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Coinbase Considered Overweight

Coinbase’s stock on Nasdaq is considered overweight, yet despite this the exchange platform is still...

Coinbase Increases Compensation, Won’t Negotiate During Hiring

Coinbase says that it is phasing out salary negotiations, as well as equity from the...

Binance Might be Violating Law

The Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany says that Binance might be violating European security rules,...

14 Best Coinbase Alternatives (Apps Like Coinbase)

Let’s take a look at the best Coinbase alternatives on the market currently, so that you can become successful and make the right decisions for your cryptocurrency.

Retail Traders Have Increased Bitcoin’s Value

Bitcoin’s value increase right before Coinbase’s debut was largely thanks to retail traders that were...

Coinbase Goes Public and the World is Taking Note

The public listing for Coinbase is going to have a huge effect on cryptocurrency acceptance, adoption and regulation around the world. The American based trading platform started trading its shares at $381 halfway through the week, which makes it the biggest direct listing in history.

Daniel Leob’s Hedge Fund is Staking Crypto with Coinbase

Daniel Loeb, billionaire investor and new to the scene of cryptocurrency, has led his hedge fund worth $17.6 billion to a custody deal with Coinbase. Third Point LLC now has custody of cryptocurrency from five of its funds with Coinbase.

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