The Types of Sales Content You Need to Generate More Leads & Close More Deals

Published on: April 27, 2022
Last Updated: October 12, 2022
Having the right type of content, and delivering it at the right time will help sales reps close more deals, and drive revenue to the company.
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Sales content is a vital part of any sales organization. From lead generation, to lead nurturing, to finally closing the deal, sales content is a critical part of sales process for any organization and determines how your company and it’s products are perceived, and whether or not a potential customer is going to do business with you.

Having the right type of content, and delivering it at the right time will help sales reps close more deals, and bigger deals, driving the lifeblood of any company – revenue. But what types of sales content should you be using? And where should it be used in the sales funnel? In this blog post, we will go over the different types of sales content and explain how they can help you close more deals.

What Is Sales Content And Why Is It Important?

Sales content refers to the sales materials that companies create to support their sales team. These materials may include sales presentations, sales letters, sales decks, and sales proposals.

The purpose of sales content is to help sales representatives better communicate the key benefits and selling points of a product or service to potential customers.

But beyond simply communicating these key selling points, sales content also needs to engage with potential customers on an emotional level and help them imagine how using the product or service could make their lives easier or more fulfilling. 

In this way, sales content plays an essential role in helping sales teams build relationships with potential clients and secure new sales. Whether it is through video, audio, text, or graphics, sales content not only educates potential customers but also persuades them to invest in the products or services being sold by a particular company.

And thus, it is one of the most important tools in any organization’s arsenal when it comes to winning new business.

How to Create Top Notch Sales Content for Your Target Audience

Crafting top notch sales content is powerful lead generation tactic. Sales content is any content created with the intention of selling a product or service. This can include website copy, blog posts, sales letters, use cases, case studies, lead magnets, emails and more.

sales team

Sales content must be carefully crafted to persuade the reader to build awareness, offer solutions, and get readers take action. Typically there are two types of sales content:

1.  Content that Earns Search Engine Traffic, Generates Awareness & Form Fills (Top of Funnel Content)

Top of funnel sales content is meant to earn traffic through search engines and social media and generate awareness about your products. This content is typically evergreen content, blog posts, etc.

Be clear about what you’re offering, what the benefits are and provide a strong call to action that makes it easy for the reader to take the next step. This means using strong sales techniques, such as creating a sense of urgency or offering a discount, etc.

2. Content Meant to Persuade Buyers in the Sales Process & Close the Deal (Bottom of Funnel Content) 

Bottom of funnel content aka Sales Enablement Content is a crucial part of the sales process. This content is created by the marketing team working closely with the sales team to create content that deeply educates & persuades prospects about your product or service, and delivered at the right time, can be used to overcome objections and close deals.

The best sales enablement content is tailored to the specific needs of your customer, and when used effectively, a single piece of sales enablement content can be a powerful tool for closing sales and generating millions of dollars in revenue. It should be updated regularly to ensure that it remains accurate and relevant.

In today’s business world, sales content is more important than ever. Creating effective sales content that is interesting, informative, and persuasive can be a challenge, but when done right, it can be an extremely powerful marketing tool that will help you connect with potential customers, build relationships, and close deals.

How To Determine What Kind Of Sales Content Your Company Needs To Create

As a sales professional, you know that content is king when it comes to generating leads and closing deals. But with so many different types of sales content out there, how do you know what kind of content your company needs to create in order to be successful?

Before you can create sales content, you need to first understand what your sales goals are. What are you trying to sell? Who is your target audience? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start to determine what kind of sales content will be most effective.

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If you’re selling a product, for example, you’ll need to create content that highlights the features and benefits of the product. If you’re selling a service, on the other hand, you’ll need to focus on creating content that demonstrates the value of the service.  If you’re looking for sales enablement resources, you might create a sales deck or product sheet. And if you’re looking to close more sales, you might create a case study or a testimonial video.

Once you know what kind of sales content you need to create, you can start developing a strategy for creating it.

Here are a few things to consider when determining what kind of sales content your company needs to create:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are their pain points?
  3. What are their purchasing decision-makers?
  4. What is your sales cycle?
  5. What type of content will resonate most with your target audience?

By taking the time to answer these questions, you’ll be able to develop a sales content strategy that will help your company close more deals and grow its business.


Sales content comes in many different forms, and the right mix will depend on your company’s products, services, and target market. To determine what sales content your company needs to create, start by considering what you want to achieve. Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Generate leads? Close more sales?

Once you know your objectives, you can identify the types of sales content that will help you reach them.  The bottom line is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to sales content. By taking the time to understand your objectives, you can ensure that your content mix is tailored to your specific needs.

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