Twitter Automation: How to Capitalize

Many brands are fans of Twitter automation, but a lot of brands have managed to ruin their reputation because they didn’t do things right. You want to avoid damaging your brand if you plan on using Twitter automation. With that said, let’s discuss why you should use automation, what to avoid and tips on doing things properly.


Why Automate On Twitter

The main reason why you should use automation is because it’s a fast way to make sure you are using Twitter to its fullest potential, all without manually doing a bunch of things. For example, your business may have a presence on Twitter that has been growing, but if you’re doing things manually, then you’re probably spending a lot more time on Twitter-related tasks than you realize.

Automation allows you to do many tasks, such as following people, send out Tweets, re-tweets and more.

Pretty much anything that can be done manually on Twitter can be automated. This is why automation is a must for brands that want to build a strong presence on the site.


Twitter Automation: Things To Avoid

There are several things to avoid when diving into Twitter automation. The top ones include:


1. Being A Robot

Do not come off as a bot when using Twitter automation. If you respond to Tweets with the same old generic tweet or use the same 2-3 tweets, then your followers will eventually notice. If they know you’re using automation and your brand is more of a robot on the site than a real entity, then your brand’s reputation on Twitter can suffer. The truth is Twitter users want to feel like they are engaging with someone real, especially when reaching out to brands.

Here’s a tip, automate everything on Twitter, but a few times per week go back to doing stuff manually. That way you will still be giving your followers a personal touch, if that makes sense.


2. Create A Public Relations Nightmare

All it takes is one customer who has had a bad experience to engage with your brand on Twitter to create a PR nightmare. What we mean by this is a customer might ask you a question about their “bad experience” with your brand, and your automation tool generates a generic response that is inappropriate or completely irrelevant to the question. This can quickly go viral and before you know it, you’ll be dealing with a PR headache. In other words, pay attention to what people are saying to you on Twitter and respond appropriately.


3. Not Engaging With Others

You have to engage with your followers, especially customers. Take the time to personally respond to messages. If you never take the time to do this, then you’re asking for problems.


Twitter Automation: Tips To Keep In Mind

There are a few tips to keep in mind. These tips include:


1. Use Good Tools

Don’t settle on cheap or glitchy automation tools. Do your research and choose tools that have a good reputation and are packed with features that allow you to automate pretty much everything related to Twitter. This is how you’ll reap the benefits of Twitter automation.

Twesocial is a top-rated Twitter growth service. has lots of positive reviews from clients. Another tool you can check out is Tweeteev.


2. Be Consistent

Your brand has a voice, or it should have a voice, and it needs to be consistent. Even if you’re automated all of your tasks on Twitter, it is crucial to maintain your brand’s voice, otherwise people will take notice and will out you. Once again, this may lead to a public relations headache that people won’t soon forget. Find your brand’s voice and then stick to that voice with everything you do on the social media site, regardless if you automate or do things manually.


3. Listen To What Your Customers Are Saying

Listen carefully to what your Twitter followers are saying and take the time to address their concerns. Also, if you notice a common question or concern arising, then maybe schedule a post to automatically go out once per week or every so often that addresses those concerns.

Automated various tasks on Twitter can make things a whole lot easier for you. You have a brand to build and focusing all your efforts on Twitter (manually) can take precious time away from other tasks. Go ahead and start using Twitter automation today, but make sure you keep the above information in mind.

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