Best Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate Agents

7 Best Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

7 Best Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

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The best virtual staging software in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Virtual Staging Solutions!

In 2024, there is no right method for real estate agents to display a home, apartment, or room. Many formats, from 3D graphics to virtual tours, are supported by most platforms.

The availability of cutting-edge tools has made it possible for anyone with little technical knowledge to execute high-quality post-production processes.

Potential buyers might better envision themselves in the space with the help of virtual staging.

Most real estate brokers will use sophisticated photo editing software or mobile apps to give their listings an edge over the competition. 

Several viable alternatives to physical staging can be implemented virtually.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best virtual staging software for real estate agents that can be purchased right now.

Best Virtual Staging Software 2024

  1. Virtual Staging Solutions – 🏆 Winner!
  2. VHT Studios
  3. iStaging
  4. Styldod
  5. VisualStager
  6. Apply Design
  7. BoxBrownie

1. Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtual Staging Solutions

When it comes to real estate virtual staging, Virtual Staging Solutions has you covered from start to finish.

Over the past decade, the business has virtually staged over 100,000 homes. Their work can motivate purchasers and increase property sales at a reasonable cost.

They maintain a furniture and design style archive. You have the option of picking out every item of furniture for your room or having them pick it out for you.

All the pictures are of the best quality and are expertly produced. Request free revisions if you’d want to make any changes.

Furthermore, the organization provides promotional resources to assist you in differentiating yourself from competing agents.

  • Advantageous virtual building capabilities
  • Printed copies are available
  • Order in bulk and save
  • Guaranteed revisions and refunds
  • Extremely costly
  • Basic restrictions for virtual staging

Who Is Virtual Staging Solutions Best For?

If you’re a real estate agent looking to maximize your commission, VSS is your tool.

Real estate agents and brokers can utilize it, but it’s not the quickest, cheapest, or best option for selling homes.

Construction and architectural professionals will benefit most from VSS because of this. 

Using virtual construction and remodeling services, architects, designers, and builders may quickly and easily create visuals and blueprints for upcoming projects.

The bulk discounts are accessible for orders of more than ten pictures, which would benefit construction firms that might require tens of photos at a time.

Custom Designs For Each Property

The majority of their clients are happy to let the experts handle everything. However, Virtual Staging Solutions offers a solution for those eager to select their furnishings.

You can choose each and every item of furnishings that will be used to stage your images from their extensive furniture library.

Alternatively, you can choose from various generic themes and furniture packages.

Expert Designers, You Can Trust

VSS understands that to achieve our goals. We must assemble a competent team. For a house staging to pass muster as expertly designed, it is necessary to hire designers.

To ensure that the photographs VSS take of your property will pique the interest of potential buyers, they employ only the most skilled interior designers.


Virtual Staging Solutions’ whole price list is as follows:

  • $159 per image for a virtual makeover
  • $299 per image for a 3D virtual structure
  • Prices for prints vary from $15 to $55 and depend on dimensions.
  • Virtual staging pricing: $75 per photograph, with packages ranging in price from $300 to $693 (Full pricing below)

2. VHT Studios

VHT Studios

Agencies and real estate firms of all sizes can take advantage of VHT Studios’ photography, videography, and image advisory services for real estate.

VHT can provide nationwide photography and virtual staging platforms because of its contracts with local pros and does all post-production work in-house.

Real estate brokers that use images and videos for advertising their listings in brochures, on listing web pages, and on social media may find VHT Studios very useful.

This firm may also help you carry out your plans for open houses by producing high-quality videos and photographs. Extremely costly
Basic restrictions for virtual staging

  • Actual-world real estate photos
  • A wide selection of editing options
  • Stock photography and video production
  • Three different photographic bundles
  • Layouts and virtual tours of houses
  • Numerous virtual home staging plans to choose from
  • The availability of personalized service packages for commercial photography
  • High costs associated with virtual property staging
  • There is a lack of transparency regarding the cost of professional photography.

VHT Studios Pricing And Services

VHT Studios calls itself a “real estate virtual staging and business solutions provider,” and its website lists its numerous offerings in three distinct categories: “agents,” “brokers,” and “commercial brokers.”

Find below a complete index of all the products and services promoted on their site:

  • Real estate photography costs from $119 and $829, depending on the zip code.
  • Photos were taken by a drone: $229–$329

A complete price list for virtual staging is as follows:

  • Decorate for $199 a piece
  • Painting, $59 a piece
  • Decluttering: $99 per picture
  • Stage: $79 for each image
  • $39 per photo for virtual twilight

3. iStaging


Regarding do-it-yourself staging options, iStaging is among the best and most cost-effective.

A virtual showroom can be constructed with panoramas, 3D tours, and individualized virtual excursions.

Membership to the online editing system, a smartphone capture app, and Google Street View are all yours for just $5 per month. 

You’ll have access to tools like an on-demand blur and the ability to generate virtual worlds to host live tours.

iStaging lacks the power of more expensive suites, but it’s easy to use and doesn’t cost much. There’s plenty of room to set up a digital backdrop for your listing images.

  • The use of artificial intelligence to create 3D content
  • Video conferencing in real time
  • Consider the demographics of your target market.
  • Initiate successful advertising efforts.
  • Some negative user reviews
  • A bit technical for starters

Quick Sharing

Whether by email, IM, social media, a portal, a customer relationship management system, a listing page, a QR code, or any other method, your virtual tour is immediately available to be shared with clients on iStaging.

If you want additional and better-qualified leads, include the experience on your webpage and promote it on listing websites.


The software is fantastic for doing virtual tours and setting up sets, and you can pick a plan that works for you.

The showroom offers the following pricing tiers: For only $5/month, Pay for Usage digitizes homes with the help of smartphone photography, online editing tools, and Google Maps-style street views.

Pay-as-you-go pricing starts at $55/month for Standard, which includes advanced tagging, a live video communication channel, and a complimentary onboarding session.

The Business plan, which costs $95 a month, adds sub-account management, a conference tool, a narrator function, and extensive analytics to everything the Standard plan offers.

4. Styldod


Styldod’s automated 3D modeling and virtual staging capabilities make it the first design-tech business of its kind.

Successful real estate agents in the United States have enlisted our services to assist them digitally staging their properties for sale. 

  • Professionals photographers
  • Fast turnaround (within 24 hours)
  • The prices are reasonable, and there are no additional fees.
  • Authentic, high-definition visuals
  • Popular themes in contemporary interior design
  • Unlimited rewrites at no cost
  • Unclear pricing structure
  • No professional stagers

Virtual staging services from Styldod can help you get the most money for your listings.

Styldod’s staff of professional photographers can make any property look stunning in photos.

Your real estate listing will stand out from the crowd with the help of Styldod Virtual Staging.

Any area, no matter how intricate or large, can be captured and rendered digitally as prints or movies.

Styldod’s Virtual Renovation may also modernize a house’s framework, including the flooring, walls, kitchen, ceiling, and outdoor space.

In addition to increasing the listing’s attractiveness, this also aids potential buyers in visualizing themselves in the area.

3D Renderings, Floor Plans, And 360° Tours

Since Styldod considers itself a “design tech” firm, it provides a few more services beyond those offered by standard staging businesses.

They offer precise floor plans, 3D models, 360-degree virtual tours, and Matterport virtual staging (staging the Matterport 3D tour).

All of these extras are invaluable in promoting your property listing.

Before making a purchase, you should check out the caliber of Styldod’s other renderings and tours.

Styldod’s Pricing

The complete list of Styldod’s offered services includes:

  • Prices for virtual staging range from $16 to $19 per image, with a minimum order of 8 photographs.
  • Cost of professional virtual staging per image for businesses: $24
  • Using Matterport’s virtual staging, you can save money on every spot for just $25.
  • A virtual renovation costs between $5 and $15 for each photo, depending on the number of changes made.

5. VisualStager


When it comes to virtual house staging, VisualStager is by far the most well-known option. Its low price and user-friendliness make it a top pick.

Like a do-it-yourself stage, it lets you show off your staging images and get fast downloads of them.

To do this, select a standard or 360-degree photograph, upload it to the site, crop out any unwanted objects, and replace them with those purchased from the online store.

Select from more than five thousand pieces of furniture with a few taps, swipes, and drops.

You can store your staged images as JPGs or upload them to a shared cloud-based property website.

  • Simple to initiate
  • Plans and layouts are editable.
  • Move objects by dragging and dropping them
  • Use 2D and 3D modeling software to see how designs will look.
  • Revision limitations
  • Limited customer support

What Does VisualStager Offer?

Even though VisualStager is not free virtual staging software, the company offers a free demo edition with a restricted set of functions that can be used for virtual house staging.

The furniture can be moved about in the demo, but new pieces cannot be added.

Create an account to access all of VisualStager’s features and choose from more than 5,000 pieces of furniture and accessories.

You may find guidance on both keyboard and touch interfaces here.

The house staging program’s key benefit is that it may be used without downloading or installing any other software. This software can be used on any platform.

Those real estate agents and brokers who need to sell a client’s property quickly but don’t have the funds or inclination to hire a virtual staging company will find this program invaluable.

Photographers can use this to build their resumes.


You can use VisualStager to stage an empty home all on your own. They can even edit your photos to exclude any existing furnishings.

Once a home has been staged, you can post JPG photographs of each room online, add them to an MLS listing, or make a Flare to show potential buyers.

Single property websites, like Flare, enable potential buyers to see the furnished and unfurnished house and move and reposition the furniture to make it feel more like home.


Ten prepaid credits for a single photo shoot:

  • $15.00/10 credits;
  • $59/50 credits;
  • $99/100 credits;
  • 269$/300credits;
White Label Lite Plan:
  • $15 per month or $10 per month if paid annually;
White Label Standard:
  • Monthly payments of $30 or $20 if paid annually

 6. Apply Design

Apply Design

To assist real estate agents and photographers get more listings and sell homes quickly, they can use Apply Design, a user-friendly DIY virtual staging tool.

To virtually set up a scene, you must first upload a photo from any device by dragging and dropping it into the app’s 3D editor.

You can design the inside of a room even if there is nothing, and the results will look so lifelike that you will assume they were done by a professional.

Use the program’s user-friendly editor to arrange furniture and plants in a room as you see appropriate.

  • The feature “supports 2D and 360-degree photos 
  • Permits total command and an infinite number of edits.
  • It provides a global platform for live performances.
  • Not enough high-end furniture is available.
  • Listing images are uploaded via an Apply Coin system.

Photographers and real estate brokers who aren’t design experts can benefit from this. Apply Design offers curated room sets that combine furniture, art, lighting, and more seamlessly.

DIY real estate staging software like this can produce a professionally prepared shot in as little as 20 minutes, while similar services can take up to 72 hours to complete just four virtual stagings.

Professional staging services are available for as little as $7 to $10 per image (you must use coins to upload).


  • Start at only $7 per picture.
  • Each Apply Coin can be purchased for $10, with a maximum of $9 coins being purchased at once.
  • When buying 10–20 Apply Coins, each coin is only $8.
  • The price per Apply Coin drops to $7 for orders of 20 or more.
  • One Apply Coin is required to upload a 2D picture.
  • The fee to upload a 360-degree photo is 2 AC.

7. BoxBrownie


Users of BoxBrownie can build 3D walkthroughs of their businesses using this powerful visual staging software for realtors.

Real estate listings can also benefit from the site’s extensive collection of high-quality, expertly-taken photographs. 

BoxBrownie’s strong point is its comprehensive collection of templates, which covers a wide range of different kinds of characteristics.

In this approach, real estate brokers will always be able to discover something appropriate for the properties they offer for sale.

The setup process is likewise quite simple and does not require prior experience.

Even though there is no free version of BoxBrownie, real estate brokers can try it out for free for 14 days before committing to a paid annual plan.

In addition, users can’t add their libraries and must purchase models to use in their presentations.

  • Quick turnaround time of fewer than two days
  • The only fully automated render submission system
  • Highly affordable rates
  • Accessible in a wide variety of tongues and locales
  • There are no recurring fees; you only pay for what you use
  • The quality is inconsistent
  • Inability to zoom in on preview images
  • The turnaround times are not always reliable.

Quality Virtual Staging

Most people have seen an MLS listing with virtual staging so cartoonish that the couch is only half as big as it should be and is angled in such a way that it reminds them of the Penrose stairs.

With BoxBrownie, you won’t have to worry about that happening.

You may get a feel for virtual staging by exploring their site, which is filled with examples.

However, they are a terrific place to go if you want to virtually stage a few spaces on your listing for a low charge.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The BoxBrownie website makes it simple to submit and track your ideas. Since no membership fees are associated with signing up and looking around, there is no cost to do either.

Services are offered on a “pay as you go” basis. Most service providers don’t provide bundles. 

Imprinting your brokerage’s name and logo on floor plans and tours is also an option. Numerous major brands’ identities have already been established in their system.

Turnaround Time

You can expect your order to be filled as quickly as humanly possible by the service. It’s tough to pick a leader when it can take them up to 48 hours to finish a project (or 24 hours for simpler tasks).

According to reviews, BoxBrownie can usually fulfill orders within 10 hours.

Pricing for BoxBrownie

  • $2.00 per picture
  • Object removal costs $5-10.
  • Virtual staging costs more than $30.
  • Day to Dusk: $5,000
  • Costs more than $30 for blueprints

Concluding Thoughts

Some of the top virtual staging real estate software on the market were discussed in this guide.

Real estate buyers frequently rely on pictures, videos, and other forms of visual representation when making purchases.

When virtual home staging software isn’t cutting it, hire a pro. Agents in the real estate industry rely significantly on desktop and mobile app technologies for collaboration and creativity.

These software provide various real estate editing solutions, from virtual staging to decluttering, if you find the programs too difficult to use on your own.

You may learn more about the company’s real estate editing skills and how they can help your marketing efforts by perusing its portfolio and pages.

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