SubMeNow Review (2021) – Does It Actually Work? *Read First*

SubMeNow Review 2024 – Does It Actually Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

SubMeNow Review 2024 – Does It Actually Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

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YouTube is the top global streaming platform with over 2 billion monthly active users. It falls second only to Facebook, with over 2.8 billion monthly active users.

Insane numbers!

YouTube has had a long history and introduced monetization of the platform early on, only further launching it to success. 

There’s no doubt that YouTube houses powerful potential for an online presence and combining it with other social networks can increase your opportunities to make money via social media, either through content creation or marketing efforts. 

That said, with such competition in the social media realm, it can be difficult to gain the necessary following and engagement to thrive and realize this potential.

SubMeNow Review 2024

For this reason, many third-party services such as SubMeNow have emerged, claiming to help people grow their social media accounts. 

YouTube is no different, and there are plenty of services out there that claim to be able to make you the next YouTube star. Can a third party really help you to boost your YouTube performance? 

SubMeNow is one of those companies, and we wanted to find out more about what they offer— are they a legitimate way to get free YouTube subscribers, views and likes? 

A free marketing platform always raises concern, so in this SubMeNow review we are going to let you know whether or not SubMeNow is a reliable way to grow your YouTube subscribers, likes, and views. 

Let’s check it out! 

Why Do You Need More YouTube Subscribers and Views? 

Before we dive into our SubMeNow review, let’s understand a bit more about why having more YouTube subscribers and views is important. You may already have a couple reasons in mind, but these things directly impact the success of your YouTube channel. 

If you have a substantial amount of YouTube subscribers and views, you’ll be able to build your YouTube platform more quickly. Think about it— don’t people usually flock to the social media profiles that have a lot of people following and viewing? 

When your YouTube channel has a high number of subscribers, it gives your overall channel a level of credibility and authority; people want to know that others respect you and that you are a credible source of information and entertainment. 

Subscribers want to see your content on a regular basis, so this helps to boost your social proof. 

Not only that, having a lot of YouTube views on your videos help them to perform better. If you are looking to watch a video about any topic, which video are you going to view: the one with 250 views, or the one with 250,000 views? 

That simple number gives your video a world of credibility and instantly makes you more popular and your content more desirable. Not only that, videos with high view counts on YouTube are likely to be recommended more frequently in searches or video suggestions. 

You’ll gain more natural reach for your content when you have a lot of YouTube subscribers and views, consistently growing your platform and achieving high numbers of success. 

The final reason is that you can’t access YouTube monetization, YouTube Partners (YTP), without meeting the following requirements:

  • Live in a country or region where YTP is supported
  • Have more than 4,000 valid public watch hours over the past year (12 months) 
  • Have over 1,000 YouTube subscribers 
  • Comply with all YouTube monetization policies

So, people are desperately seeking a way to reach those requirements and get their YouTube monetization going. That’s why it’s not uncommon for channels to celebrate meeting the milestone of 1,000 subscribers. 

Let’s now see what SubMeNow can do to help you, if anything. 

What is SubMeNow? 

SubMeNow YouTube

SubMeNow describes their services as a free YouTube marketing platform that is “designed to skyrocket your YouTube channel!” 

While they claim to be free, they are not free. They do have some free offerings, and we’ll explore the different offerings a bit later, but keep in mind that this service mainly offers paid services. 

They have loads of packages and their website is almost overcomplicated with an unappealing look in general. 

They offer automatic daily growth, among other things. 

They claim to provide the following things with each paid offer: 

  • Safety 
  • Fast delivery 
  • No password needed 

While they say that they don’t need your password, you still have to provide your account information. We’re seeing a pattern here— SubMeNow claims one thing, when in fact, it’s something else entirely. Not a good sign so far. 

They do offer a plethora of reviews and even Trustpilot reviews, both of which they’re very proud of. Let’s find out more about SubMeNow and how they provide service. 

Getting Started with SubMeNow 

Here is the setup process for SubMeNow: 

  1. Visit their official website 
  2. Sign into your YouTube account and grant access
  3. Choose your preferred plan 
  4. Subscribe to channels that pop up; once you do a certain amount, click Verify
  5. Receive subscribers 

If you buy a premium package, you’ll simply select it and checkout and make payment. 

SubMeNow Review: Pricing 

SubMeNow Pricing 

At first glance you may think that SubMeNow is free, when in fact, it isn’t completely. They have many different plans: 

  • Free all-in-one 
  • Jet all-in-one (free)
  • Rocket all-in-one (ree) 
  • Bronze all-in-one ($24/mo) 
  • Silver all-in-one ($48/mo) 
  • Gold all-in-one (95/mo) 

They also sell packages for YouTube views; they have normal and monetizable, which means that the “normal” ones are virtually useless and don’t do anything for your account other than fluff numbers. 

The “monetizable” followers are claimed to be real, but they offer free recovery for lost views. Why would you lose real views from real viewers?

Doesn’t add up. We find this to be false advertising; there is no difference between the normal and monetizable views, other than the price point. 

Top-rated Growth Tools for YouTube

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Do We Recommend SubMeNow?

All in all, we don’t recommend SubMeNow at all. 

We had high hopes for SubMeNow because they have so many different service offerings and they’re very adamant that they’re a free service that really works, but as we said earlier, SubMeNow says one thing and another thing is actually true. 

In fact, there are some big red flags in SubMeNow’s services and we’ll explain a bit more below. 

Needs Login Details 

SubMeNow claims they don’t need your password and it’s completely safe, but you have to give them access offline to your YouTube channel. This is definitely not recommended and can compromise your account as well as flag YouTube and get you banned or restricted. 

Free Option Costs Time 

Another downside to this service is that the “free” plans aren’t free at all— you have to invest your own time in order to receive any subscribers, likes, and views.

For the free plan, you need to invest 5 minutes at least and subscribe to 20 channels! 

For the Jet and Rocket plans, you have to subscribe to 40 and 80 channels respectively with 10 minutes spent on the Jet plan and 20 minutes spent on the Rocket plan. 

This is only available once a day, so you’ll have to take your own time to receive anything. It also claims that you get real YouTube subscribers, but these subscribers don’t care about your account and will only skew your analytics, if they’re even real at all.

The paid plans don’t require any type of time investment, but they also don’t offer a huge amount of results, especially not for the price point. It’s also automatic, which puts your YouTube channel at risk of being flagged or banned. 

Top-rated Growth Tools for YouTube

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Lack of Information and Real Reviews

You can’t confirm how SubMeNow really works because they offer no information about how they provide their service. There is also no About page, which is very alarming— they don’t want you to know anything about their company or how they provide their services. 

They also don’t offer any way to contact them; when you click on Help, you’re directed to a FAQ that creates more questions than answers. It also answers questions like “Why I’m loosing subscribers? (yes, typo included)” with excuses. 

They claim that you lose subscribers because you violated the rules and unsubscribe, and they’ll be banned. This shouldn’t have anything to do with the subscribers that you’d previously gained. People lose subscribers for one simple reason— they’re fake and YouTube routinely cleans out fake subscribers. 

Not only that, the SubMeNow website and their Trustpilot account are chock full of fake reviews. They are completely fortified and their 92% excellent rating on Trustpilot only stands because every single one of their reviewers was invited; Trustpilot discloses this information so that you know what reviews the company may be behind. 

SubMeNow Pros and Cons 

Our final conclusion is that you should stay away from SubMeNow.

They don’t offer forthcoming information, contradict themselves in how the service works, require access to your YouTube account as well as require you to put time into your YouTube growth, which you could easily do yourself directly on YouTube. 

  • Free options
  • Not organic growth
  • Automated
  • Need account access/password
  • Falsified Trustpilot and website reviews
  • Time investment needed
  • No Support
  • Outdated and spammy website

One final thing— at the bottom of their web page, it says “Powered by YouTube.” This is absolutely false; YouTube is not associated with nor do they support these types of services for YouTube growth. 

That’s a clear sign that SubMeNow will do whatever it takes to create what seems like a reliable service and essentially lie to their customers for their own benefit. You’ll also be spammed to sign up for their paid plans. Don’t fall for it! 

SubMeNow User Reviews

Their Trustpilot reviews are pretty bad, as expected.

SubMeNow trustpilot

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