Task Ant Review – The World’s Best Hashtag Generator?

Last Updated: January 4, 2021

The first thing that pops out when you click the link to Task Ant’s website is this: The World’s Best Hashtag Generator. Quite a bold statement, without doubt, especially for a newcomer on the hashtag generator scene. But is it based in reality? That is exactly what we aim to find out in this review.

If you haven’t heard about Task Ant yet, that’s okay. After all, they’ve launched just this year! However, Task Ant is the proof that you can make up for the lack of tradition with an excess in skills and results.

Why Task Ant?

Task Ant logo

Instagram’s a pretty but tough place. The competition is big, and if you don’t optimize your content, you’re going to be left in a cloud of dust behind the giant brands.

How to achieve this? For example, start with hashtags. Hashtags seem obvious enough, right? No! Proper use of hashtags unlocks access to broader audiences, larger markets, and deeper niche pockets of fans.

So much more than simple and fun descriptions, hashtags “tag” your content and send a signal that your content is a part of a broader network. Super-effective hashtags essentially bring your content in the center of the attention of masses of social media users.

How do you get super-effective hashtags? By employing a super-effective hashtag generator–dare we say the world’s most super-effective hashtag generator. Task Ant sure does fit this category right from the start: it digs for presence-boosting hashtags, offers neat archives of pre-set hashtags, and provides you with fresh ideas when you stumble upon a mental roadblock.

But let’s take a deeper look into Task Ant features.

Finding the Optimal Hashtags

Task Ant - Finding Hashtags

Task Ant has access to virtually all exhaustive databases of hashtags that you’ll ever need. It is equipped with the necessary tools to make your content stick out for a mind-boggling increase of more than 100% in reach over posts that don’t use optimized hashtags at all!

The only thing you’re required to do is enter your “optimal” example of hashtag for the given post, and you’ll get 29 other hashtag solutions that perfectly fit your post and make a family of hashtags that will drive your posts ever further into the algorithm of Instagram.

Also, here’s a tip from us: use all 30 hashtag slots. A whole lot of experiments (e.g. this one) have shown that you’ll get more engagement on your content, as well as greater reach as a result. Use Task Ant to its fullest potentials!

Insights Into Strategies

Task Ant - Suggested Filters

Big brands on IG. We love them or we hate them; the middle ground is a pretty rare occasion. However, take a step back and stand at the neutral position for a bit. They must have been doing something right. Right?

This is where Task Ant comes into the spotlight. With Task Ant, you can analyze strategies employed by others in your markets. Besides giving you the results of a detailed scan in their hashtag use, it also allows you to embrace it and reap similar benefits for yourself.

The success of Instagram giants lies at your fingertips with Task Ant. That’s rad!

Hashtag Sets: Task Ant’s Hashtag Recipes

Advanced Search Filters

Here’s something from Task Ant that you won’t find in software that hasn’t been made specially  for hashtags–Hashtag Sets.

Where do you keep successful hashtag templates for your niche? Do you have a notebook and write them down with a pen? Of course not, that would be hilarious! Do you use inadequate programs like Google Docs, Sheets, Excel, or Word? These can be so confusing and slow to publish on Instagram. Do you hold an IT business sector that controls text editors for you? The chances are you probably don’t, if you’re not that IT sector yourself.

That’s why only hashtag-specialized software like Task Ant should deal with, well, hashtags. Task Ant is completely integrated into your Instagram publishing activities and with a couple of clicks you can attach hundreds of characters to your posts almost effortlessly.

Do we need to mention that Task Ant preserves those pre-defined Sets of super-effective hashtags for future use? Never doubt it for a second.

Breaking the Creative Block

Task Ant - Whilst Searching

Not sure what you need for the photo that you’re about to post? No hashtags come to your mind or you really don’t have the time to devote to ponder on it?

Task Ant labors to help you even with this. In an effort to provide you with suggestions, this diligent piece of software will go lengths to analyze the behaviour of your direct competition (or your fellow niche brands) and provide you with ideas. Not just any ideas, though–only top-performing ones, in fact.

And who says you need to have a hashtag in the first place? A keyword or a vaguely related word is enough. Type it into the search bar and Task Ant will help you come up with a solution.

Writer’s Instagramer’s block? More like Brighter Instagramer’s Flock (of hearts, shares, and new followers!)

Post Performance Issues? Track it and Fix it

Task Ant - Banned Hashtag Checker

We’ve mentioned already that Task Ant is young. Although they are young, that doesn’t stop them from planning big.

Not a year has passed since they launched and already they intend to expand their software with even more features. The current big thing they’re adding is performance measuring. Task Ant’s already an expert in tracking your competition and uncovering their strategies, but soon it will be able to track your own posts’ performance and upgrade/improve where necessary.

As the Task Ant team says, you can’t track what you don’t measure, and if you don’t track your performance you won’t be able to tell whether it’s up to par. 

Wrapping Up Task Ant

Task Ant Pricing

We’ve gone over Task Ant, the world’s best hashtag generator. The verdict? Not true–as Task Ant is much more than a hashtag generator. With its performance tracking, idea creating, and content optimization features, Task Ant is much more than a hashtag generator.

Task Ant might just as well be The World’s Best Instagram Growth Software (Hashtag Generator Included). 

Go visit their site, pick your monthly/annual plan and start using it now! You will never regret it. 

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  1. Even the free features have helped me out, I’ve had friends who tried out the superfeatures and it was worth the investment! Task Ant has nailed down hashtag management like no other service has. Highly recommend them!

  2. As an influencer and content creator on Instagram, to make your content stand is by posting valuable posts and photos and picking the right hashtags relevant for your niche. Task Ant has helped me immensely in building a high-quality audience organically. I love how simple it made finding the perfect hashtag related to your posts. I started with the free subscription and went and bought the Agency subscription, which I don’t regret at all.

  3. I’ve used services to manage hashtags but eventually decided to stick with Task Ant. I really like that I can create sets of hashtags. It optimizes my work and saves me a lot of time when preparing content for posting, and lets me post more regularly. Because of that, I’ve noticed a steady growth of following and engagement on my posts.


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