VidIQ Review: Does It Boost Your Views & Subscribers?

VidIQ Review 2024: Does It Boost Your Views & Subscribers?

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

VidIQ Review 2024: Does It Boost Your Views & Subscribers?

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

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VidIQ Review 2024

As a YouTube creator, you know that growing your channel is essential to success. VidIQ helps with this by giving you the ability to search for videos and channels of people just like you! It also has tools that will help grow your channel as well.

This is a review of VidIQ, the new YouTube automation tool that helps you grow your channel by suggesting topics to cover and finding influencers in those areas.

It also has some great analytics features for tracking progress on your channel. While there are many ways to grow your YouTube channel, this tool makes it easier than ever.

Read more in this VidiQ review to find out more about how VidIQ can help grow your channel.

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What Is VidIQ?

VidIQ Review - logo

VidIQ is a YouTube management suite that helps brands to get more views, subscribers, uploads on the platform.

VidIQ claims to be an “end-to-end solution” capable of tackling marketing challenges in addition to other areas such as thumbnail creation or generating tags for videos. 

Many creators rely on tools like VidIQ, which bills themselves as helping viewers with things from thumbnail generation up through managing followers’ growth.

With so many different features this service offers it can help you gain more insight into your content’s viewership while also advising how best to manage people viewing your channel (followers).

Below is some aspect where VidIQ can be useful:

VidIQ Overview

VidIQ Overview

VidIQt provides unique tools to assist with brand awareness, content creation, and general channel growth.

Their Chrome browser extensions come with ratings, SEO scores for videos on YouTube or Vimeo, and keyword research, among other features, all of which are available in the VidIQ web app too.

The founders hope to make it easier for video producers worldwide by helping them achieve more views through insights into what audiences want from different types of content.


VidIQ Analytics

VidIQ is the fastest and easiest way to find out what’s working on your channel.

It provides all of the data you need in one place with its browser extension, web application, and mobile app so that nothing gets missed while browsing YouTube or Periscope for new content ideas.

VidIQ has a simple process where any user signs up through their website or Facebook page then installs VidIQ’s free Chrome Extension, which will gather every video watched across multiple platforms, including Youtube, Instagram TV as well as live broadcasts from platforms like Twitter-Periscope.

Then they can choose if they want this information emailed once per week (including an analytics report) OR view it right within Chromium Browser itself – making quick decisions much easier.

Browser Extension

VidIQ’s Scorecard is a robust tool for understanding how your videos are doing.

The Scorecard features rank, views per hour, and total views, as well as the duration of time spent on each video to help you determine which ones deserve more attention from consumers or need an update to improve performance.

The social media section of the page features statistics about Reddit and Facebook engagements. Twitter data sits just above this on a panel at the top left corner.

Historical performance information is available to paying users only; popular trending videos are shown here too for them and free viewers alike. 

Hovering over any given statistic brings up more in-depth details about views per hour or 48 hours depending on which you click first – hovering over “Views” will show how many people watched that video within those time frames while hovering over “Minutes Watched” displays how long each viewer spent watching it before either clicking away from the clip or tabbing out entirely.

The Channel Audit tool on YouTube suggests videos to “double down” based on views per hour and subscribers gained.

In addition, it shows top search terms, as well as improving videos that are going viral.

Web Application

VidIQ’s web application provides helpful insights for you to use.

For example, with the analytics tab, VidIQ tracks your views and demographics of viewers and other statistics that are unique to the website or app.

VidIQ Web Application

This information is useful in determining what content will be most successful with your audience. 

In addition, the video tab displays individual videos on a timeline list where they can see not only how many people had watched it but also when there was an increase in viewership or likes from those who watch it first hand;

this allows them to analyze their work better and fix any errors if need be while still being able to tell which type of audiences enjoy watching their channel’s brand of entertainment best at different periods throughout the day – all without having distractions like Facebook notifications. 

Bulk Updates

Batch editing is now a breeze with VidIQ. The platform supports the bulk copying of cards and end screens so that you can update all your videos in one go.

With this time-saving feature on hand, updating videos will be quick and easy to do, no matter how many there are.

Comment Management

With VidIQ, you can create templates for your most commonly asked questions and comments.

For example, suppose a particular question comes up all the time, like “what’s the quickest way to reach 1,000 subs?” You could answer with that very template which reads: “1,000 Subs? No problem.”

Competitor Research

The Scorecard is a browser extension for YouTube that allows you to compare your channel with others.

The extensions show insights, stats, and ratings about each video on the platform, including total views, cumulative views of all videos in their playlist or feed, subs (the number of subscribers), and uploads. 

You can also use it as an app at, which goes into more detail by letting viewers see trends across different periods, such as daily trending videos from last week compared to this day’s most popular content.

In addition, users can show insight on what other channels they follow while comparing themselves against them.

Data Backup 

With VidIQ, you can download all videos alongside channel meta-data to a CSV file.

Demonetization Prevention

YouTube is filled with videos that are demonetized because of keywords and phrases in the metadata.

VidIQ, a company founded by two ex-Google employees who were experts on YouTube’s algorithm, has developed an app called “Vid IQ” to help you identify words or phrases which might cause your video to be disapproved for monetization purposes before it goes live so that producers have time to make changes if they need to.

Marketing & Social Media

VidIQ’s Facebook Syndication feature is amazing.

You can now post a video to your page from YouTube without having to copy the link and paste it in; select VidIQ as an app on your account settings for both accounts – then, with one click, you’ll be able to send that video directly there.

SEO & Keywords

An understanding of SEO techniques is a must for anyone on YouTube.

The goal of search engine optimization is to enhance your rankings, make your channel easy to discover and give it relevancy as some parameters are improved upon such as top-ranking tags, keyword count in title/description sections; word count; or creating suggestions for related content at the end screens or external referral links from this one.

VidIQ SEO & Keywords

VidIQ is a web app that provides actionable keyword insights for YouTube videos, including search volume and competition.

It also allows users to see keywords from competitors with a free account. In addition, the Keyword Inspector displays trending-related queries so you can keep up-to-date on what people are searching for. 

Tag Management

VidIQ Tags

VidIQ is an innovative platform that makes it easy for users to manage tags. It has a Scorecard that lists popular terms, and you can copy these by clicking the paperclip icon or download them as a CSV file.

You can also translate, reorganize, and create tag templates on YouTube videos’ pages with this tool. If not satisfied enough yet? VidIQ offers recommendations of new words too!

Thumbnail Generation

VidIQ’s custom thumbnail editor is the most effective way to stand out in a sea of thumbnails and increase your click-through rates.

All you have to do is select one still from video footage, add text or shapes using different styles like black on white for contrast, then save it with an easy button press. 

Tips & Insights

VidIQ is a YouTube channel that has hundreds of videos for aspiring YouTubers. In addition, it features different types of content, from tips and tricks to interviews with other successful creators on the platform.

VidIQ also provides strategies and resources within its blog posts so you can learn more about what it takes to be an influencer in this digital age!

Video Optimization

Your actions can be properly identified with video optimization. There are about ten items on the list, which shows on all videos.

Additional Features

Trend Alerts is a great tool for monitoring your competitors, keeping tabs on viral and breakout videos.

Watch out when you see an upswing in views per hour because it might be time to create something just as catchy, if not better! Set notifications so that Trend Alert can keep track of trending topics by day, week, or month with email alerts – watch the trends rise before your eyes.

There is a button on the YouTube app called “Most Viewed.” This feature helps you discover videos that are trending with all of their filters.

In addition, you can search for specific terms, categories, countries, and more to find what’s performing well.

If you’re a YouTube content creator, the Achievements feature is for you.

It helps track your accolades and insights about what’s working best on your channel. For example, it tells me that I reached 3,000 subscribers in September 2021.

The next milestone to note might be getting 100 million views or reaching 1 billion monthly watch hours—whatever floats your boat as long as it has something to do with creating great videos for our audience out there!

Share these achievements through Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn.

With the Description Campaign premium feature, VidIQ lets you promote your new videos with text and URLs to all of your video descriptions.

You can also monitor click-through rates on those links through’s shortened URL structure for various platforms like YouTube or Facebook Live, where most users are likely watching from these days!

VidIQ has an affiliate marketing program that pays recurring commissions up to 25% when one converts their friends into long time customers by recommending this web app as well as its affiliated products for them to be successful online too; there is no limit either, so it doesn’t have any expiration date, keep doing good work promoting what we offer here at VidIQ and reap the rewards monthly.

Missing Features

VidIQ is the absolute best YouTube tool you can find. It offers a myriad of benefits that will help any YouTuber better manage their channel and video content like never before; however, it does have some limitations compared to its main rival TubeBuddy.

For example, VidIQ’s comment template is great but only one-dimensional compared to six different functions offered by TubeBuddy. 

Additionally, bulk updates would be much more effective if they included changes made to metadata or playlists (which don’t currently exist).

Lastly, there are no mobile apps associated with this software nor integrated capabilities for other programs such as Patreon, which could provide rewards on top of partnerships and perks through third-party sites not affiliated directly with them.


VidIQ review - Pricing

VidIQ offers about four plans which are the Basic (offers a free version), Pro, Boost, and Enterprise. The average starting price per month is $7.50.

Also, note that ViidiQ doesn’t give discounts or offer coupons.

VidiQ Alternatives

1Media MisterVisit
3Buy Real MediaVisit

Affiliate Program

VidIQ is an amazing company with a wide variety of products to offer. They have one that specifically caters to the affiliate market and has some incredible perks, too!

You’ll be handsomely rewarded for sending traffic their way, as you can earn up 25% on each conversion depending on how many sales they make per month!

It’s not just about making money through the program also allows affiliates the opportunity to help VidIQ grow by providing feedback to improve any ideas or projects in the future.

Review Verdict

VidIQ is a YouTube creator tool with all the features you need to optimize your channel and videos.

It’s not just for data, analytics, or research either; it also helps with demonetization prevention so creators can keep making money on their channels without having to worry about being penalized by Google.

VidIQ works in both Chrome browser extension and web software which makes using them much easier than other apps because they’re user-friendly overall.

If you’re looking to grow your YouTube channel, VidIQ is a great place to start. It’s free and easy-to-use as it helps you find the best videos for your niche.

In addition, you’ll be able to see what content performs well on YouTube so that you can create more of those types of videos to attract new viewers and subscribers.

So give VidIQ a try today!

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