TwitchBooster Review – Real Twitch Growth?

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Twitch is an increasingly popular platform due to its live streams and ability to gain a lot of money on the platform through tips and in-stream rewards. It is also a place that users can find content they love related to their specific niche and interests, mostly geared towards video games, DJ music, and a variety of other topics. 

The main thing you need to become successful on Twitch is more followers and stream viewers, and this can take time to develop. Many people don’t have the time to invest in manual growth, and are looking to get some support from third parties who claim to be able to bring them more Twitch viewers and followers, among other engagements. 

There is one big problem with this approach— not all Twitch growth services are created equal, and some will provide no results even if you’ve paid for the service. This is why it’s important to get yourself informed about different growth services and see what people are saying about them. 

We’ve got all of our facts researched so that we can make your decision a little easier. Today we’re going to provide you with a TwitchBooster review so you can see whether or not it’ll be a viable option for real Twitch growth. 

How does it Work? 

TwitchBooster logo

TwitchBooster is a Twitch growth service that claims to send viewers of followers to a Twitch channel using “the safest Twitch services,” yet they don’t mention how they keep the services safe. Red flag #1. 

Later in the next sentence, they go on to describe that their followers and viewers are fully automated. These types of followers are never valuable and are only there to expand number counts, as they won’t help your Twitch growth at all. 

In any case, TwitchBooster still continues to offer their services, and you can find a range of packages on their website. A $3.95 package will bring you 100 Twitch followers by instant delivery. This same type of service package is repeated a variety of times for different numbers of followers as well as viewers and channel viewers. 

You don’t have to provide your Twitch account password, which is a good thing— at least your account will remain secure and you won’t have people logging in. 

Top-rated Growth Tools for Twitch

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Real Twitch Followers and Viewers? 

TwitchBooster Twitch Followers

One alarming thing about TwitchBoosters is that they claim to have 112 Trustpilot reviews and come in with 5 stars. Great right? Well, try to click on the link and view them for yourself— you can’t. There is no link to any Trustpilot. 

Don’t you think that if a company really has a total 5-star rating on a reputable site like Trustpilot they’d want to link to it? It doesn’t add up. 

These are all fake reviews. And what actually happens when you check out their Trustpilot is that a huge warning bar pops up from Trustpilot that says that a service like TwitchBooster should be used with caution and is not supported or recommended by Trustpilot. 

Alright. So their Trustpilot is not promising. What about their follower, viewer, and channel view quality? 

The package offerings claim that the Twitch followers, viewers, and channel views are “high quality,” but this is just code for fake; when you see this on social media growth sites and there is no explanation of how followers are gained, it means they’re fake and they needed a good buzzword to try and attract clients. 

Also, at the bottom of the website, there is a disclaimer that mentions they are not affiliated with nor authorized by Twitch. They are in no way related to Twitch and their services are not in line with the Twitch terms of use because they provide fake viewers and followers. This is a big no-no for your Twitch and they will flag your account because Twitch takes this very seriously. 

These followers and viewers ultimately do nothing for your account; they’re automated, so they won’t even view your content and they definitely won’t tip. They do nothing but boost your counts and also potentially get you in trouble with Twitch itself. 

Review Conclusion

TwitchBooster just sends over fake followers and viewers for Twitch, which won’t make you any more popular on Twitch and isn’t a long-term growth option for Twitch. It’s also not allowed by the Twitch platform, so it’s best to avoid a service like TwitchBooster. 

You need real followers and viewers to actually monetize your Twitch platform anyway, so buying from TwitchBooster won’t really help you out at all. 

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