SubPals Review – Is it a Scam?

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Social media is incredibly popular these days not only for sharing content, but for business purposes as well. There is huge potential to reach more users in your target audience, and most people use social media to discover new products, services, public figures, and creative endeavors that they’re interested in. 

YouTube is one of these platforms, and with over 2 billion users, you’ll be able to reach so many people all around the world. YouTube is hugely popular, and having a large channel with many subscribers and video views can actually generate income all on its own. 

For this reason, people want to gain credibility on YouTube through video views and subscribers; the problem is that it can take a while to build this type of engagement and subscribers, so most people get discouraged or look for other ways to help facilitate the growth. 

Unless you’re a lucky overnight sensation, it’s a viable option to use a YouTube growth service to help you generate more interest in your YouTube, but with so many options, how do you choose?

To help save you some time, we’ve decided to write this SubPals Review to give you some information about one option out there and help you see if maybe it could work for you. Many people have wondered, “is SubPals a scam?” and we’re going to discuss that possibility as well. 

What does the Service do? 

SubPals Service

SubPals is plugged by the company as a free YouTube marketing service that “is designed to help you skyrocket to the next level.” That doesn’t give much information about anything, but okay! Sounds good. 

Ultimately, SubPals doesn’t give you much more information anywhere else on their site. That’s the first red flag— you should always know exactly how a service is working and what they actually do for your profile. 

SubPals doesn’t seem to care about telling you any of that; they focus most of their energy on explaining that they offer free YouTube subscribers. Wait, free? Supposedly. We’ll talk more about that in the next section. 

SubPals claims to be simple to use, offering both free and paid plans on your channel. Even through saying they are so simple to use, they still don’t give any information on how their service works at all, nor what they specifically provide.   

So, free YouTube subscribers? Doubtful. Let’s talk about what the deal is when companies offer you free stuff like that. 

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Free YouTube Subscribers? 

SubPals Free YouTube Subscribers

Okay, so let’s address these free YouTube subscribers. It’s really hard to believe that SubPals would be a fully-functioning company that is based only on providing free YouTube subscribers. Could it be possible? 

When you visit the SubPals website, you are met with plenty of information about how the service is free and you get access to free YouTube subscribers. This, of course, raises some eyebrows. 

SubPals claims that they offer an innovative network which provides you with 10 new, free YouTube subscribers on a 12-hour basis. They then go on to say that they have other affordable paid plans that will enhance your subscribers. Ah, there’s one point. 

Of course they want to advertise their service like it’s totally free; it’s not. They want to get your attention and your information so that they can pester you about paying for their plans. 

Nothing is free— when you try to get started with SubPals’ free offering, they ask you first to put in your YouTube channel and then ask you for your information. The main thing here is that they want to get your data; what they’re going to use it for who knows, perhaps they just want to spam you for their paid services, or they want to use it for something else. 

In any case, their paid services are the main goal for SubPals, and the worst thing is that they don’t even give clear information on how to access their paid plans nor what they cost.  

Pricing and Plans 

SubPals Pricing

So, the supposed “free” YouTube subscribers every 12 hours is the only information about pricing that SubPals wants to part with, which means you won’t be able to see their plans or pricing options directly on their website. 

The fact that they’re hiding all of this information seems very odd; if they want to attract more clients, why not just be transparent and let customers know exactly what their options are? We’re not a fan of this. 

They also claim that using SubPals is safe and secure, but they give absolutely no information about what they do to keep your account safe and secure. If you’re gaining followers from a supposedly free service, it’d be a good idea to know exactly how they’re taking your security into account. 

In any case, SubPals gives no description of their services on their website, so potential clients will have no idea what type of pricing plans they offer, nor what their service will do. Unfortunately, because everything is so general, we are inclined to believe that there is anything beneficial about this service at all. 

It’s truly very disheartening to see such broad, general statements with literally no clarification or factual information to back up these buzzword claims.  


All in all, we are not a fan of SubPals. While people are always a fan of free stuff, unfortunately what’s offered isn’t always valuable or worthwhile. SubPals claims that you can get free YouTube subscribers in seconds, but ultimately this is unrealistic. 

And even if you can get 10 free YouTube subscribers as they mention every 12 hours, they are not likely to be real subscribers, nor users that will actually view your account. The key to a good YouTube performance is a combination of subscribers and views, and if you have a bunch of inactive subscribers that don’t even view your content, you’re going to look less credible and less reputable. 

Stick with reputable companies or growth on your own so that your account stays safe and you don’t have to worry about your information being out there waiting to be spammed. 

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