 2019, being relatively new to the industry.

As there is a competitive market, Atlas VPN offers a ‘freemium’ with substantial features, paving its way up the tycoon market.

The free version of Atlas VPN comprises most features it offers paid users.

👉 Get Atlas VPN FREE

  • Atlas VPN is the best free VPN
  • Privacy Pro servers
  • 750 servers in 40+ locations
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: people seeking a freemium VPN
  • Compatible with: Windows, MacOS, Android, iPhone & iOS, Android TV, Fire TV Stick

In Egypt, you are looking for a VPN service that can secure your data, unblock news channels, and allow you to stream with ease.

Atlas VPN uses military-grade data encryption, which is also available in its free version.

It also offers the no-log feature, automatic kill switch, and ad blockers.

That to all included in its free version. This makes it a prime choice for someone who hasn’t committed to a single VPN.

The main limitation of its free version is that you can only access three server locations Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York.

So, if you require a VPN to access news channels or smooth your streaming, Atlas VPN is a top VPN for Egypt.

Furthermore, if you need a VPN for other services, with Atlas VPN’s paid version, you can access all 750 servers, which allows access to diverse channels and shows with high-end speed.

Some of the excellent features that made Atlas VPN gain popularity is its SafeSwap feature.

This enables IP address rotation, ensuring all your data is secure and encrypted while you access it.

Another feature is its SafeBrowse feature which automatically protects your device from dangerous servers and quickly picks up on hacks or breaches. All with its powerful data encryption.

Atlas VPN also uses the industry-leading Wireguard technology, which improves streaming speed, which is relatively poor in Egypt.

Alongside that, it doesn’t limit the number of devices per subscription.

This means whether you are on the go or at home, enjoy safe internet access, news, or streaming on how many devices you please.

4. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is another top-rated VPN. It is recommended for its safety features and is one of the fastest VPNs.

For smooth internet access and high-end speed, Express VPN checks all the boxes.

ExpressVPN uses Lightway technology allowing its users to promptly access information and stream videos without interruption, making Express VPN a great asset to business owners.

ExpressVPN provides SSL-secured 246-bit encryption. This enables high-end security without compromising on speed.

Your IP address doesn’t slow down even when you stream from popular websites.

This is important for a VPN for Egypt due to the slow connection service in Egypt.

Alongside its speed, Express VPN offers many premium features. It ensures encryption at all levels by operating on complete RAM-based servers.

ExpressVPN has a large network of over 4000 networks, alongside a wide reach of 94 countries, including Egypt.

Making its way to the number one VPN for Egypt.

Besides the unbeatable speed, ExpressVPN offers DNS leak protection and a kill switch. Thus, making it as reliable as it is fast.

ExpressVPN’s split-tunneling tool is also at a premium. It is available for multiple brands such as Android, Windows, and macOS.

One of the main features of Express VPN Offers is that it provides a user-friendly App for all devices, including Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Smart TV, and Game consoles.

They also provide 24-7 live chat support through email, making it a great choice for new users.

The downside of ExpressVPN is that it is costlier and can only connect 3 devices at a time. If you’re looking for a VPN for personal use, this is the one for you.

5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is one of the oldest and most trustworthy VPNs in the market.

If you haven’t had any luck with other VPNs for Egypt, then Private Internet Access is worth trying.

With its excellent reputation, it is one of the most reliable VPN services on the market.

Private Internet Access has over 30,000+ servers available in 94 different countries.

This US-based VPN can easily unblock global news channels by providing IP addresses worldwide.

You can access Egyptian content while staying abroad. Likewise, you can stay in touch with the world during your time in Egypt.

Alongside its wide reach, Private Internet Access provides its user’s security at all levels. It has an impressive AES 256-bit encryption.

Taking users’ privacy and security to the next level, PIA has a court-proven no logs policy.

It is also equipped with a functional kill switch and has protection against DNS leaks. Private Internet Access is also advanced in its technology.

The VPN provides a built-in Ad – blocker named MACE. MACE, alongside ads, blocks trackers and malicious websites.

It even offers an advanced split tunneling feature, ensuring all your data is well protected and not accessible by cyber threats.

With all its features, a key feature is that it doesn’t compromise on speed.

With low connection stability in Egypt, Private Internet Access surpasses all connection obstacles.

Make sure you can easily access torrent channels from Egypt. With Private Internet Access, you can access up to 10 devices with a single subscription.

The VPN also provides a well-designed app compatible with most devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

With the app, you can access many advanced settings, making PIA One of the most customizable VPNs on the market.

The only downside is that it is a paid-only service and is more targeted toward technology experts.

How to Access News Channels While in Egypt?

With strict laws in Egypt, many news channels and articles are flagged and banned from accessible to residents with Egyptian IP addresses.

However, the prompt solution to access worldwide content while you stay in Egypt is with a trustworthy VPN server.

This article only lists the promptest VPNs with reliable and secure servers available for Egypt.

Choose any of the above VPNs and start enjoying your Internet freedom in Egypt today.

1. Download and install the most efficient VPN for Egypt from above.

2. Complete the registration, and then go to the list of server locations.

3. Pick a server from a country with minimal network restrictions, such as USA or Panama, then select the ‘connect’ button.

4. Once you have successfully connected, search news on any browsers or open new channels as you please.


Why Should I Use a VPN for Egypt?

While traveling to a foreign country, securing all your data is important, as you are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations.

VPN is a great way to enhance your online security while keeping your data private. This makes all the streaming you do become anonymous.

In Egypt, you may experience various geo-blocks that limit your access to news channels and social media. Social apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, and FaceTime are also blocked in Egypt.

As a foreigner, having a VPN is important to stay well connected with family members abroad. Likewise, it is convenient for Egyptians to communicate with family and friends from different countries.

Not only does a VPN for Egypt help dismiss location-based restrictions, but it’s also a way to ensure your safety.

Unintentionally connecting to public networks can give cybercriminals access to your data. That’s why using a VPN encrypts all data from your device and the internet.

Is There A Free VPN That Works in Egypt?

While there are many free VPNs on the market, you may find limitations while using them.

Paid VPNs allow you to access multiple IP addresses and servers while maintaining optimum speed.

While choosing a paid VPN service, you are risk-free from cyber threats through the premium features offered.

In Egypt, since there is the worry of cyber threats and you may face many media limitations, choosing a safe and reliable VPN is wise.

Overall inexperienced users shouldn’t trust any free VPN service they come across, as some might be scams and cyber threats. It is wise to choose a well-known VPN service.

Although such services appear to be free, they may have hidden fees you might not know until you use them.

Also, due to the slow connectivity present in Egypt, it is smart to choose a fast VPN service that ensures smooth streaming without interruptions.

With a free VPN service, you may face internet blocks.

That’s why choosing a Paid VPN service with complete transparency and guarantees privacy, security, and speed is wise.

Is It Legal to Use a VPN in Egypt?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN in Egypt. however, Egypt is well connected and will easily block VPN services.

This is why you should choose a strong VPN for Egypt with strong protocols that can out rule the blockage. It all depends on how safe and fast your VPN provider is.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;


Through the Internet, you can connect with the world with a touch of your fingers.

But sometimes, you face situations where you can’t access the content you love.

In this article, you will find that solution. This list was written to make it easier for you to find the best VPN in Egypt.

While these VPNs are highly trusted in the market, you must research to understand your requirements before selecting a VPN provider.

Each VPN service mentioned above in this article has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try each of these VPNs risk-free.

This makes them ideal for you if you are trying out new VPNs until you find the one that suits you.

Overall of all these Egypt VPN services, NordVPN is our top recommendation. It’s affordable and has main features that surpass other VPNs in the market.

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