StreamElements Review – Does it Work?

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Anyone looking to reach their Twitch goals and make something valuable on the platform is trying to find ways to make their streams more efficient and engaging for their viewers. 

After all, the only way to make a profit on Twitch is through awesome streams and engaging your loyal viewers. Content is important, but it’s also important to provide viewers with an experience they can enjoy and show them your personality. 

In the eternal search for Twitch popularity, many creators and broadcasters are looking to outside companies to maximize their streaming efforts and gain more popularity. Since the demand is there, companies are happy to oblige, and there have been more and more popping up daily claiming to be able to make you the next Twitch superstar. 

Getting to the heart of these promises is important, because nobody wants to waste time and investment in a service that ends up falling flat. There are plenty of those out there, and you’ve got to do your best to avoid them. 

For this reason, we’ve looked at a bunch of the hot Twitch third party services out there and have put together our findings to bring you our review of the day— StreamElements review. 

StreamElements is a Twitch service that offers you a variety of different tools to help your Twitch performance and stream quality. After reading our review, you’ll understand what you could expect from StreamElements and whether or not it’s a good choice for you. 

Let’s get going!  

Become a Streaming Legend?

StreamElements logo

The first thing that you’ll see upon landing on the StreamElements website is the claim that you can “become a streaming legend.” That’s a bold statement, and we did extensive examination to decide if that’s valid. 

StreamElements allows you to connect to its service via Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, but the primary functionalities that we’re going to be examining here is their Twitch service. 

As a side note, it should be said that YouTube and Facebook are very strict in terms of how third party apps work with the platform, so using a bot on these two platforms is not the most advisable option as it can violate their terms of use. 

Twitch is following suit, and has opened investigations against users that have been said to use bots on the platform. You’ll need to be wary of perpetuating fake engagements, view-botting, and follow-botting, as users can report you. 

That being said, StreamElements offers other services as well, so we’ll examine these services and functions and evaluate how they may help you perform on Twitch. 

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Services and Functions 


StreamElements describes a range of services on their home page, including the following: 

  • OBS.Live: this helps you to integrate your chat and activity feed with OBS. 
  • Chatbot: you’ll have custom commands, spam protection, and viewer loyalty systems, all of which are based in the cloud (no download necessary). 
  • Cloud-based overlays: this will give you options for graphics and images in your Twitch streams
  • SE.Merch: gives you opportunity to promote merchandise integrated in your stream. 

There are other features as well, including stream store, loyalty systems, media requests, activity feed, leaderboard, and more. 

While these are all pretty decent features, the fact that StreamElements offers all of them free of charge is a red flag. What is the benefit of the service then, if they are offering all of these options for free? 

Not only that, you’ll have to sign in and give their bot all of your credentials, which does put your security at risk. 

The final qualm that we had with StreamElements service is that their stream store is minimal, and they also have all of their overlays and bots based in the cloud, which is another form of automation. These types of services can put you at risk. 

Review Conclusion

StreamElements is just a bunch of cloud-based tools that add different elements to your stream; there is nothing about using StreamElements that guarantees you more viewers or followers. 

You’ll have to continue to work hard through promotion and engagement to get more stream viewers, and using bots for engagement can sometimes hurt your performance if users feel that you’re not really engaging with them. 

What’s more, using bots can get you in hot water with the Twitch platform if a user decides to report you and says that you are fortifying your engagements or viewers. It’s better to use your own tools to enhance your streams and not give your login credentials to a free bot like StreamElements. 

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