The Full Guide to Automated Transcription

Last Updated: August 6, 2022
Is it taking you longer to transcribe a document manually? Well, here’s a detailed guide on automated transcription.
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There is no longer any debate over whether or not automated transcription software should be used in the workplace. Professionals in journalism, consulting, marketing, law, education, and research must put in a lot of work to transcribe interviews, meetings, and other recorded conversations.

Irrespective of how tired you may be or how little understanding you have, it’s not okay to miss project deadlines. With the service of a transcription company, whether you pay for it or not, you may find that you have more time to do other things. Let’s look at the situation in more detail:

The audio and video files are quickly converted into text by the software used for transcription. The application of AI and natural language processing enables users to have their audio transcribed. The process of manually transcribing a document can take several hours. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to transcription;

1. Upload the File You Are Working On

Upload audio to start transcribing. You can upload your file on the left or right. To transcribe, click Upload, then Open. It’s possible your program can’t handle a large file. Choose the transcription language afterwards. Audio transcription takes 10 minutes per minute. Size and website traffic affect how long it takes to transcribe an audio recording. The software will email you when the file is ready.

2. Edit Your Text

You can find the transcribed version of your document by searching for it by its file name. If you click on the file’s name, the transcription editor will come up for you to use. The editor’s interface for turning audio into text makes it very easy to change the text. When the play button is pressed, a dash will show up to represent the content. Some things need to be changed in the transcription.

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You can also click on a word while holding down the alt key to start listening to that word. Once every three seconds, the file is saved automatically. If you have made any changes to the transcription, you should stop it now. Transcription software offers shortcuts to make the editing process go more quickly. By using these different methods, it will be possible to speed up the process of transcription.

3. Export Your File

After that, select “Export” to finalise the modifications you’ve made. A rundown of the items that are exported may be found here. To save your file to your personal computer, you will need to click the “Export” button.

Types of Transcription

Manual transcription

Typing while simultaneously listening to audio or video data is the traditional method of transcribing. Many people choose this choice, even though it is difficult and takes a lot of time because it is free.

Human transcription

Several companies offer human-based transcription services, which can be expensive and take time. Compared to automatic transcription methods, the accuracy is much higher.

Human transcription services use technology to turn voice recordings into written text. Only a small number of people can type in real-time can make it harder for human transcribers to get it right.

Automated transcription

Automated transcription is fast and accurate. Transcribing a 30-minute multimedia file into text takes less than five minutes with Zoom or any other online automatic transcription service.

The transcript cannot be shared due to the security measures implemented by transcription software. You have complete control over who has access to the transcript. The advantages of automated transcription software outweigh the disadvantages of hiring a human transcribe.

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Reasons You Should Use Transcription Services

Improved Decision-making Business Aspect

When meetings are transcribed, decisions can be made that are better thought out. Because there are so many meetings every day, it is not possible to transcribe them by hand. An automated transcription technology saves users both time and money by turning voice into text on its own.

Lesser Cases of Miscommunication

When participants are located in different time zones and speak other languages, having sessions transcribed helps lessen misunderstandings during the meeting. If the proceedings of an engagement or conference are recorded and transcribed, attendees will have an easier time comprehending what was said during the event.

Increases Chances of Your Content Being Discovered

Transcription is a marketing strategy using data since you can locate your video within search engines if you have it transcribed beforehand.

The usage of transcriptions enables the algorithms of search engines to identify and rank your video content more effectively. It makes it a lot less difficult to find videos. This can be seen in podcasts, webinars, lectures, and even video blogs.

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