The Best Gifts for Office Co-workers and Staff in 2022

Published on: December 7, 2022
Last Updated: December 7, 2022

There are many options to surprise your co-workers in 2022. After all, they are the closest people following your friends and the family. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to go back to the office to see your team or still chatting via Zoom and apps: these people definitely need your special attention!

Price is not an option in this case, because small surprises are powerful because of interesting ideas behind them. Our superb gift ideas will help you to show your colleagues that they’re valued despite even more social distance and online hours of cooperation. 

Here is our amazing top-7 list of small gifts for office co workers to thrill the peers in your professional field. 

Smart Coffee Warmer 

It’s all about coffee nowadays, especially given pandemic and endless Zoom meetings. 

If you know someone from your company who can’t stand without a morning latte or espresso, this smart device will let those people sip all day long their favorite coffee drinks without them going cold.

Opt for the warmer that accommodates any mug and consistently keeps the drink up to 135 °F. This is a cool present to your PA or receptionist as well as to your business partners to enjoy their favorite coffee. 

Headphones to Combat the Noise

Another point in our hot list is the noise-cancelling headphones. The high usefulness for the public of this item was discovered by pandemic and lockdowns. Earlier such headphones were used by people working at the factories and plants.

Today, your colleagues despite their online or offline working day will be glad to get a pair that shuts out noisy environments – phone calls of co-workers or children screaming. A good quality pair will not cost you more than $ 100 rendering their owners a comfortable atmosphere for resolving business issues as well as a workable 24-hours+ battery life. 


You will never have many of them. This is just the plain fact, nothing more. Socks are always an option among the cute gifts for office co-workers. There is nothing worse than feeling cold feet in any season. Even in summer people sometimes need them. Consider custom wholesale socks to please everyone in your company.  Choose the coziest socks with a fun print that will present a lot of pleasure and bright emotions to your colleagues. 

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Thermos with Sensor 

This item is very helpful for both office and home. First of all, what is the main purpose of a thermos? This metallic vessel keeps drinks hot, prevents leaks because of special construction and a tight cap. Today this big thermos-bottle can be equipped with different electronic stuff, f. e. sensor menu to fix temperature inside. Even more, some people use it… instead of a cocktail shaker, to mix cocktails. Thanks to this present, your coworker’s tea will remain hot even at the end of the work day. The same applies to soup for lunch in the business center or on the road for a useful tasty meal.

Tech Lovers Box

The number 1 for staying connected and very productive. What is it?  The best surprise for the technology-obsessed peers at least.  This is like a magic box with must-have inexpensive gifts for office co workers like a portable charger, a pair of headphones, blue light glasses, USB cables, card reader etc. They will be thrilled to open it because different accessories will make their work hours easier.

Hand Skin Saver

Well, there is seasonal dryness of the face skin but hand sanitizing needs all year long support.  A good cream will moisture and protect the palms from drying and give relief in case of  rashes, minor cuts or  chafing. For treating and preventing minor defects opt for something with olive oil or avocado. Little tube will always be helpful during long shifts in front of the PC or with a gadget in hand.  Special cream or multi-purpose hand balm will always be appreciated by people from your industry. 

indoor plant

Indoor Plant

Many of us love indoor gardening following Instagram stories, thematic podcasts, and even online subscription services for home plants! A plant from the boss – so smart! Follow social media trends, support the eco movement and present something eco-friendly. After all, houseplants are the synonyms of health and well-being. And they are alive in comparison with all this crazy technical stuff. 

Choosing your variant, keep in mind that the most important things in the process of sharing are not the price of the gift and its cool features but your attention and friendly attitude. 

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