Using the Cloud to Successfully Impact Your Business

Last Updated: September 21, 2021



cloud computing
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Cloud computing is one of those catchphrases that you hear all the time but most people don’t really understand. This article hopes to bring you, as a business owner, up to speed on why cloud computing can successfully impact your business, and do so in some truly amazing ways.

Dealing with IT problems

Cloud computing can be instrumental in providing your business the ability to outsource nearly all of your IT work to an outside source. It will shift all the risks and burdens that you associate with an in-house IT infrastructure and effectively make your cloud provider take on all the risks and problems associated. This saves you time and money that can be spent on other key areas of your business.

Safety and Security

Many companies are reluctant to move their IT operations to the cloud, thinking that they need to keep it under under tight control for reasons of safety and security. The reality however is that even though you may give up some control by moving your IT operations to the cloud, you are letting a third party firm look after your data more securely than you ever could have. In addition, you’re giving up most of the headaches associated with running your IT department in-house.


One of the greatest benefits of moving to the cloud is financial. By taking this step, you cut operational costs to a flat and stable monthly fee and eliminate constant server environment changes. You also drastically reduce your need for IT support staff and save on energy use. Overall, this translates to you having more money to do other things with your business.

Greater employee productivity

Moving to the cloud allows greater collaboration among employees and generally increases their productivity. By turning to the cloud, your workers can more easily collaborate between themselves; access relevant documents and files more readily; and do this readily from almost anywhere on earth, from their office, home, or while traveling.

Greater business efficiency and flexibility

With cloud computing, your business can adapt more quickly to market conditions faster and with greater flexibility. When user demand rises or falls unexpectedly, cloud services can immediately be adjusted to meet the demand. This eliminates over- or under-provisioning and keeps the business on-track no matter what the demand.

Disaster resistance

Every computer user experiences loss of data at one time or another. Whether it’s because of an unexpected disaster, fire or a simple hard drive crashing, losing important data can be devastating to a business. Backing up is the usually accepted alternative, but occasionally backup devices can be lost as well. With cloud services, backing up is left to someone else entirely at a safe and secure off-site location.

Better competitiveness

Most businesses that use the cloud feel that it gives them a competitive advantage over their competition. The main reason quoted is that the cloud enables them to capitalise on opportunities faster than their competition. Businesses can develop products and bring them to market faster, and respond to customer needs more quickly.

Managing large data is easier

Traditional data storage of unusually large amounts of data can easily become difficult. It requires the hiring of outside specialists and can take many weeks to process. The cloud inherently provides the right tools so a business can sort through large amounts of data easily and quickly, without the necessity to hire additional personnel.

These are just some of the many reasons cloud computing can successfully impact your business. If you want your business to be successful in the 21st Century, cloud computing may be something you should take a look at more closely.

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