Upleap Review: What Is It and How to Get Started?

Last Updated: April 15, 2021

With Instagram being the most relevant photography and videography platform nowadays, it has become imperative to have a solid following in order for you to get acknowledged by prospective new clients for paid job offers.

Other perks of having a significant following on Instagram include influencer access, affiliate marketing, and brand sponsorship.

Throughout the years, I’ve gotten familiar with a bunch of different growth strategies that people use to boost their Instagram following like buying followers and likes or implementing bots, but it came to my attention that there’s a new tool that can do all the heavy lifting for you and help you garner more engagement and followers. Read my Upleap review to learn more.

What Exactly Is Upleap?

Upleap is a growth service that utilizes human account managers in order to help its user base grow their Instagram accounts faster using organic engagement strategies. Upleap is available for everyone, but I’d only advise using it if you’re a brand influencer or someone who’s planning to become one. In other words, Upleap is for people who have a purpose to fulfill on Instagram.

Getting Started With Upleap

Signing up for Upleap is a straightforward process. Initially, Upleap will offer you a free trial that spans three days without asking for your credit card information. Clicking on the sign-up icon on Upleap’s page will direct you to their “join” page where you’ll be asked to fill in your name, email address, and password. Shortly upon joining, you’ll receive the verification email.

Once you’ve created a new account, you’ll be asked to fill in your Instagram login credentials in order to get through Instagram’s API. Following that, the account wizard will pop up asking for a brief description of your Instagram account. Thereafter, you’ll need to fill in ten hashtags that are of relevance to account in order to target users that are interested in what you have to offer.

The next step will be to provide ten Instagram accounts that are relevant to what your account is all about. As you may have guessed, Upleap account managers will use this list of ten accounts to target their followings with your content. In addition, you can specify certain accounts that you don’t want Upleap account managers to interact with whatsoever.

Your final step will be to provide up to ten different locations so that Upleap target followers that are from these locations. Ideally, you want to provide Upleap with locations that have some sort of relevance to your business or brand. There’s also the option to cover entire continents rather than countries. Thereafter, your Upleap account manager will do all the hard work for you.

Upleap Subscription Plans

Once three-day free trial is concluded, you’ll have the option to pick between three subscription plans: lite, standard, or premium. Each plan implements different targeting tactics, with Premium being the fastest way you can about unlocking your account’s potential.

  • Lite ($39/Month and $349/Year) – The Lite subscription plan is an ideal option to go with if you want Upleap to manage your personal account or if you’re an upcoming influencer. This plan utilizes Account Manager, Target Similar Users, and Target Hashtags tactics.
  • Standard ($69/Month and $579/Year) – The Standard plan utilizes the same tactics that the Lite plan implements and adds two more in order to achieve faster growth. The other two strategies are View Instagram Stories and Faster Organic Growth.
  • Premium ($99/Month and $709/Year) – The Premium subscription plan is the fastest of the three. It’s the best option for influencers and businesses that are seeking the largest following they can garner. In addition to the growth strategies used in the Standard plan, the Premium plan uses Target Locations, Exclude Keywords, and Premium Support.

Follower Growth With Upleap

Based on my own results and the results I’ve gathered from a bunch of different user reviews, I can safely say that Upleap is a great way to boost your Instagram following. Also, I’m quite fond of the fact that Upleap chooses to work with all sorts and sizes of influencers. And the great thing about using Upleap is that their growth strategies don’t result in ‘Action Blocked’ notifications.

It’s important to keep in mind that your results will vary from other Upleap users because of the difference in content. There’s a lot of variables at play here, targeting strategies and niche can play major roles in the growth process. One thing is guaranteed, however, which is that Upleap is a safe way to grow your account’s following a lot faster than you’d do without it.

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Upleap Analytics Dashboard

Upleap provides its users with an analytics dashboard that helps them track the growth of their accounts. The dashboard displays your weekly, monthly, and yearly growth statistics in the form of graphs and charts that are easy to follow. Not only that, but Upleap also lets you know which hashtags performed the best and which didn’t in order to optimize your account accordingly.

Moreover, Upleap provides you with a picture of the growth manager assigned to your account. However, we wouldn’t put complete trust in these pictures as the majority of them look like stock pictures. Also, there’s not a lot of services that openly give out employee information, even if it’s just pictures. Whether these pictures are true or false is up in the air.

Speaking of account managers, you can’t really speak to yours directly because each account manager is assigned to about five accounts per day and it wouldn’t be very convenient for them to receive calls constantly as it will take away from their main focus, which is growing followers. You can, however, send tickets that will be replied to within days of sending them.


Upleap is a terrific service that’s worth checking out if you wish to take your Instagram following to the next level. Not to mention that the service is notably cheap, so you really have nothing to lose here. And according to numerous reviews and testimonies from different clients, Upleap is safe to use.

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