The Importance of YouTube Likes & Comments

The Importance of YouTube Likes & Comments

Published on: December 20, 2022
Last Updated: December 20, 2022
YouTube is a social media video streaming service where users can subscribe, like, comment, and get notifications on various channels. The goal is for channels to reach out to an audience that is interested in their content.
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YouTube is a social media video streaming service where users can subscribe, like, comment, and get notifications on various channels. The goal is for channels to reach out to an audience that is interested in their content.

Engaging with targeted viewers is how so many YouTubers are making money with a variety of revenue streams. However, this does take some time and effort to build.

The biggest issue now is that not every viewer that watches your video will like, provide relevant or substantial comments, or interact with your video or subscribe to it unless you remind them to do so.

The channel owner must create videos that incorporate reminders to subscribe, like, comment, and get notifications in order to get the engagement needed to rank on the platform.

By using constant reminders in every video, you are more likely to get the feedback you need to boost your YouTube engagement analytics.

Why are YouTube likes and comments so important?

The following will discuss this so you can better understand why you need to remind viewers to engage with your videos.

The idea of positive feedback is crucial to how your channel looks to other viewers. When you get positive engagement that looks natural, you are more likely to obtain more positive feedback from new viewers.

The more positive feedback you gather, the higher your ranking will be on YouTube, the better your reputation will become, and the higher likelihood that you will get placed on YouTube’s trending page.

Likes and comments on videos help to boost your channel’s popularity.

You may sometimes notice that certain video creators turn off commenting (disable comments – “commenting is disabled for this video”) to prevent rudeness or unpleasant comments from appearing on their video comment section.

However, most video content creators recognize how imperative it is to interact with their audience through commenting.


YouTube Likes

YouTube likes are simple yet important to your videos. It tells viewers and YouTube’s algorithm that you have accomplished some engagement. Your data analytics on the platform will show how many likes you have for any given video on any given day. YouTube dislikes are a thing, too.

The data analytics for likes is a big deal and looks more complicated from a data analytics standpoint than it is in reality. Yes. It shows your engagement. When you see you have 1,000 likes, you know that at least 1,000 viewers were interested in watching your content.

Growth in likes is also one of the things most viewers look at when they are watching your video. It lends to your credibility among viewers on the platform.


YouTube Comments

Your comments are similar to engaging in conventional conversation in the online world. You will gain feedback that allows you to make the appropriate adjustments to your content when necessary.

Reading comments is how you make your content more appealing to viewers as they tell you what they like and do not like. You may even want to raise the question yourself in a video on your channel to get that kind of feedback. You need this input to enjoy success on most social media platforms.

How do YouTube comments help you? Comments boost video engagement since they often lead back to other videos/channels that feature similar content. They may also share your videos to show others the content they are watching across other social media networks.

YouTube video viewers come from virtually any social media channel where the link to your video is shared. People who see that content will decide if it is interesting to them and that helps you to grow your video views on YouTube.

Essentially, encouraging comments and likes aids in building a foundation of positive feedback (comments and likes) for your videos and your channel.

While positive feedback is important, it is also important to have some critique-like comments to balance your feedback. Viewers will see that they are able to express themselves to you, helping you to better plan your content for the future.

Internet Marketing & Video Engagement

Internet Marketing

The internet marketing industry is highly competitive, fast-paced, and challenging to keep up with, but it is still very doable for anyone who has quality video content to share. Things do not have to be so complicated in the online marketing world. All the data related to visits, posts, clicks, follows, and such can get in the way of your success if you allow it.

By building your positive yet balanced foundation of comments and likes on YouTube, you are keeping things simple and straightforward. That cuts through the confusion since this feedback often results in the rest of your important engagement measures (visits, clicks, subscriptions, follows, shares, etc.).

Algorithms & Analytics

Algorithms Analytics

YouTube has its algorithm just like all the other traditional social media platforms, so your video content is analyzed according to your keywords, content, audience engagement, comments, likes, shares, subscribers, and all those other forms of engagement. Your YouTube success hinges on having all these covered.

The right tools and resources are at your fingertips nowadays. There is no reason to flounder in this world where almost any quality video can go viral.

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