Twicsy Review – Lit New Company or Old Scam in Disguise?

Last Updated: July 11, 2021

We can say with confidence that Twicsy is not a reliable social media marketing service. Faulty presentation and digital trickery culminate in subpar delivery of promotional packages and bad, if existent at all, timing


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Twicsy – Lit New Company or Old Scam in Disguise?
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New companies in a certain field usually indicate competitiveness and a healthy industry. However, each emerging social media marketing agency raises a question – is it a scam that was shut down, only to resurface under a new name? We’ve heard about Twicsy and tried to find out which one was the case for them.

Growing your Instagram account can be very tricky, especially if you’re new on the big platform. Having a knack for the visuals, some quality content to offer, and a hefty amount of time to devote might sound as enough, but the reality is that there are two big hurdles in front of small-sized accounts that prevent them from growing.

The first obstacle is the users themselves. We’re all people and people are social animals. If there’s a bunch of people gathering around something, this immediately alerts everyone around that something worthwhile is happening and more people will come. People make the spectacle, and if there’s no one to participate already, others will skip it.

The same goes for social media. If no one else is engaging, the users will skip you.

The second obstacle is the platform itself. Instagram is a sprawling multitude of users and content governed by various algorithms more than living, intuitive moderators.

How does content get to users? By the will of the software, of course. Promotional services catch potential candidates for going viral by looking for traces of exponential growth. If you’re stuck with few followers, you’ll be run over by the others who’ve had more luck. Tough life.

All is not lost, though. An industry exists whose sole purpose is to help accounts rise and meet the challenge of growing on Instagram. Many have found solutions in their services.

Twicsy Review

However, as in every branch of human activity, there are scammers, fakes, and ill-intended organizations in social media promotion as well. Twicsy comes into picture claiming to be the real deal. But is it?

There’s the question we’re dealing with today. Is Twicsy a part of the industry which provides genuine assistance or the part that abuses the earned trust to earn quick bucks? Read more to find out.

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So, What’s Twicsy?


Twicsy is a service that claims to offer high-quality and premium Instagram likes, followers, and views that come from real accounts and help you launch your Instagram presence. With the capabilities to boost your page within mere minutes since you post your order, the Twicsy pitch sounds pretty amazing.

They claim to be one hundred percent legal and safe to use, on top of requiring zero sensitive info to start the promotion.

How quickly do the Twicsy orders arrive? Within 24 hours, the story goes. If true, this puts them in the top bracket in this aspect as well.

Top this with a full refund policy in the cases when the order does not get completely fulfilled and a 24/7 customer support that you can always contact and expect solutions, and you’ve got a mouth-watering offer that would be a waste to refuse.

Or would it? This simply sounds too good to be true. In fact, an offer like this should be premium and expensive, and if you look at the prices listed at the site it shows that they’re the cheapest service around. Some would say that this immediately raises some red flags.

All this and they’ve been around only for a week. A miracle or a fake? Oh, and one more thing. Written in small caps at the bottom of the page it says “powered by Buzzoid”. Things are beginning to make sense now.

Sloppy Presentation, or…?


Once you enter the site of Twicsy, you get greeted by a fancy homepage filled with details that highlight how good their services are. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. However, the devil’s in the details, and if you don’t get bought immediately and start exploring a bit you’ll spot some strange anomalies that shouldn’t happen to a site of such professional quality to which they pretend.

First things first. There are no names related to Twicsy. You can search every nook and cranny and find absolutely no information about anyone who leads the agency. There are no addresses, phone numbers, or anything else that you can use to pinpoint Twicsy to something real and existent. No reviews, no affiliate names, no partners. Why is that?

Oh, there’s a blog section with 5 entries! Perhaps more info there? No such luck, as the first blog entry is a generic “welcome, WordPress” nonsense, and 4 other posts with headlines that reveal Instagram secrets contain actual nonsense words and unfinished sentences that have been copied 4 times. Yes, all blog posts are copies of each other, with identical texts and different titles.

A couple more red flags, we have to admit. What’s with Twicsy? Why would they spend so much on such a good service only to deliver a sloppy presentation?

But what if the presentation isn’t sloppy, what if it’s only to hide that there’s not much truth behind what it shows?

Bad Performance with Worse Legacy

We’ve mentioned the Buzzoid tag at the bottom of the page. Why would Buzzoid power and support a company that offers exactly the same services as they already do themselves?

The answer is pretty clear. Buzzoid is notoriously shady. Having been smeared by the competition and roasted by their customers, Buzzoid carries a dark stain on their reputation. Disappearing followers? Check. Bot activity and fake accounts? Check. Non-existent communication? Check. Virtually every bad habit a social media marketing service can acquire could be found with Buzzoid. This is why they’ve been removed and abandoned.

Why would Twicsy accept such a support if they were a genuinely supportive service? No reasons whatsoever. It makes perfect sense for Buzzoid, however. How do you clear your reputation without actually improving your service? Easy: you change your name and start scamming again.

And as expected, the trademark issues and signature moves of Buzzoid come to surface with Twicsy also. We’ve bought the praised package of 100 followers. They’ve been around for as long as about the time we posted something again. Voila, the followers are gone. If they could be really called followers, that is. These accounts are obviously fakes, with generic names and no previous activity on Instagram.

That’s not high-quality service but (abysmally) low quality service. That’s not the best practice but signs of an elaborate scheme to take your money and provide nothing in return.

Silence After “Service”

Twicsy Instagram Followers

For those unfortunate enough to go past beyond the point of no return and commit to a payment, it soon becomes clear that they’ve been deceived. The obviously fake followers quickly dissipate and you’re left with little more than what you had before you made the deal with Twicsy.

What do you do? You have no names, no phone numbers or mails, only a rudimentary contact form that will most likely never deliver an answer back to you. What is the use of guarantees, refund policies, and whatnot if you can’t reach the purportedly “24/7” support service in any way?

Once you realize you’ve been scammed, it is too late. Twicsy’s only trace is the bitter aftertaste.


Money is not the only thing you put at risk when you decide to deliver your account into the hands of scammers. Even though you haven’t given your password away, you’ve painted a red mark onto your account for what are pretty obviously fake accounts and/or bot activity. 

This is worse than it sounds. Not only do they ruin your reputation with your honest, flesh-and-blood followers, but fake accounts also directly violate Instagram terms of agreement. In other words, Instagram security software will ultimately flag your account and introduce penalties that can escalate into your account being removed altogether from the platform.

Buzzoid’s dark secrets may be temporarily disguised into Twicsy, but the consequences of these cannot be hidden, covered, or played down.

Shady deals produce risks that serious content creators can’t allow themselves. After all, we’re all trying to make a lasting impression on Instagram, right?

Recommended Instagram Services

There are, however, some great services on the market which do the industry justice.

My favorites are Nitreo for growing your account with organic followers, and StormLikes, for buying real followers and likes Instantly. Check them out.

Review Conclusion

We can say with confidence that Twicsy is not a reliable social media marketing service. Faulty presentation and digital trickery culminate in subpar delivery of promotional packages and bad, if existent at all, timing of replies from the customer service that redeem too little, too late.

An extension of the infamous Buzzoid, Twicsy actively contributes to the bad reputation that follows the social media promotion industry, which is otherwise undeserved.

Please, do not take Twicsy as a representative for the group. Instead, commit to a more detailed analysis of your social growth candidate, because there are superb sites out there that are more than willing and more than capable to help you out on your journey to Instagram popularity.

Twicsy may be on the dark side of things, but that doesn’t mean that all forms of social media promotion are scams. On the contrary. Examples such as this should only serve to show how genuine effort from the industry’s prime examples earns trust from the customers and builds enduring bonds that outlast scammers.

In our honest opinion, Twicsy is not the right way. Take our advice and look elsewhere

Written by Jason

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