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The 4 Best College Paper Writing Services: Popular Websites Reviews

Last Updated: January 17, 2022

Choosing an essay writing service is an important task, you need to make sure you choose a service which is reliable and trustworthy. Learn more about some popular ones here.
The 4 Best College Paper Writing Services: Popular Websites Reviews
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Never again get overwhelmed with an academic essay, get a premium service ready to fulfill your requirements, everything available for an affordable price. 

Bypass the bad apples and hit the jackpot if you want to use the best online writing services out there and avoid any bad experiences you might love these writing services.

Here are some marvelous online writing resources available ready to offer you a helping hand maximizing your chances of success in your academic life. 


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99Paper’s is a well-known writing service, covering all types of writing representing a very affordable means of service due to its low price.

If you ever need assistance in your tests and projects, here you’ll find a writer for any topics and features.

99Papers its customers with a custom order service which lets you choose features, you need to get your ideal paper, if there is something you don’t need you don’t choose it and you won’t have to pay for it.

You can get started as soon as you enter the 99Papers site, placing a free inquiry after signing in or if you need more information, or getting right into the estimated price of your paper with the according to parameters you have to fill: type of paper, academic level, paper deadline, number of pages and number of words necessary.

You’ll find plagiarism-free papers 99Papers follow a strict anti-plagiarism policy writing everything from scratch.

The process dictates that before reaching its client, they scan your soon-to-be paper for any abnormalities using licensed software.

Equipped with an airtight money-back guarantee actionable if you’re not satisfied with the final product, you get your money back, fast, and simple.

“Fast and dependable carrier.

I was inspired by the unique attention the author paid to the necessities and my personal demands, some corrections have been nevertheless important, but the exceptional became high-quality, and the paintings turned into submitted without any put-off.

Thank you so much!” Said Lori w. 

“Plagiarism FREE papers!! That was the first time I ordered a plagiarism file together with my essay.

I changed into virtually surprised when I got zero% similarity, I think it is a cool choice whilst you need authorized evidence that your paper is unique.

Thank you to your carrier.” Said Ben W.

“The paper surpassed my professor’s approval procedure.

I needed to order an in a single day essay due to the fact I couldn’t take it anymore lol There were too many questions from the teacher the paper grow to be EXCELLENT!!!

The author becomes an actual expert!” Said Ross M.

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PaperHelp is an acclaimed writing service focus on writing any kind of academic paper you might need from essays to even a thesis, they offer reliable services focus on solving this dilemma.

With a short explanation of the requirements and details of what the paper will be about, you’ll get an accurate depiction of the work you imagined by a hard-working writer.

PaperHelp is highly accessible and a great alternative to get a private tutor which is very expensive in contrast.

The price for a page is as low as 10$ letting you enjoy life beyond the grind day to day of acidic and professional life.

PaperHelp offers affordable prices depending on the complexity of the paper: 10$ / page High School level, $12 / page College level, $18 / page University level, and $20 / page Ph.D. level; this is of course without having into account discount codes, coupons that can be earned by being a loyal user of their services and helpful extras which help with the legitimacy and understanding of your paper.

If specificity is what you want you can make a custom offer specifying what type of service you want for your paper, the currency you use, and a deadline for the paper regarding your needs. 

And finally, you can also choose a writer of your preference depending on their skill level regarding your necessities and category.

“Very great support, they followed me through the whole process for a great essay! thank you! Very excellent writer!

The essay is very clear, and he finished before the deadline! for sure I will release more orders!” Said Betty SD

“Thank you so much. The paper was amazing to read, reading it myself, I was left shocked by how interesting it is!! Thank you guys so much.

This is the first time I have paid for services like this, and it was actually worth it!!” Said Ronald UT

“Writer followed assignment guidelines and rubric. Completed assignment was well written, free of grammatical errors, and formatted correctly.

Writer kept open communication with me throughout and made adjustments when needed!” Said Luis OR

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EssayBox offers elite academic writing, editing research for your paper on any topic with exceptional quality and always on time and secure and private service.

They value their relationship with clients above all and vow to enforce high standards when it comes to offering their services to their clients.

Quality is everything offer EssayBox they make sure the paper their clients get is exactly what they had in mind, well-written, thoroughly researched, following the required guidelines, and completely original written from scratch if that is what the client needs. 

EssayBox has affordable prices you can either get an estimated cost of your paper filling the requirements on the home page so you can get started or see the prices that are useful depending on the type of paper (essay, application essay, term paper, etc.), writing complexity (High School, Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D.), and deadline from days to even hours.

Features include at least 275 words per page, free inquiries, title page, outline, bibliography, and best of all unlimited revisions.

“I’m very pleasantly surprised at how short you bought that to me, I’m studying it over right now and it appears first-rate, thank you once more very much!

Your web sites’ offerings might be thoroughly encouraged by using me, I are becoming excellent marks on my papers, so thank you!” Said Faith Handacre

“I hired them for my commercial enterprise analytical task and one among their business writers who was assigned to my order turned into in a position to reveal amazing value-powerful answers for the assignment.

Can’t thank you sufficient, could be again quickly with extra business papers!” Said Stephen

“The main point of my permanent returning to this agency – is the tight cut-off date they typically comply with.

With my present day work, I can by no means predict whether or not I will cope with the undertaking on time and it’s brilliant to have this sort of assisting hand.” Said Melissa

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EssayPro has a combination of terrific service and work performance where you’ll find an essay writer design for your every need, here you can find an awesome writer up to writing any academic task you need. 

EssayPro’s hiring process is very thorough, choosing people from a variety of fields they hire writers after verifying their credentials the writers start with a trial period in which they’re tested for their knowledge, researching skills, writing, and professionalism to make sure they are everything EssayPro needs.

The writer’s rating is based on their previous success, you can watch their track record (success rate, reviews, finished orders, and writing specialty) and choose the one that fits more to your personal needs.

Calculate the price of your paper and get started, you just have to specify the type of work you need, the level of writing the paper is about, deadline, and pages (1 page/ 275 Words) with a flexible budget price as low as $11.40 per page.

One of the unique perks that EssayPro has is the gift of total anonymity in which your identity is protected even if you’re as gracious as to give a review relating your experience of the service.

“Excellent assignment and was completed one day before the assignment was due before the assignment was due. Would highly recommend and will use for future assignments.” 

“An excellent writer, it’s obvious he reads the material provided, before preparing the thesis. I will definitely use this writer again for future assignments. Update: got A+” 

“I was completely stressed and thought that having an entire research paper available for me in just 6 short hours was not doable.

Not only was the writer able to deliver a paper, but the paper was amazing quality!” 

Are All College Paper Writing Services Legit?

The online writing industry has expanded considerably in the last couple of years where many English speakers with a fast internet connection can help college students to make do in their papers.

A 2005 study of students in North America reveals that at least 7 percent of undergraduates used this type of service, from there the industry has only expanded with now millions of essays ordered online worldwide on a yearly basis.

The first complaint of authorities and detractors have is that these types of services encourage cheating and academic dishonesty, but reputable online writing companies like 99Papers and PaperHelp said that they don’t encourage these types of conduct but their work is for “research and references only” claiming their product is design to assist students to understand and apply the services they are providing so their academic performance increases but plagiarism and academic dishonesty is a big no.

Even if authorities want to increase the number of flagged papers made by online essay writing services this is harder to detect than plagiarism since ghostwritten essays won’t appear in a database online previous submitted papers being of course original works written by a different person.

Adding this the anonymity that most companies employ to protect the identity if both costumers and writers’ authorities have a tough case in their hands if they plan to bring this type of companies down.

Pros and Cons of Buying Essays Online. 

Buying essays online is a great way to accommodate yourself if you have little time to do it, have other commitments, or want a little extra time for leisure time to spend with your loved ones and even engage in extracurricular activities.

But even with all the positive aspects that this service can offer you, there are still some not-so-positive aspects of what might happen when you recurred to these services. 

Here are some positive and negative features you can run into with this service:

  • Fast delivery: Most high-quality online writing services have a flexible time frame in which the customer can set the deadline time in the requirements where the work can be adapted to meet term papers, dissertations, or essays that can be delivered in a matter of days or even hours. Deliver their work in a timely matter to meet the established deadline is one of the major priorities that write-in online writing services are focus on.
  • High quality: The best writing services offer you a variety of ways that you can verify you get the best quality work by a professional writer you can get be it via testimonials, profiles, or track record rewarding their reputation. Great online writing services try to employ the most qualified professionals available ensuring the quality of the services they provide.
  • Free revisions: A great addition that has become customary in the online writing service is the addition of free revisions of a paper sometimes even adding unlimited revisions in case of been any inconsistencies or mistakes on behalf of the writer.
  • Guarantee of money back: In case you’re dissatisfied with the result you have always the option to get a complete refund on your paper, this perk creates trust between the client and the company because it allows them to put their confidence and money into it without the downside of losing their inversion in case of a defective product or discontent.
  • Affordable prices: Many may think that paying for an online writing service is unpractical and expensive but most high-tier writing services founded the balance between compensating their writers and making their customers feel secure and encouraging the newcomers with cheap essay papers delivered in a timely and efficient manner. Reasonable prices are among the major benefits this kind of service provides, it’s almost and stamp of their business to provide a paper on any topic for a low price.
  • Qualified writers: Verifying their writers’ credentials and background is a must for most online writing industries, even having a trial period in which the writers are watched closely for evidence regarding their level of competency as there are their knowledge, writing skills, research, and customer service. Going so far as having most writers with Ph.D. level.
  • Limited communication: Contact with your writer is always available with online writing services but there are some limitations to these like the inability to meet the writer in charge of your paper personally or a delay in their response or updates which can frustrate or even infuriate some clients.
  • Industry shortcomings: There is always a chance that you can get a bad or mediocre writer even in an acclaimed online college paper writing site you can fall into the cracks and get yourself an inexperienced or incompetent writer. On the other hand, some companies focus on their profit over the quality of the writing offered to their clients, having even the indecency of overpricing their clients for their services.
  • Scam sites: The final but no less important drawback is that there are a high number of phony writing sites that claim good work, but they try to scam and cheap customers out of their money to give them a mediocre paper at best (if any at all). Unless you’re dealing with a reputable online writing site where you can verify their veracity that has operated for a long time there is always a chance that the site, you’re on might try to take your money since the payment the clients make is upfront.

Most students need advice on how to write an appealing academic essay, academic writing is an invaluable skill to succeed in a superior academic field to elaborate an engaging paper about the topic they are asked.

Unfortunately, most high school graduates have rather low writing ability and comprehension which makes it extremely hard when they do enter colleges and universities and lack the skill to write papers at a college academic level because no one taught them how to do it in a focused, structured, and logical way. 

Writing is not the only skill necessary to create a well-rounded academic essay a competent student also needs the ability to accomplish competent research of the topic, develop the structure of the paper, revising and rewriting, editing, proofreading, and create the right format.

The goal of writing at an academic level is to show a deep understanding of the topic in question and your capacity of portraying an understanding in an orderly manner demonstrating critical thinking skills.

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