Streambot Review (2021) — Does it work for Twitch Growth?

Streambot Review 2024 — Does It Work for Twitch?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Streambot Review 2024 — Does It Work for Twitch?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Streambot Review 2024

Twitch has become one of the most popular niche social media networks since its launch in 2011; it’s now held by Amazon and is the premier platform for all things videogames and other things that people love.

Through live streams and content creation, many of its users have launched to fame and profitability. 

Because of Twitch’s popularity, many tools have emerged that claim to help you get more Twitch stream viewers and even followers, likes, and more. There are very few companies out there that can actually help your Twitch growth. 

Streambot is an online Twitch viewer bot that claims to provide you with live stream viewers on Twitch to boost your popularity and overall reputation. Can a third party tool actually use bots to help you on Twitch?

Streambot Review 

We’ve seen on other social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook that there are many penalties for using bots, so has Twitch managed to avoid this type of restriction? 

Is Streambot a scam, or can it actually help you with more livestream viewers on Twitch? 

In order to better understand what Streambot can do for you, we’ve investigated their services and results and are bringing you this Streambot review. We’ll discuss features, pros and cons, alternatives, and whether or not it’s a viable service for your Twitch performance. 

Let’s get started! 

Why Do You Need More Twitch Followers and Viewers? 

It’s no secret that social media reputation is built via the number of followers you have. Not only that, when you have an active audience that cares about your content, you are more likely to continue to grow consistently. 

If you are putting on a livestream on Twitch, you’re more likely to gain more viewers when you already have viewers. Think of it this way: if you had the choice between a livestream with 20 viewers or one with 2,000, which one would you likely watch? 

People attract more people. Not only that, you’ll be able to gain more traction through natural reach and hitting the explore page when you have active views. 

This means your Twitch channel will generate more interest, people will join to check it out, and continue to create a lasting fan base that actively views and participates in your livestreams. The cycle continues to perpetuate more views and followers over time. 

If you have a high amount of Twitch viewers and followers, your channel is more likely to pave the way to long-term success instead of fizzling out after a very short time. It can be tough to overcome that initial hurdle of gaining Twitch followers and viewers, so many third party tools have emerged that claim to help you out. 

What is Streambot? 


Streambot, as we mentioned above, is an online Twitch viewer bot that will send viewers to your livestreams to appear more popular and generate interest in your content. 

They offer a variety of different features to their clients, including: 

  • Multiple channels: can use the service for different Twitch channels; you can change your channel every two days 
  • No software downloads: can be used via web browser 
  • Customization: decide on the amount, intervals, chat logs, and more. 

They claim to offer their clients 100% privacy— a service with no ads or information storage. While this sounds great, their website doesn’t offer a FAQ or About page, so it’s pretty tough to verify these claims, where their team comes from, and how they got started. 

From the looks of it, Streambot is also missing a support team or customer service unit, which didn’t sit well with us. 

Getting Started with Streambot 

To get started with Streambot, it’s a pretty simple process: 

  1. Visit the Streambot website 
  2. Create your account using your email and password 
  3. Choose a plan
  4. Check out 
  5. Make your payment using either credit card, debit card, or PayPal 

You’re supposed to begin receiving viewers for your live stream immediately after the signup process is completed. 

Streambot Pricing 

Streambot Pricing 

There are four different pricing tiers for the services offered by Streambot. They can be paid weekly or monthly, depending on what you prefer. 

The plans are underwhelming— you will only get a total of 10 live viewers on the plan that is worth $25/month. You don’t get any other features other than realistic views— no intervals, no chat logs, nothing. 

Not only that, it claims that you get “realistic views,” meaning that none of the views are actually real, which is a big problem for your overall Twitch longevity and credibility. 

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Pros and Cons 

Here are some of our primary takeaways at a glance: 

  • Customization features for your service (higher plans only)
  • No FAQ or About page
  • No free trial or service guarantee
  • No support team
  • Fake reviews on website and terrible Trustpilot reviews

Do We Recommend Streambot for Twitch Growth? 

Streambot Features

Based on the Streambot website and the overall transparency of their service, we definitely do not recommend them. They pose a great risk to your Twitch channel and don’t offer enough value for their price points. 

According to the Twitch terms of service, viewbotting is completely against the platform’s rules and they will not hesitate to take action against you. If you’re flagged for bot use in any way on the platform to inflate your flowers or viewers, you will be in trouble with Twitch. 

Not only that, other users of the platform don’t like to see bots being used as they are spammy and negatively impact the user experience. If a user sees this happening on your profile, they can easily report you to Twitch and an investigation will be started. 

All in all, it’s really not worth it— you can be completely shut down or targeted by the platform itself. That’s not the only bad thing about Streambot, though. There are two more big reasons why we don’t advise you to use them. 

Terrible Reviews on Trustpilot 

Streambot has a total of 32 reviews on Trustpilot, and 31 of them are negative. The 1 positive review is likely a fake. 

For a supposedly popular and effective service, it has very few reviews in general and they are all negative. This is a huge red flag and should ultimately help you to understand that you shouldn’t be using their service.

Most comments say that they are a scam, that you receive nothing, they don’t respond to your emails, and that you basically get stuck with a service that doesn’t work. Nothing about what we’ve seen on neither Streambot’s website nor Trustpilot gives us confidence of a satisfying or fruitful service. 

Streambot Trustpilot reviews

Nonexistent Support 

When signing up for a service, you expect the company to be there from before purchase to after purchase to help you if you need something. The nonexistent support offering from Streambot is extremely alarming. 

There is absolutely no reason that a reputable company would hide away and not be available to help provide a superior customer experience. Zero. 

Not only that, most customers claim they can’t get a hold of the company and it either didn’t work, or hurt their Twitch account.  

Review Verdict: AVOID

Simply put, Streambot is a scheme to line the pockets of the company creator. Ultimately, it is completely ineffective for your Twitch performance and puts your channel in danger. 

If you’re looking to expand your audience on Twitch, you’re better off using organic methods and focusing on content creation— the pipedream that is Streambot can’t help you get to where you want to go. 

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