Viewer Boss Review – Can it Help Your Twitch Popularity?

Last Updated: December 27, 2020

Twitch has quickly become a popular social network for video gamers and other live streams about popular topics. The good thing is that the network is still emerging, so it doesn’t feel as big and informal as other heavy-hitting social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. 

With this tight-knit community on Twitch comes a great opportunity to expand your followers and gain more stream views; when you have a lot of loyal followers who view your streams on a regular basis, you have a great chance of becoming a hit on Twitch, then having the chance to monetize the platform. 

Because the need has grown, many social media growth companies have expanded to offer Twitch services for stream views and followers, as well as engagement methods that help to grow your reputation on the platform. 

One of those companies, Viewer Boss, has been discussed recently, so we did our research to provide you with a Viewer Boss review to help make your decision about Twitch growth a bit easier.

Let’s go!

Features and Functionality 

Viewer Boss Features

Viewer Boss offers a bot that perpetuates views on your Twitch account, which they claim to be the best way to boost your Twitch channel. 

On their website, they claim that they “have worked a lot to make this bot realestic and suitiable to serve you.” First of all, they should probably use a spell checker for their website and make sure it’s correct and professional. It leads people to wonder— can a website with basic typos really provide a suitable Twitch bot that won’t get your account banned, but get you more views?

There are actually a lot of basic typos the more that you read through the pages. It’s off-putting, although that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t offer something valuable, right? 

Unfortunately, the service of Viewer Boss leaves much to be desired in terms of Twitch growth. They claim to have tested their algorithms “a lot of times, it’s working perfectly without any under deliveries.” 

They claim to keep up with the changes of Twitch, and that it’s the most stable, but the problem with bots is that none of them are stable and none can keep up with Twitch algorithm changes because they are against the terms of use. 

They offer monthly packages of bot services from €20 all the way up to €400, and they also have a disclaimer on each package that says “we can update features and prices on any time.” What does that mean? Are they going to deny services from their customers whenever they feel like? 

Another odd thing about all their packages is the “there is no limit” stipulation. This is listed under their packages, but they don’t explain what it references. No limit to what? 

Viewer Boss claims no banning and no detection from Twitch, but Twitch is ahead of the curve and can detect these types of bots; they put this claim on their page because they want customers to feel at ease, but they cannot promise this. 

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Why Bots Don’t Work On Twitch 

Twitch bot

Bots don’t work on Twitch, period. When you have a service like Viewer Boss that claims to give you 500 viewers, 500 chatbot, and 5000 followers, they are not perpetuating anything real or valuable. All of these are fake engagements and won’t do anything for your Twitch account other than perhaps get you in trouble. 

Not only that, these views and followers won’t engage, so they’re virtually pointless when you consider the results that you’ll gain from them. There are actually a lot of negative reviews about Viewer Boss, many of which claim that it’s a scam altogether. 

Their support system is done by chat, and they are not ever online. That means if you have a problem with your bot or service functionality (which you will), you won’t be able to gain any support from the Viewer Boss team. 

In addition, Twitch itself has a page about viewership botting and fake engagement. They take this type of thing very seriously and will take action if you are found to be using these types of services. 

Viewer Boss tries to push this aside through their claim of no detection, but it’s simply not valid. 

Review Conclusion

Don’t risk it. Viewer Boss is not a viable option for Twitch growth. They offer another Twitch bot that is actively monitored by Twitch and will only bring you headaches and even problems on the platform. 

It’s not worth throwing your money away for a Twitch service that offers expensive packages without real results. 

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