Telegram Ads: How To Buy Telegram Advertising on Channels

Published on: July 28, 2022
Last Updated: July 28, 2022
Learn how to effectively target your customers with telegram ads.
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Telegram is one of the fastest-growing applications.

More and more people prefer Telegram.

In fact, the app recently broke the 500 million active users mark! It’s attracting more interest from users all over the world.

Telegram is quick, secure, user friendly, intuitive, and accessible. The messenger offers special features such as channels and bots, polls and comment sections, colourful stickers, delayed messages and newsletters, and much more.

The app has caused a significant change not only in how people communicate or search for information but also in how they make purchases and advertise any products and services.

Telegram Advertising Benefits

Telegram channels are great tools for telegram advertising.

Your ad post will be delivered to a real audience, engaged in the topic of the channel and potentially in your product.

Why do advertisers choose paid Telegram ads?

  • 100% of the Audience Will Receive an Ad Post
  • Higher engagement rate
  • Global shift of the mobile market to messengers

You may advertise on telegram two ways. The first way is buying advertising manually.

When you have to find, communicate, pay and control every advertising post on the channel themself. In this case you will have no guarantee. The second way is using the Telegram ad platform.    

Using this advertising ads platform, you can boost brand awareness and reach new audiences. 

Telegram Ads Platform

One of the great examples of such services is This is an advertising platform with more than 5 000 verified channels and bots.

And there are no fake subscribers (the service has a two-step moderation system used for new channels and bots added in the catalog). 

The platform helps advertise on telegram: find the best channels, customize and launch ad campaigns in a matter of a few minutes.

In case you have any difficulties, you can always request the help of support or personal managers. The experts of have been working since 2016 and collected many successful cases.

Up-to-date analytics section, discounts, and ready-made ad packages, forwards, and other services – provides everything needed to guarantee successful promotion campaigns on Telegram with the best results for your business. 

How to Create Quality Advertising Posts on Telegram 

Here are three easy steps that help to write an effective ad post on Telegram and get the maximum traffic on your website, app or channel. 

First of all, you have to pay attention to the text. Text is an essential part of the ad post, and it consists of three basic parts: 

The header needs to capture the interest of the reader.

It could be a question. For example, “How can I advertise on Telegram channels in 2021?”

It could be an interesting statement. For example, “Explore the Top 10 Telegram Movie Channels in 2021”

It could be a personal opinion if you place a native post and the channel owner will edit an ad post themselves. 

Of course, you could try to highlight the title in bold or add emojis. Try to avoid too aggressive ad texts. 

In the main part, you have to explain the benefits of using your product or subscribing to a Telegram channel.

The easiest way is to ask yourself: Why would someone go to my site, app, or channel? And these advantages are described in the text.

In the final part, you have to encourage the subscriber to complete the action. It is called a “call to action”. You have to place a link on a channel or website here.

What’s about an image and link? You can add one image or gif to your ad post as well. It helps to describe your proposal in a visual way. 


You can also place several links in the ad post. It depends on the size (number of characters). For example, if you place a short post, you can add one link. If you have a large post, you can add several links.

For example, at the beginning, and at the end.

Telegram Ads is a good way to reach your active target audience and funnel more traffic to your website or app. This will undoubtedly bring you the results you’ve been looking for!

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