Twiends Review: Grow Your Twitter Followers With Twiends!

Last Updated: March 24, 2021

With people’s growing fascination with twitter, it has become one of the top used platforms of communication on social media in the last few years.

That’s when the creation of Twiends was inspired.

Some even resorted to buying followers, and some have been working hard on honest, hard work networking to earn those followers. How about saying here: In this Twiends review, you’ll find everything you need to know about it.

Let’s jump right in.

An Overview of Twiends Features

Twiends has become increasingly famous because of the many unique features that distinguish it from other platforms that offer to increase your followers.

No Fake Users

Most of the other platforms out there offer you a certain amount of followers if you pay a specific price for them, which is against twitter rules and most of those followers turn out to be just a numbers game.

Most of the time they’re just fake followers that don’t interact with your tweets in any way, thus making them useless for anything but bragging about the number of followers you have.

With Twiends on the other hand, you get real followers that follow you because they are interested in what you tweet.

Location-Based Targeting

Twiends targets people by the country they live in, so you can easily find people who share the same interests to follow or for them to follow you and make friends with.

They inspect each and every new order to rule out any fake accounts. Any newly created accounts are closely monitored for the same reason. That way you end up with only real people to follow and have them follow you. They don’t allow on users without profile pictures for exactly that reason, no fake accounts.

Human Support

One of the great things about Twiends is that they offer a 24/7 human support to deal with any problems that you might face and to help assist you to make using it easier for you.


Twiends also closely monitors posts so you won’t come through any inappropriate tweets or images and they have a 0% policy for bullying.

Daily Stats

You can also see how much your account is being viewed and how people are interacting with your content through the daily stats that they offer.

You get to see exactly how many people followed you that day and alter your interaction to get the best possible result.

Total Control

If you’re like me, then you want to have total control over every aspect of your account.

Twiends Allows you have to have control over how many times your profile is displayed every day, who gets to see it, what their interests are, what region they live in, and what content they share.

That way you can speed up or speed down, stop, pause, or restart the process, whichever suits you.

You can also choose to display your profile on their blog, on other people’s pages, and even on their learning guide!

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Stand-out Features in Twiends

With a lot of platforms online that offer to increase your followers, you have to be sure of what you’re purchasing. So, what makes Twiends special?

You Get Exactly What You’re Looking For

If you need to increase the number of followers you have, then they have an easy way you can do that. If you’re looking for exposure, you can get your account displayed everywhere.

If you’re looking for new people to meet, just head over to the displayed accounts and find people who share the same interests. It’s all there!

If your twitter account is a business one, and you’re using it to reach clients or costumers, or even other businesses, Twiends gives you great exposure and makes sure a lot of people view your account. This way you reach your target audience in no time and without too much effort!

No Money Scams

You don’t get scammed into paying for stuff that you don’t want or ads that you don’t control! You get exactly what you paid for and you control where your money goes and how and when.

For example, when you pay for your account to be displayed a specific number of times, you have total control over where it is displayed, at what times, and how often. You can even pause, start and stop it at any time.


One of Twiends great advantages is that you get to customize your search as much as you want. It gives Twiends a unique edge over other platforms. You get to add each interest you have and it’ll give you a more detailed list of people that you’d actually enjoy following.

You wouldn’t want to go follow a whole bunch of people, with no common interests, and clutter up your dashboard with tweets and retweets about stuff you have no interest in reading about. This way, those you follow, add something interesting to your display.

Ease of Registration

Early on, you notice how easy it is to use Twiends. As early as the registration process in fact. You fill out a simple form and can be signed up in a few minutes.

Once you’re done with registration, you enter the reviewing phase. Twiends checks your account to make sure you’re a real person and that you don’t share any offensive content. According to their reviews, it doesn’t take long at all, and voila, you’re now a member!

The Downside of Twiends

Unlike buy followers, you don’t get a specific number of followers. The number of followers varies drastically depending on how much exposure you’re getting and if you enter the correct interests.

Even after reaching a number of followers, that number could end up decreasing again if people decide to unfollow you.

In Conclusion

After due research, I think that Twiends is one of the easiest ways out there, not only increase your followers, but also get the exposure you’re looking for whether you’re an individual or a business, and to also find new people that share your interests and live close by.

My favorite thing about it is that you’re in total control of every aspect of the platform. They don’t do anything, not even display your account, without you customizing how you want it to be displayed.


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