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A Review Of The New Tweeteev App 

If you are trying to build up your following on twitter, chances are you have or are thinking about investing in a growth service that can help build your following.

Tweeteev are one of a handful of services that have made the transition to offer consumers of their growth service an app that has the same level of functionality as their desktop site.

Their app is can change the way you manage your growth on the go and will make sure that you have up to date readings and metrics on your current growth strategy. 

What Is Tweeteev?

Tweeteev - Growth Service for Twitter

Twitter is the fastest paced social media platform out there; it moves at such a rate that businesses and influencers often struggle to gain a foothold or get noticed.

Tweeteev offer an organic growth service that can help get your twitter noticed by the audiences that you want to engage with through a mix of knowledge, skill and smart technology. There are no bots, no fake accounts, only real followers and genuine results. 

Will The App Work Across All My Devices?

Most of us are guilty of having more than one device, we often have phones, tablets and laptops all of which we often do the same thing on.

Previously, a lot of growth services were only operational on desktops and laptops alike, but Tweeteev have changed the game and made their app available to have on tablets and mobile.

Because you don’t directly download the software of tweeteev, it means that the app is stored in the cloud, which ensures you can use it across all of your devices.

You don’t have to change your mobile or your tablet in order to use it and even if your phone and tablet are of different brands, you can still use it consistently across both.

What makes this cloud based app really effective is that any changes you make on one device will be instantly reflected across all of your devices. So, you don’t have to remember the changes that you have made on your phone and then do the same on your desktop or laptop. 

Am I Limited By What Operating System I Use?

As aforementioned, the tweeteev app is stored in the cloud so it will comfortably work across operating systems from iOS to android. You don’t need to upgrade or change any of your devices to enable tweeteev to work.

Your devices don’t need to be the same brand either, which is even better as a lot of us don’t own the same brand of devices across the board. Tweeteev have made sure that all of their customers will benefit from their innovation and transition, but don’t worry you can still access the desktop version too. 

Final Thoughts 

The app itself looks like the system you are used to using on your desktop device, the interface is smooth and easy to use, and you don’t need to worry about what devices and operating systems you have.

All these facts make for a smooth app that will enable you to track your twitter growth and make any changes that you need to on the go.

All that is required is a good Wi-Fi connection or stable 4G connection and you’ll be able to adjust your growth strategy accordingly. Not many growth services have made the transition to an app based system, and tweeteev are currently ahead of the curve.

The fact that it is a cloud based system that doesn’t limit customers to what devices they have will only make the app better in future versions. 

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