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Social Packages Review – Does it Really Work?

Unfortunately, the packages and followers that you can find on Social Packages are not good for long-term growth as the followers and engagements are not real.  It’s better not to get yourself into the vicious cycle of purchasing a bunch of followers and engagements. You need real people who care about your content.

Famups Review – Can it Help Your Social Media Growth?

Famups is just another social media growth company that offers packaged followers and engagements that aren’t of much use, and not for the price. It’s better to focus on getting real followers and engagement so that you can actually reach your social media goals.

Rapid Rise Review – Real Social Media Marketing Solutions?

Buying fake followers and engagements does you no good on any of these platforms, and you could even lose your purchase if the platform clears out fake followers, or you can get flagged for trying to feign popularity.  Don’t waste your time or investment with Rapid Rise.

SocialWick Review – Does it Work for Social Media Growth?

SocialWick isn’t the best option for social media growth. They initially try to sell their service as a marketing solution for social media that will help your accounts grow, but they’re just another service that sells packaged, fake followers that bring little benefit to your accounts.

Which Apps Use the Most Data, and What to Do About it

Most of us know even the most basic stuff when it comes to data usage on our smartphones. We realize that we should always have Wi-Fi on when we are at home instead of using up our mobile data because otherwise, we’re spending money that doesn’t need to be spent. Let’s take a look at which apps use the most data, and what you can do about it.

Which is Best: Spotify, Apple or Google Play?

In this article, we take a look at each one respectively, and consider the quality of the audio, the price, additional features, and their music library to work out which one we think is ultimately the best.

How to Get Your First Single on Spotify Playlist

Back in the day, the way that everyone went about getting a new single out looked pretty different. These days, it’s all about Spotify, and getting featured on a coveted Spotify playlist. As a result, it’s really important to know how to boost your Spotify plays, because if you do really well on the music sharing platform, you can end up making a pretty penny from your songs.

Boost Your Spotify Plays with These Strategies

There are major streaming platforms online that have hundreds of millions of users a month, with Spotify being at the top of the list. What you might find quite interesting is that the average user listens to over 40 unique artists every week. This is all the more reason for you to boost your Spotify plays.

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